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  1. great review...think you will love the Allure..lots of stuff on board...can see you doing the zip line and the rock climbing wall....I could barely take pictures my fear of heights is that bad.....Regal is sister ship of Royal so you should like it too..enjoy.
  2. 1. yes I am that old 2. if I feel like exercise I lie down til the feeling goes away never did exercise..used to do sports until the warranty on my body ran out as usual enjoying the review
  3. Mikey...glad to see you are back. We did the Royal Princess from Quebec to Ft Lauderdale in the fall. Had been on it once before. They decorated it with photos from a contest they ran prior to launch. Winner got a free cruise. Runner ups got to provide free photos for the ship..and like me would probably book a cruise to check out their prints. My best friend on that ship was the girl at the ice cream booth by the pool.
  4. thanks for the quick answer found an easier fix...logged in...located my activity page (much as suggested) then I simply saved this as my bookmark...now when I sign in to cruise critic it takes me there right after login completed.
  5. used to open cc and my subscribed threads would show up..can now find them but it takes 3 or 4 steps..how can I set my followed threads as default page I open to also..could not find a way to search questions list to see if this was asked before
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