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  1. I don't see any change in my payment due date for five cruises, but the check in has been changed to 45 days before. I can only assume they are still figuring out the traffic flow through the terminals with the new protocols of testing. I don't see what difference it makes when you check in. Prior to all the computers and stuff you handed them your ticket at the gangway, they tore out a coupon and they waved you aboard. I would prefer that I stored the check-in data on my phone, and they scanned it in at the terminal, and deleted the data at the cruise end.
  2. I booked an Australian cruise next June and remain optimistic too. Problem is Australia is virtually closed to Americans and signals that will continue until 2022. This can change if the virus ceases to be a serious problem. At the moment many cities in OZ are locked down because of a "second wave." I was rather surprised to learn that pandemics over the past 250 years have all had second waves of infections 6 months after the first. Thankfully deaths have tapered off, but world wide there seems to be a sudden increase in infections. Europe is locking down, UK is locking down certain areas, Asia is locking down certain areas, India has no clue how to slow the spread, and China is even welding the doors on people who have refused to follow the stay put orders. A major effort is being made internationally to produce a vaccine in record time, and hopefully the highest priority individuals will have their two jabs by years' end. Once this happens, a vaccination card will be as important as a passport for international travel.
  3. I wonder if they were treated to dinner at the steakhouse? Mariners of every stripe care for one another at sea.
  4. Unless the airline cancels the flight, you might be out of luck. Sometimes a medical condition might allow you to cancel the flight and get a refund. It used to be every route had the same price, no matter if you paid a year ahead or at the counter before the flight. Tickets were on paper and accepted by almost every airline. If you did not fly, you could use the ticket in the future, or ask for a refund. Refunds took about 30 days for the audit trail to make sure the airline was paid for the ticket. Since all tickets were the same price, airlines competed with offering service. Then along came Jimmy Carter who turned in the largest turd of a presidency in American history. In addition to giving away the Panama Canal, he deregulated the airlines so now we have the yo-yo prices, the clown car seating, bad food, and virtually self-service. Now your contract makes refunds impossible, changes expensive, if you miss a flight, too bad, and the rest of your ticket is canceled. The contract is also one of adhesion, meaning you cannot sell it to someone else. I wish there was some compassion from the airlines for Covid19 related cancellations.
  5. One article said that the Court would not sign the order until later today if Carnival lawyers can make an argument why it should not be signed. I hope she balances law and equity to determine that Carnival is putting forth their best effort. On another note, those that claim the company may have liquidity problems should take notice that a director of the corporation has purchased 10,000 shares last week, nearly doubling his stake in the company. That does not sound like someone who does not have confidence that Carnival LLC is a viable concern to me. Please do not purchase any shares without professional investment advice, you can lose some or all of our money.
  6. Testing will be a fact of life, be it rapid or PCR, but I think a vaccine record card like the one we all carried with our passport to visit certain parts of the world would be acceptable.
  7. I am curious about Mardi Gras. The ships name on the bow looks like stick on letters instead of being painted, and why is the Havana section in the bow?
  8. There is a fullll month and a half before Carnival desires to resume sailing. That should be enough time for the Courts' concerns to be reviewed and an order to resume sailing signed. I am environmentally sensitive to caring for where we live. Sometimes it a burden to comply with the paperwork, I would not consider taking a shortcut dispose of my used oil. Some of the judges demands are reasonable and while requiring increased effort by Carnival, not impossible. I would consider a 700 item maintenance list for a structure as large as a cruise ship to be rather small. I am sure there are items like a light is out in the ladies room, there is a wobbly wheel on a kitchen table, and the air handler filter in the engine control room is dirty. Many items will be preventative maintenance tasks for cabins that are performed on a routine basis. Carnival needs to comply fully with the Courts' order, but at the same time the Court should not set capricious and arbitrary timelines that interfere with the conduct of the companies business. That is contrary to the American notions of fair play.
  9. Your selection of a cove balcony and its location is excellent. Office space above. close to elevators, cabins below, and life boats providing shade on the balcony. There is something comforting of being close to the water, with maybe a tinge of sea spray. I am sure you will find time on the balcony relaxing and enjoyable. I have traveled the world with my adult children, two fine men, and on a few occasions have had to share arrangements with them, like the four of us in a fabric tent in Tanzania, all went well. I know a cruise vacation is expensive and I fully respect people who stay 4 and 5 in a cabin, but there are issues with where to put all the stuff, and who gets to climb the ladder to sleep on the drop down bunk. The use of the bathroom might be cause for some delicate scheduling and planning. You might think about an interior cabin across the hall from you, or a porthole interior forward from you. You are going to have a good time. Horizon is a wonderful ship.
  10. What happens in three weeks? (just kidding) I agree with you completely, but it is not just the "big three" with financial trouble. The whole of the Caribbean is suffering a debilitating impact on their GNP. To a lesser but as important impact on hospitality industries in Europe, Asia, and Australia are suffering greatly as well. People who make plans are not crazy. They are organized and optimistic. Plans can go wrong. I once took my diving gear to Thailand. It rained with lightning for seven straight days.
  11. I cannot understand how multi-billion dollar companies cannot keep sensitive data secure. There is nothing that is totally secure, but you can keep the bad actors at bay with effective counter measures, including those that prevent social engineering and disgruntled employees.
  12. Much ado about nothing. There is no greater benefit to the passenger than a sign and sail card offers. Originally developed by a crowd of shopping center veterans to increase sales and positively identify and track shoppers. It gathers information many probably would not want splashed around. How much you drink, food consumed, location on the ship, which shops you frequent, what activities you enjoy, and (the ladies will appreciate this one) the system uses load cells in the floor to determine your weight. This is a "security" feature as an additional way to determine it is actually you, and not someone who found your OM. It is expensive to install, floods the ship with RF energy, and requires techs to keep it working. I'll stick with the card.
  13. You will not have access to the terminal until the test regimen has been completed outside with parties separated.
  14. What the cruise line accepts and what foreign authorities accept can be very different. If everything goes smoothly, what the ship requires is fine. However, if there is any dust up with authorities, or you need to take a flight, or need embassy assistance, things will go smoothly if you have a passport. Forget the passport card, it is worthless as a screen door on a submarine. You need a real ID to enter any government building now, and in 10/21 it will be needed everywhere. A passport is "Real ID."
  15. I have read "unofficial" protocols that specify a serum test at the port prior to entry. If a person fails, a PCR test is offered. If that fails the party is excluded. The ship will have temperature stations and random checks. Testing will also be available aboard. It does not say what type, but since a lab is necessary to perform PCR tests I assume only serum tests. There will be expanded medical facilities and capabilities on board. The protocols do not discuss financial details of who pays for the test or refunds for denied boarding.
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