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  1. 6 hours ago, NavArch64 said:

    Is the Princess management team working today in Santa Clarita?


    Not sure when this was posted, but here is what is on Princess home page today:


    Princess Cruises will continue to work with the CDC on an eventual return to guest cruise operations. We are evaluating the CDC’s new order that sets out the conditions under which cruising can resume, but there are a significant number of requirements that must be evaluated in the context of our plans to resume operations. We ask for your patience as we complete our review. We are committed to communicating more details as soon as possible.



    We have a 12/26 cruise booked. Best case our payment goes to our May cruise to Canary Islands. More likely it goes to our January, 2022 SA cruise. 


  2. Just had an issue with EZ Air.  It wouldn't let me select a return flight even after showing choices.  I tried iPad, Chrome and Edge before trying Windows Explorer.  Believe it or not, only Explorer worked.  So, keep trying different browsers until one works.  It was worth the effort because I was able to rebook November/December flights to/from Rome with better schedules at lower prices. 


    Yes, I realize the likelihood of the cruise happening probably decreases at the same, or faster, rate as the airfares.😨  However, there is nothing to lose with flexible pricing.


  3. Has anyone been able to keep their paid for EZ Air when a cruise is canceled?


    Here is the scenario behind the question---


    --We have a third party land tour in Italy followed by a Princess cruise in and out of Rome booked for the fall.  We now have flexible EZ air booked to arrive in Italy in time for our land tour and departing at the end of the cruise. 


    --Obviously, we would not take the land tour or cruise if current travel restrictions hold. 


    --On the other hand, we fully intend to go if travel restrictions are removed, and the cruise takes place.  Clearly, that is our preferred outcome.


    --However, I can envision a third scenario where the travel restrictions to Italy are eased and our land tour takes place while Princess decides to cancel the cruise for any number of reasons.  In that case, I would love to keep the EZ air reservation and just extend our time on land.  I would either have already paid for the air upon final payment, or I would pay earlier based on my opinion and interpretation of the situation before final payment.  (I am willing to gamble that the airline would either refund the money or give credits if travel restrictions prevent us from going to Italy on the planned date.  Failing that, I believe my third party travel policy would pay for any lost airfare.)


    With that background, I ask "Has anyone been able to keep paid for EZ air flights when either they or Princess canceled the associated cruise?" 

  4. 2 hours ago, BoopTennis said:

    Hi, I have never used EZ Air before so am very much a rookie at that. But I reserved flights for two cabins for a cruise June 2020. Since they are separate reservations and booking numbers, how can I link these two separate reservations so we can all keep together on the same flights if the airline makes changes?  these are domestic flights on American Airlines.  I have not paid for the flights yet, they are just reserved via EZ Air



    Call the airline. They will take care of it for you. 

  5. 2 hours ago, SuzCruise said:

    Can we use our OBC for gratuities?  Our only other river cruise was with Crystal and we were able to use the OBC from our TA to tip the staff that had most impressed us.  Since tips aren’t expected on Crystal, and are on AMA, I would assume using OBC for gratuities would be common practice, but thought I’d check to make sure we have whatever cash is needed.  



    Sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. However, I thought I would use your post as the basis for discussing TA OBC. 


    Two experiences on our Ama cruise earlier this year. 


    1.  We met a couple whose TA awarded them OBC. Unfortunately, Ama converted the $US to Euros at a very unfavorable exchange rate, so they didn’t get the full benefit of the TA’s “gift.”



    2.  Our TA mailed us a check after she received her commission shortly after we returned home. We got everything she wanted us to have. 


    So, while any OBC is better than nothing, if possible, have your TA give you a rebate rather than OBC. 


    Either way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Ama experience. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, kjbacon said:

    We are looking forward to it! We are red wine drinkers (when we aren’t having a martini) so might they give us a bottle of red at the cocktail hour so we can enjoy it on the balcony of our room without running back and forth to the lounge?

    Just got off the Prima a few days ago. I doubt they would give you a bottle.  But, you can probably ask for two glasses each and take them back to your cabin. That should last you until dinner when the wine will flow freely. 

  7. Here is the notice from Princess:


    Thank you for your attention to this notification.
    Please be advised that due to an incident at the Grand Bahamas shipyard in Freeport, Bahamas, Island Princess' scheduled maintenance period has been changed, and as a result your client's 14-day Mediterranean & Israel voyage departing Friday, November 6, 2020 has been cancelled. Should your clients decide to rebook to any other voyage, they will receive an onboard credit of USD $15 per person (credit applies to first two guests on the booking; replacement cruise must be booked by December 31, 2019), and you will receive bonus commission of USD $25. Guests who move to Island Princess' 14-day Mediterranean & Israel voyage departing on Sunday, November 22, 2020 (on sale Friday, May 24, 2019) will be given additional OBC (per stateroom): $100 for inside, oceanview and balcony staterooms and $150 for mini-suites and suites. We will be reaching out to you to discuss your clients' plans, or you may contact us. If we do not hear from you within 30 days, we will process a refund of any payments received to the original form of payment. We sincerely apologize for any disappointment this cancellation may cause.

  8. 4 minutes ago, amyr said:

    Yes, you can open the divider between the cabins. We had them open between three cabins, and I assume they're all that way?  It's nice for sail away cocktails, made from the bottle that Viking lets you tote aboard with you 🙂 


    Thank you for the prompt response.

  9. Thanks for this thread.  I spent a good deal of time trying to get through the entire thread this morning.


    We have been dedicated Princess cruisers and are thinking of making a change.  This thread and others have given us lots to chew on.  We certainly see some great advantages VO offers over Princess.  We also see some significant deficiencies for us...e.g., the need to pay very early, the very limited, and comparatively user-unfriendly air program, and no casino (I go to that "spa" while DW goes to hers:classic_smile:.) None of those are deal-breakers just something for us to consider.


    Given the years and 765 postings, I'm surprised one topic hasn't arisen.  (Or, I have just missed it.)  We usually cruise with friends in adjacent balcony cabins and enjoy having the divider between cabins opened, so we can socialize.  Most, but not all, Princess balconies have a small door the steward can unlock allowing us to move from one to the other.  Do the Viking balconies have that opening?  If so, are they functional between all adjacent cabins?


    Again, thanks to Roothie and all prior posters for providing a wealth of information.

  10. There are lots of posts re EZ Air to be found on this board.  to be succinct, here are answers to your questions:


    1.  Flexible tickets are often less expensive than restricted.  Nobody but the airline gods knows why.  But, it is the only way to go because you can make changes--or simply cancel--without penalty up to 45 days prior to departure.


    2.  No, the price won't go up as long as you don't make any changes.  Naturally, you will pay the prices current at the time of your change--maybe higher; maybe lower.


    3.  Neither Princess nor any travel consolidator can guarantee the airlines won't change flights.  You have the same risk when you book directly with any airline.


    4.  The only advantage of paying for the flights early is that some airlines won't allow you to pick seats until paid.  Paying early negates the biggest advantage of choosing flexible fares--any changes after that will be subject to the new fare and probably change fees.


    I am a big fan of EZ Air.  Earlier today I booked a flexible fare to Montreal from California and from Ft. Lauderdale back to California for $120 per person less than the same flights could be booked directly with Delta.  The flights are next October, and I know Delta is likely to tweak the schedule between now and then.  However, I am locked in at a great rate and can make changes without penalty if necessary.  Meanwhile the money for airfare stays in my pocket.


    Good luck.

  11. We spent 3 days in Lucerne and 3 days in Basel prior to the cruise. Two great cities to visit and so easy to get around. If you need any information on these places, let me know and I'll be happy to help.


    We are beginning a cruise in Basel next year and am curious about your time in Lucerne? Did you take an Ama extension? Or, did you do it on your own. If on your own, did you go there from the Zurich airport? How did you get there? Where did you stay? Tours? etc.



  12. My experience with EZ check leads me to a slightly contrarian view.


    I have used it twice. In both cases it was because there was a several hour gap between leaving the ship and boarding our flight.


    The first time was in Seattle last summer where the service was offered free from the city. It worked like a charm, and we found our bags upon arrival at our home airport.


    The second time was in Fort Lauderdale in October. Our bags never made it to the airline!:( Fortunately, we eventually received them a week later after some trepidation. We'll never know for sure where they were misplaced, but I suspect they were either left in a corner of the baggage area at the port or left on the truck transporting bags to the airport.


    My conclusion and recommendation is only use EZ Check when you have a significant gap between your ship debark time and your airport arrival. Yes, I know some can't easily handle their bags. However, for the price of EZ Check you can give tips to the porters at the pier and airport and at least know your bags get to the airline. (Sure, airlines misplace bags as well, but at least you will have assurance the bags got to them.)

  13. Any update on new beds ? We are on the Crown April 25th. Post Dry Dock so hoping all beds will have been replaced.

    Mattresses in our cabin (C752) were replaced during our cruise last week. Room steward said the goal was to have all replaced before the dry dock.

  14. Never say never for a drunken spring break cruise on princess!! Our 3/5/16 5 night sailing on the Emerald was a cruise to behold if some remember with around 900 college students. I got thrown up on prior to sail away in the ladies room! A girl drunkingly crawled out of the elevator. A kid jumped from one deck above into the pool. The lines for a drink at any bar was site to behold! They ran out of alcohol for the first time on Princess Cay before 10:30 am! And so on....


    It's not something I have ever seen before and we have done 7 day Princess spring break cruises.


    Just choose at least a 7 day sailing and you should be just fine. We have done many spring break cruises and have not had any major issues.


    We were on the 3/14/16 five-day Emerald cruise and had a similar atmosphere. Combining the AIBP with hundreds of college students made for quite a show. We found it amusing since we don't spend much time at the bars, and we enjoyed our aft-facing Caribe balcony. Didn't stop us from doing what we enjoy, but I wouldn't have wanted to expose my teen and pre-teen grandkids to that environment.":o (They will undoubtedly see it soon enough, but I don't have to rush them!)


    That said, it didn't deter us from booking the 3/11 Crown five-day cruise this year.

  15. We're on the ta now,... This is our eighth transatlantic, and we sailed in much rougher sees especially in the North Atlantic. This has been the roughest and most uncomfortable crossing we've ever had. The ship is rocking and rolling a lot and I'm just not sure it has the capacity at this point to handle even the slight seas we've had.


    We were also on the cruise. I'm sorry you had the cabin issues. That would certainly sour my view of the entire cruise.


    I feel the need to comment on the seas. I don't quibble with your characterization of this being the roughest crossing you have experienced, but I would like to balance your comments with our experience. We have a couple of more Princess cruises than you, but this was our first TA. I was shocked by the calm seas! Yes, there were a couple of days when we rocked a little bit, but the vast majority of time the seas were "slight" and much, much calmer than I anticipated. We've had Caribbean cruises with rougher seas and really bounced around on a British Isles cruise a couple of years ago. I tend toward being uncomfortable in rough seas and have had the occasional need to spend extra time in bed during rough weather on other sailings. I never came close to having that feeling on the crossing.


    As far as service cutbacks...yes, some were apparent. We were disappointed by the continued absence of the BOGO +1 happy hour. On the other hand, our waitstaff in TD was among the best we ever had. We had all lunches and breakfasts in the buffet, and--with a couple of exceptions--had great service there as well. It was almost too good as we barely finished a drink or dish before a waitperson swept the glasses and plates away.


    We found the entertainment to be generally top-notch--above what we've had on other Princess cruises.


    Again, I respect your view, but I wanted to share our different experience. I hope to take more TAs and hope they are as pleasant as our experience the past two weeks on the Caribbean Princess.

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