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  1. Our January 2022 b2b on Edge is cancelled...not giving other options but Silouette for 10 and 11 nighters...where is the Edge going to be?
  2. I got an email from Celebrity about my Edge 2022 cruise....changing ....I can take the silhouette for a 10 or 11 night...says nothing about what the Edge is doing?? Not happy!
  3. Anyone know what the Celebrity perks will be starting tomorrow? Thanks!
  4. Can you pre purchase the tickets, and if so, can we print them out or do we need to pick up at the station? Thank you so much for any info.
  5. We will be arriving in Flåm at 8am....do you think we could book the 8:50 train to do on our own? Would like to avoid the crowds of the ship if possible and would like time to do or see something else.....we depart at 3:00 thank you!
  6. We are on this same itinerary for June 6th...not happy about the change to 7 nights, eliminating a few ports that were a priority for us....looking elsewhere also....disappointed since we were looking forward to the itinerary and ship.
  7. Can someone tell me how much the lifeboats below block the view from this cabin? Are we better off with 5177 or 6169. thanks!
  8. It’s not just keeping ourselves healthy.....it’s consideration for others you may come into contact with......
  9. We stayed at the Mercure...excellent hotel and location...we walked to the ship...
  10. From Auckland take the Waiheke ferry and use the hop on hop off bus...get off at whatever wineries you want...some really beautiful ones!
  11. We were on the February 17th cruise...Auckland to Melbourne...we were in shorts for 1/2 the time...some days started overcast but quickly became warm and sunny....short sleeves with a lightweight fleece all weather jacket....used earmuffs for the windy morning in the sounds...crazy weather...
  12. We just returned from this itinerary...we did not want to miss any of the sounds, and glad we didn’t...instead, we chose to go to NZ a few days earlier and fly to Queenstown...spent 3 days there...had a great time...the scenery is amazing...one day we did a tour to Mt. Cook and went to the Tasman glacier...pictures do not do it justice...that would be my suggestion...plus Dunedin was great.. we went to the Albatross colony among other things so would have been disappointed to miss that...
  13. We were on the starboard side going from Chile to BA.....wish we had been on the port side...so I would suggest the starboard side in your direction...
  14. I would do Liverpool and do the private. Fab4 tour...best tour we have ever done if you have any interest in the Beatles!
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