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  1. The Swiss bank is not really a player. They hold less than .2% of the shares, and put an call options split across the amount long. They sell the puts and calls and keep the premiums. Truth is most of these puts and calls are never exercised so the bank earns money no matter which way it goes.
  2. I thought the judge with the twisted knickers retired last December? I also read reports that the CEO and compliance officer appeared for a status conference and it went better than expected.
  3. Carnival brand (not the LLC) has said they would use shore side personnel for simulated cruises. These will be for testing the process of load/unload, operation at sea, and how to react to simulated health emergencies. The general mood of the country and the real peer reviewed science is contradicting the basis for needing simulated cruises. The few pragmatists at the CDC realizes they should carefully pick their battles to avoid being being pushed toward irrelevancy by the Congressional budgeting process. The instructions issued this week, while technical, and seem m
  4. I used this portal to send a message about cruising to my electeds in congress. To my surprise both Senators sent me replies. One told me they were working hard on travel infrastructure, and barked at length about land and air travel. The other told me that they were concerned about the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, and the effect on US trade. I know these are canned responses selected by a pimply faced intern, but they could at least reply on point.
  5. Vaccines are not for citizens only. Anyone in the US can be vaccinated when they meet the current criteria without regard to status. In Los Angeles they will send a paramedic to give a shot to anyone who cannot travel to a center for a jab. Could be in a hospital, nursing home, mental facility, jail, anyone who would not do well in a public clinic, or lacks transportation. I don't know why the crew at the Long Beach terminal would not be eligible.
  6. Any drug from aspirin to alcohol is an experiment every time you take it..
  7. Wow, that sounds like a prize package worth close to thirteen dollars! Seriously the special edition offers we receive usually have a free balcony rather than a free interior. That can amount to several thousand dollars difference compared to the regular premier voyages.
  8. Try to think of it this way. The amount of "free play" you bet is retired after the spin on a machine, or a "go" at a table game. That amount is gone forever. The amount you win, however, is yours to do with as you please. You can bet it, leave it on your casino account to the end of the cruise, or take cash from the cage immediately. Always remember to cash out you casino account the last night of the cruise. You cannot get it the morning of disembarkation. Amounts of less than $10 will be donated to charity (usually St. Jude) and higher amounts will be mailed by check a few week
  9. Easy, certified medical record or positive antibody test. The CDC cards are just for honest people, but behind every card is a medical record that is easily retrieved. No record? Your card is just a sheet of paper.
  10. I had two June cruises in Australia cancelled, and I requested a full refund of my deposits of about $ 850. I am lucky I did not book flights or hotels. I still got Emails that final payment was due, which I ignored, but then I received a dunning notice that I'd better make that final payment as it was past due. Now that has me steamed. If they need to cancel a cruise Carnival should also fix their billing and accounting to keep up with the cancelations.
  11. Might have been Google balloons for their now abandoned internet relay system.
  12. The CLIA does not need lobbyists, they need lawyers and the state attorney generals to get an order to compel cessation of the obnoxious interference with one industry and states rights.
  13. Where I work, craft services gives a choice of cuisine to suit the diversity of palates and it is high quality food with excellent chef's manning the spatulas. You will see 20 rib-eye steaks on the grill, with loaded baked potato for every plate of that VV style food that looks like it came from a feed store. And the latter never cleans the plate. I'll stick with Carnival. As others have said it is tasty food.
  14. Can we talk about that later in July, when I return from my cruise?😊
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