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  1. We booked a HAL Alaska Land Cruise last summer and sailed this May, 2019. I called HAL directly and made the reservation with a HAL rep for a veranda cabin. There was no mention of a "cruise consultant". About 17 days before our cruise I received an email from HAL offering an upgrade to a Signature Suite. It was priced very nicely compared to how much a SS would have been if we had booked it earlier. Then a week before the cruise we received another upgrade offer email with a nice price to upgrade to a Neptune Suite. The Neptune Suite on the Westerdam was great, especially access to the Neptune Lounge and concierge. I suggest asking your HAL rep how their upgrade policy works.
  2. I agree with comments regarding the meal plan for the land portion - too expensive with limited options. I can't respond about the drink cards. We were in a Neptune Suite during our May Alaska cruise on the Westerdam. Loved the Neptune Lounge! We used the concierges in the lounge frequently with questions about our bill and excursions. They also made reservations for the specialty restaurants. The lounge has a variety of treats all day long, great coffee machine and an honor bar. Our cruise included the Signature beverage package which we were able to use in the lounge for both sodas and alcoholic beverages. Lunch in the Neptune Lounge was nicer than fighting the crowds in the Lido buffet. It will be hard to go back to a regular cabin.
  3. We just returned from an Alaska cruise on the Westerdam and had the signature drink package. We were told on board that drinks up to $9, not $11 were covered in the signature drink package. I'm a wine drinker and the $9 rate only included a few whites and reds. Tips were included. You may want to call HAL directly to confirm this. It seems the cruise lines change things often.
  4. We booked our American Airlines flight for up coming HAL Alaskan cruise using AA points. Told by Advantage Awards that we would receive the free bag perk except for the leg on Alaska Airways. The small fee that goes along with claiming reward travel was charged to the Advantage credit card.
  5. Nattyg1723, Where are the 2019 Alaska menus posted? We leave for our trip later this week. Thanks!
  6. We are booked in a signature suite after a nice upgrade offer for an Alaska cruise in a couple weeks on the Westerdam. Are there issues with the HVAC which caused the need for a fan?
  7. Great blog and photos. Thank you! We will be sailing the Westerdam in May to Alaska and have a signature suite. I believe it is a sister ship to the one you were one. Was there also a shower stall in your bathroom?
  8. We are on the May 19 Westerdam Alaska cruise and booked an aft cabin, VB5187. Based on photos of the balcony on cruisedeckplans.com, it looks like a long dark hallway, crowded with too much furniture for our tastes (2 loungers, 2 chairs and a table). Fortunately thanks to booking directly with HAL we were just offered an upgrade for a nominal amount to a signature suite.
  9. Are only Neptune and Pinnacle suites eligible to use the Neptune Lounge and Concierge? Can Signature Suites use it too? If you have a drink package, can you use it in the Neptune Lounge? TIA.
  10. Dundeene, Thanks for this information. I hope you are correct. The HAL rep said "Join Me Tonight" doesn't apply to Denali overnights, only to those going straight to Fairbanks or Anchorage. The 2019 Journey Tips document states, "If you are traveling on any Denali Land+Sea, you will only have one piece of luggage throughout the land portion of your journey."
  11. I called HAL today to clarify the luggage question on the land portion this May. At first, Brenda didn't seem to know the answer. I referred her to the Tour Tips document on HAL's website. She thinks it only pertains to those going to the Yukon and said the way it is written in the Tour Tips is hard to understand. We agree! We are on the double Denali, no Yukon. She said we could only take two small carry on bags (one for each traveler) with no wheels regardless of how small the bag is. She said these two small bags would be the only ones allowed once we disembark to start the land tour. She said the rest of our bags including any with wheels would be waiting for us at our Anchorage hotel on the last night. Brenda said there would be porters available to help. With shoulder and neck issues, I'm concerned about carrying even a small bag.
  12. We recently changed the land portion of our HAL Alaska cruise in May 2019. The cruise portion was the same ship, dates and duration but we were told we would lose the perks (OBC, drink package, etc). After asking to speak with a supervisor, the rep said we would be given a one time exception and be allowed to keep the perks. It can't hurt to negotiate. You will love AU and NZ! We sailed last year with Celebrity.
  13. I agree about aft cabins. Late last year we cruised Australia and New Zealand on the Celebrity Solstice in an aft cabin. Great views! Looking forward to our cruise in 2019 on HAL's Alaska land and sea cruise. Attached pics all taken from our aft cabin.
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