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  1. Take a pigtail with a 1 foot cord and 3 outlets, and you will have no issues with your charger. You can get them in many dollar stores.
  2. I think you have made a good choice. It is a sideways cabin with an extra long balcony. I like that type of room on other ships. On Panorama I enjoy a deck ten Lido cabin for proximity to the buffets, seafood shack, and elevators to dining room and serenity area on deck 15. I also like when the price is right the aft facing Havana balconies on deck 9. On a budget I like the forward facing cabins above the bridge on deck nine. These are interior cabins with a picture window deck view. There is no private balcony, but the large deck just outside is thinly visited by other passengers. I think you will have a great time no matter which cabin you choose.
  3. The way to answer is to tell the truth, and shame the devil.
  4. It is probably a currency exchange rate. Australia cruises use AUS dollars. Your husbands offer of $900. AUS dollars, but your offer is USD dollars of $600. OBC premium for rebooking. It is almost the same amount. One nice thing about Australia is the gratuities are included in the fare. There is no auto-grats added to your sign and sail account.
  5. Usually the discounted rate codes are for new bookings only. You can read the terms attached to your offer online to find out.
  6. The outlet in the picture is actually common in Italy, the center hole is for the ground pin of Type L plugs. The outlet will also accept Schuko plugs with ground connection through the visible contacts on the top and bottom of the connector. This outlet also accepts the plug commonly found on UK shavers and toothbrushes.
  7. Carnival could do a reverse split, say 1 for 2 and cut down the number of shares issued, and it would increase the value of a single share to about $50. This would mean they could still offer OBC for holders of 100 shares, but those who bought just 100 shares for OBC would be forced to purchase an additional 50 shares @$50 to receive the credit.
  8. The plug you need is called Schuko. There any number of adapters that are useful with chargers that have a USA plug and auto switch between 110 and 220V. You might be interested in this one that includes USB charging. https://www.amazon.com/Ceptics-CTU-9-Schuko-Germany-Adapter/dp/B01MYBLNA6/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=schuko+plug+with+usb+power+cruise+ship&qid=1632972811&sr=8-10
  9. The garage is owned by the city and has an operator who charges by the day and fractions thereof. The City of Long Beach also has other parking structures away from the port for much lower rates, and sometimes have free shuttles. Parking is available at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal parking structure for $23 per day (rates subject to change). 0-30 minutes - No charge, 31 to 59 minutes $4.00, 1 to 2 hours $8.00. Note: The Garage Height Limti is 7'0". Oversized vehicles cannot park in the garage but may be accommodated in the adjacent lot. Oversized vehicles are vehicles that take up more than one parking space.
  10. The 3% California sales tax was temporary, due to expire in 1959. It is now 10.25% forever and ever, and two days more. Might as well plan on hunting down your swag for the rest of time.
  11. Folks, get a passport, and carry it with you anytime you leave the country. It is a "Real ID" and is a "Government issued picture ID." You can get one at any age, including infants. Things will not go well in other countries if you do not have one in certain circumstances when you must interact with foreign officials. You will need one for air travel to the USA. Don't expect a wavier from the State Department because you missed the boat, or were debarked for violation of the rules. You will expose yourself to many costly expenses for food and lodging while waiting for the wheels to turn for return home without a passport.
  12. Just because they had a propulsion on a similar ship in the past, does not mean history repeats itself. While they are being very brief, and the explaination is crafted by a talented wordsmith to allow for any number of posibilities. It could be something as simple as the fuel available, an issue with the electrical switch gear on the ship, as electricty does propel the ship, or needed parts to effect a solution need to be manufactured. You cannot waltz into West Marine and find many cruise ship components on the shelf. One thing I am quite sure is that Carnival LLC is not dealing with any financial restraint that prevents repairs of their capital assets.
  13. Looks like a "wonder bra" on the deck next to the Virgin stern.
  14. It is easy in Barcelona. There is a liquor store inside the cruise terminal. You can select a bottle without schlepping with you from home.
  15. Dress warmly and wear a hat! It is quite an unusual display of nature seldom seen where most of us live.
  16. I feel so unhappy that through no fault of yours, or your family, you are being forced to suffer econimic damage. You do get the satisfaction that you did the right thing when no one was watching. Carnival might want to know about the information given to you over the phone. You might give a brief account of the call with date, time, and phone number you called from to assist management with correcting the wrong information. No one should be discliplined, as I am sure they had no ill intent. I would also politely request that the same terms for the rebooked cruise be honored in this situation, being no fault of yours. There is a department you can address directly through Email. reviews@carnival.com has the ability to make things right in special situations. I am booked a year from now to see Grand Turk, and look forward to it. I hope some sense of normalicy returns to travel by that time.
  17. It would seem patiently unfair to deny boarding over a false positive test. I would think the negative test already taken, plus the 2 day required test would be enough evidence that the single test was a false positive. I would not attempt to be less than straight forward in answering the health questions, an attempt to deceive would not go well. The only other idea I have is an antibody test could demonstrate that the positive test was false. I wish you the best and hope your cruise is enjoyable.
  18. I think it will depend on the ship, with the older ships not having the ability to track OBC play. Newer ships have an advanced tracking and settlement system that will allow play with obc, but the bet is retired after play, and only winnings will be posted to the users account. Older ships handed you cash as "free play" and in truth very little ever walked off the ship. Now to prevent any "leakage" at all, the bet is also retired after play, and only winnings applied to user accounts. What I don't know is while "free play" posts back to your account as "free play" when not used, does OBC not played in the casino flow back to your "free play" account, or does it return to your folio for use elsewhere aboard?
  19. It may be possible to do that, but usually the ships are fully booked several weeks in advance of sailing. You would be taking a chance. Internet access is better on newer ships because the latest distribution gear is on those ships, ie Vista forward. It is almost always delevered via sattelite and the fat pipes we have all become used to with land based internet is just not available, and it is quite variable depending on location and higher traffic being used by other clients of the satellite owner. There is some good news, however, in many ports the WiFi works quite well. There are pretty good plans available from cellular carriers for international data connections. Just make sure when you connect that you using the shoreside services. If you connect through the ship, you can have a surprise bill coming your way.
  20. On Mardi Gras there are steel railings below the bridge on Deck 16. There are forward facing balconies on Deck 17 that have two glass panels. The wider lower panel is tilted forward, and the upper panel is raked to the read. Coupled with the shade provided by Deck 18 it cleverly avoids eddy wind currents behind the glass and does not allow passengers on deck 18 to gawk at your balcony. The attached shows the construction of the balcony. The picture shows the Presidential suite balcony, but the railing is the same across the front of the ship on Deck 17. The forward facing ordinary balconies are spa cabins. There is an exclusive elevator that goes directly from Deck 17 to Deck 5 inside the spa. Delicious cabins.
  21. In Southern California none of the usual suspects, including Walgreens have any rapid tests. Leaves the vaccinated in the lurch to get PCR results quick enough.
  22. I can understand the frustration of encountering a catch-22 when contacting a travel provider. I would send a short couple of sentences outlining what you want to reviews@carnival.com Include your name, booking number, ship and sail date. I am sure they will be able to untangle the travel agent mess, and allow your current PVP to service your booking.
  23. The term duty free is often confused with discount from the regular price. I know what the lowest wholesale prices are for liquor, and the prices offered on the ship are at least double, a 100% ROI. There are federal taxes on producers that are part of the wholesale price, and everybody pays that. There are import and state taxes that are excused when you bring back 1L of spirits. There are sellers that do offer liquor for less with all taxes paid, and you don't need to schlep it on your vacation.
  24. You did a bang on good job. I loved all the pictures and the Jack Benny style deadpan humor. I hope you take everyone along on your Panorama voyage in October. Many thanks for the great review.
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