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  1. TLCOhio....after arriving in Papeete go to Moorea and spend 2 or 3 nights in what was once the Sheraton...don’t remember what it is now..and stay in an overwater bungalow...fantastic snorkeling right from your deck...rent a car and drive around the island.
  2. So are kinos or Vionic the most comfortable sandals? Is the store in key west kinos or Vionic? I’m confused...I need good arch support so would love to wear sandals again. Thanks!
  3. How can I know if the bed is located near the bathroom or balcony? I want it near the bathroom. Looking at cabins on deck 8...8088, 8090..thanks for any info.
  4. TLCOhio- was the Mekong delta worth it? Had not considered that.
  5. TLCOhio- Can you send me the link to your SE Asia/Mekong River trip....can’t seem to get to it. Thanks!
  6. No issue... we had a 1:00 flight... used smithforairports... got there so early we had to wait before they would let us go thru to the gate....we flew back to the US...
  7. We had the best steak at the OVC for dinner on the Eclipse in January....much better than Tuscan....last 2 times at Tuscan were not good....
  8. We stayed at the recoleta dazzler......dropped our bags there...took flight to Iguazu (airport close) and then spent a night here after our 2 nights in Iguazu..very good price.
  9. Boots are not necessary...I brought old sneakers to throw out in case it was muddy on the hikes...
  10. Don’t miss the lower Falls path. I think that was the best along with el Diablo....do el Diablo on the first train up..it gets very crowded. The Brazil side was fantastic!
  11. Great..thanks....I think we should be good starboard deck 7 or 8....
  12. Thank you...was not familiar with this class ship......
  13. Where is there outdoor smoking allowed in this ship? Want to avoid a cabin near it so I won’t smell smoke when on our balcony.... thanks!
  14. Looking at this for 2021....will enjoy following along.
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