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  1. We don't have the UBP on our upcoming cruise and our daughter loves all those virgin drinks - pina coladas, daiquiris, margaritas. We plan to get her the soda package but not sure it is covered under that package. Anybody have an idea how much each of the virgin drinks would cost without the UBP?
  2. We are considering this tour. Does anybody have any experience or feedback with them? https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/excursion/belize-altun-ha-zip-line-excursion/
  3. I called my online travel agency and they said I would not lose any perks if I received an upgrade through NCL's Upgrade Advantage program. I did receive an email from NCL to bid on a upgrade. I can upgrade to a Haven cabin, spa balcony, spa mini-suite and a couple other cabin categories. I already got assigned my sailaway balcony for my March 24 sailing. I'm looking to bid on the spa mini-suite or spa balcony. Can I put in a bid for both? What happens it they accept both bids or does NCL know to only accept one? New to this bidding for upgrade process so I appreciate any insight. I did read the FAQs on it.
  4. Sorry - this might be a dumb question but do you lose any perks offered by your online travel agency if you bid for an upgrade through Upgrade Advantage? We received prepaid gratuities and a minimal onboard credit by booking thru one of the large online travel agencies. We are in a sailaway balcony and wanting to bid for a spa balcony or mini-suite but don't want to lose my perks.
  5. Another question - do you get an offer to bid if your reservation is made through one of those big internet discount cruise/travel agency?
  6. Visigoth - this is so helpful and we intend to follow your advice. It sounds like the Wyndam is in a great location and we may try both Cafe Du Monde and Cafe Beignet. One for dessert and the other for breakfast before our cruise. I will be back in New Orleans in June on a business trip- I hope to bring the family and stay a couple days after the conference to enjoy the town. Thank you again for such a thoughtful and informative post - truly appreciated.
  7. Thank you ednabcr. Good info on using Lyft/Uber too. Really looking forward to the trip and walking to the local eateries in the French Quarter.
  8. We did the Priceline express for $163 and got the Wyndham. We are only staying for one night before our cruise departing on 3/24/19. Anyone has experience with this hotel? We want to walk to Acme Oyster House and Cafe DU Monde. Is it safe? We have our tween daughter with us. Also, how much will it cost for transportation from airport to hotel? And best way to get from hotel to port? We’ll be sailing on Norwegian breakaway. Thank you in advance for the feedback and help.
  9. We will be on our first cruise with NCL. We love cruising but have cruised exclusively with RCCL until now. We'll be on the Getaway on June 5 out of Miami. I've been reading all the various reviews on the Getaway and am starting to get prepared for our cruise. So far, this is what I have to bring that is unique for NCL: 1) UBP List of Drinks to try - printed from a thread on this forum 2) Extra hotel card to keep the power on 3) Long pants and tennis shoes for the rope course/rock climbing Please add and many thanks in advance. I welcome any tips for a newbie to NCL.
  10. Thank your for the information on MJ Transfers. Do you have website address for them or phone number.
  11. We are a cruising family and are venturing out to other cruiselines. This will be our first time on NCL - we were loyal to the Royal in the past. Our son is a senior in high school and graduating in June and will turn 18 in another week in April. Our daughter is 9 and turning 10 in August. We'll be on the Getaway on June 5 out of Miami. Our son have always enjoyed the teen club and I was wondering if he could still attend the activities having just turned 18. Our daughter is mature for a 9 year old and acts like a typical tween - could she join the 10-12 year olds? Anybody have experience with this or an idea on how I can find out? Thanks - been reading up on NCL and lots of great information on this forum.
  12. We'll be on the LOS thanksgiving sailing from Ft. Lauderdale. She arrives back at port on Thanksgiving day at 7:00 a.m. Any chance I can make a 9:20 am flight from Ft. Lauderdale airport home?
  13. I now have three cruises booked. Two for this year and one for next year. I was able to switch out the two E category balconies we had booked for July on FOS to one D1 balcony with kids sail free promo. Saved $1600 by doing this and we'll manage with the one cabin. I was debating booking a cruise over Thanksgiving week. I would have to pull my teenage son out of school for the first three days of the week. DD is in elementary school and she has Thanksgiving week off. Checked prices and saw the Liberty of the Seas on a 5 days Bahama cruise had 3rd/4th passenger free. Got it booked for $1500 and some change for quad occupancy in a D1 cabin. Figured I can cancel later if needed but to try to book it later with these prices may be difficult. Still debating it since I hate pulling DS out of school. He is a junior in HS and college applications are around the corner. What to do?? What to do?? What would you do??
  14. Thank you everyone for your response. I think it is the same TA - I forgot about the spa certificate. However, I didn't get offered the $100 OBC - should I ask about that? I'm pretty sure we are going to take this cruise unless an emergency comes up that prevents us from going. If I get the $100 OBC in addition to the other perks, I think I will go ahead and make the transfer. Thanks again everyone for your input.
  15. Advice needed please - I'm currently booked on a cruise for next March. The booking is directly with RCI. However, if I move or open a new booking with an online TA - they are running a promo with two prepaid gratuity, specialty dinner for two, and two drink packages for my two kids in the same stateroom that ends today. Price of cruise is the same - it's the 8 day cruise on IOS. There is a $100 cancellation fee per person if I cancel out of the cruise. With RCI - I have until January to make final payment and cancel without any fee. What would you do?
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