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  1. seasounds

    Tour with Cosol and Yellowbird

    What time is the tour in the morning? Where does the basic tour go--where do they make stops? How many hours is the tour? Are you back to the ship on time? Thanks Seasounds
  2. seasounds

    Touring with Cosol ???'s

    How many hours is the tour? What were the stops? I just want to know where your basic tour takes you. Is there a guarantee that you get back to the ship in time? Thanks Seasounds
  3. seasounds

    Questions regarding Cosol

    I just have a few questions I need answers for before I contact Cosol. What time does the tour leave and what time do you get back to the ship? Is the tour $40 or $45?? Also, someone in our group has MS and it is difficult for them to climb into a van type vehicle, so was wondering does Cosol let anyone sit in the passenger front seat near him. This would be an excellent seat for the person in my group. They can walk around a little but very slowly---so I am just wondering how they will do on this tour. Are the stops handicap accessible? Are plans already made on where the tour is going for the day when you get in the van or does Cosol discuss this with everyone? Any information is greatly appreciated. Monique
  4. Anyone ever stay here and what did you think of it? I believe it use to be the Holiday Inn last year and was bought out by Best Western. Any help is appreciated.;)
  5. seasounds

    Days Inn Bahia Cabana Resort Question

    can someone help me with information on this resort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
  6. [B]Has anyone ever stayed here? Is it clean and safe? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused: [/B]
  7. seasounds

    Superbowl Sunday!!!!!!

    Isn't superbowl sunday on 2/4/07? Please correct me if I am wrong. It has been very difficult to get accomodations for the following weekend----don't know why. I have called at least 14 hotels in the ft. lauderdale area and they are totally booked.:confused:
  8. Anyone ever stay at the White Sands Inn, or the Baymont Ft Lauderdale? Also I was looking into the Holiday Inn Plantatin----any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Anyone have information on staying at these 2 hotels? Travellodge Ft. Lauderdale on A1A and Days Inn Bohia Cabana Beach Resort??? Trying to find a reasonable priced room for 2/07 travel. On the beach would be nice. Also can anyone guide me on how to select the right options on priceline.com. How can I get the most bang for my buck? Thanks for your help;)
  10. Can someone help me with this? I would like to know who or what department to contact BY PHONE regarding a complaint. Any help is appreciated.
  11. seasounds

    Sending in comments

    I don't want to write another letter. I would like to call the proper person or department.
  12. seasounds

    Sending in comments

    About a month ago I sent in some comments to Carnival and good old Bob, and asked that someone get back to me about these comments. I have not heard from anyone. Is this unusual? Who and how can I get in touch with the right person or department that handles this type of situation. Thanks for your help.:(
  13. seasounds

    Ouestion---one Suitcase For Everything???

    I have seen you guys on my past cruise, he carries one suitcase and a cosmetic bag that fits on top of the suitcase, and she carries the same. I still cannot figure out how everything gets in there. It makes it nice for debarkation----you can just get off earlier. My goal is to be able to do that one day!!!!!!!!! Does anyone not go to the dress up nights? This would eliminate alot of bulky clothes. Suit, cocktail dress, special bulky shoes, etc. etc. ;)
  14. I want to know how people get everything they need for the week into one suitcase! I have seen the the type where you carry a small cosmetic case on top of the larger suitcase. How do you people do this??? It is a need to know thing. I usually bring (for me and my husband) a cosmetic case carry on case, 2 large suitcases and a garment bag.:confused: I would like to be able to just walk on with my stuff next time and also get to debark the ship on my own with my luggage. I think I need to narrow down what I bring next time. Lots of items I did not wear last time.:rolleyes: How do you pack the 2 evening wear dresses and suits? Please help me with this---it is a mystery to me----I definately am doing something wrong!!:confused: My goal next time is to embark and debark the ship with my luggage, hep me out here ok!!;) Thanks for the help.
  15. [B]I would like and address to send a few comments and concerns to Bob Dickinson. I want it to go straight to him.[/B] [B]I want to send the same letter to Bob and the the main office at Carnival. What is the main office address?[/B] [B]Can anyone give these 2 addresses? Thanks so much;) [/B]