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  1. I like to save money too. There are numerous FREE fax services online for low volume users. I download my proof of ownership, put my details on a cover sheet and hit send. Easiest $100. I ever made.
  2. Carnival serves over 11 million folks across their brands each year. Your chance of winning one of 20 cruises is pretty thin. That does not stop me from trying everyday.
  3. I wish there was an easy way to get from LHR to the Dover Cruise Terminal on public transport, but there is not. A car service is the best bet for peace of mind with your luggage and all. They are usually more than $200, and they expect a tip. I have made the trip by train and taxi, but you must take three trains, then a taxi from Dover Rail Station to the cruise dock. There is a lot of schlepping of bags through Paddington and St. Pancras stations. Then a few more yards in Dover. Time is the same as driving the ring road with clear traffic. I would be nervous to arrive at LHR the same day as the cruise. Any delay, and you'll miss the boat. Figure on an hour getting through formalities and picking up luggage at LHR. From IAH to arrive the day of the cruise I would only take a nonstop and have wheels on the ground before 8 AM. United 880 would be a good choice. I would arrive the day prior if I was on that cruise.
  4. The five different ships I have sailed on give me a DOU card which is linked to the my folio number. I can show the waiter either the DOU or the sign and sail card. If playing a slot machine the waiter can push a button and the machine displays the folio number. Very convenient. To my way of thinking a buck is small change anymore, so I give one with each drink.
  5. If you play in the casino an appreciable amount ask the host for a steakhouse comp.
  6. Carnival Corporation operates a collection cruise lines under different titles to capture a larger share of the cruise passenger market. The different lines appeal to different types of travellers by economic, demographic, regional, and cultural expectations of the passengers. The lines have separate administrations to operate their brands. They do take direction from the corporation with regards to safety and financials designed to take advantage of economies of scale in the purchase of fuel and provisions. As you can imagine the corporation is happy to attract passengers from competitors, but does not want to take passengers from within their own lines of business. The loyalty programs are designed to attract and adhere passengers to one brand. This why you will not see loyalty rewards transferable from one line to another.
  7. Nice review. I was interested in hearing about the cooking classes.๐Ÿ˜‹ I like your pictures too. I am jealous after seeing camp ocean, but alas I aged out in 1959. ๐Ÿ˜ I think you are so lucky to travel with your parents. There is magic when families are together. I am on the ship Jan. 25, and like you I do enjoy that "new ship smell."
  8. Your automatic gratuity already compensates tipped staff. The Chef's Table adds a 15% to the check. I think that is enough when put together. If you feel the need to tip more, I am sure it will be appreciated.
  9. I have sailed both Horizon and Inspiration and the number one ranking is appropriate for both ships. The crew on both are top notch, often exceeding expectations offering personal service. The ships are clean, clean, clean even beyond the tough Carnival housekeeping standards. Nothing will stand in the way of having a good time on Inspiration.
  10. I can tell you there is no shortage of snails. My garden is full of them. There is a shortage of cheap snails. The world consumes about 1 billion Euro's worth of snails. This year there is about a 100,000 Ton shortage. The shortage has caused the prices to double. For our restaurants we buy snails produced in Ireland (no they are not green) and brined in Greece and packed in 1 Kg jars. They hold about 100 snails and cost $60. These snails have a bland taste and permits the chefs to use spices of their choice to add flavor. I am sure Carnival can spring $3 per order to continue to serve snails. Personally, I'd rather enjoy caviar with onion, egg, and toast points. Except that would cost $15 plated, and we know Carnival is not going for that!
  11. By not disclosing your middle name(s) on your booking can cause denied boarding. It happens every day. Your airline ticket should show your given names run together without spaces, and your last name. These must exactly match your travel documents. Airlines don't always prompt you for your full name, but then if you are denied boarding, they keep your money in most cases, and sell your seat to a standby passenger. Information from the TSA: Secure Flight is a risk-based passenger prescreening program that enhances security by identifying low and high-risk passengers before they arrive at the airport by matching their names against trusted traveler lists and watchlists. To protect privacy, the Secure Flight program collects the minimum amount of personal information, such as full name, date of birth, and gender, necessary to conduct effective matching. Read the Privacy Impact Assessment and the System of Records Notice for information about the program's rigorous privacy protections. Personal data is collected, used, distributed, stored and disposed of according to stringent guidelines. Secure Flight transmits the screening instructions back to the airlines to identify low-risk passengers eligible for TSA Preโœ“ยฎ; individuals on the Selectee List who are designated for enhanced screening; and those who will receive standard screening. Secure Flight also prevents individuals on the No Fly List and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Do Not Board List from boarding an aircraft. The Travel Redress Program provides resolution for travel-related screening or inspection issues.
  12. The camera I use is a Nikon D7500 and the software is called Nikon Snapbridge. I use a Samsung phone. There are several cameras that cost less than the D7500 from Nikon that also use Snapbridge.
  13. It does not need to be bundled into a package. Each person is allowed 12 cans or cardboard cartons per person. You could have 8 Dr. Pepper cans and 4 Yahoo Chocolate in boxes. That would be fine.
  14. I take mountains of pictures. For my vacations I use small memory cards. 4 or 8 GB, then change them often. The cards are stored in a safe case. My camera also chats with my phone. The phone sends GPS location to the camera, and the camera sends the pictures to the phone. At the end of the day my phone has a second copy of my photos, and my safe case has the memory card. If I lose a camera, I only lose that day's pictures.
  15. I have a habit of sending a gift basket and a bottle to first time cruisers I know. For Carnival I use the Fun Shop. Of course the prices are outrageous, but where else can you go? Last week I put together some packages for next month that came to a bit over $500. When I saw the bottom line with $50 tax and a $90 service charge I copied the invoice to the beards at Carnival if they thought this was reasonable. In the mean time I ordered my bon voyage gifts at one third the price and they will be delivered to their home. Not the same as the surprise of finding a basket in your cabin, but you have to draw a line sometimes.
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