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  1. For me it depends. If the vaccinations are readily available, then yes. It's like when I was a kid, we all had to get our shots before going to school. If you go to different countries there are certain shots you need to take. They are readily available and the readily available is the key. I think the cruise lines if they meet the CDC criteria should be able to set sail even if the entire cruise crew and its passengers are not vaccinated, because at present it's not readily available for everyone to be vaccinated. Yet, when it does become readily available,
  2. I am completely clueless regarding Holland America. This 17 day cruise to Hawaii caught my eye, thought my wife would enjoys this, especially with the 10 sea days. She loves her sea days and so do I. Our history: We've been cruising for more than a decade now and have experienced Princess, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. Currently we are Elite with Princess. We've taken the Hawaiian trip through Princess a couple of times, but thought it may be nice to experience it from another cruise line and since San Diego, California is only a couple of hours
  3. Oops meant to from San Diego to Hawaii.
  4. We've never taken HAL, but have considered. I see on their itinerary that they have a Round Trip from Hawaii from San Diego. It's a 17 day with plenty of Sea. Days which we love. We've done this trip with Princess and loved it. If you've taken this one before could you tell me a little bit about how it was and some of the activities they had on board. Also, if you have experienced, Verandah or one of their Signature Suites would appreciate that info too. My wife is retiring at the end of 2022 and thought this would be a nice celebration cruise for her, since she l
  5. My wife love's going to the casino on cruises, but we are always wondering which cruise line casinos stand out from others. Bigger Diverse Free Offers Incentives Tournaments Better Table Games Better Slots Current Slots Much More Excitement Any suggestions would be helpful. My wife is retiring soon and hopefully soon the cruise lines will open up for us to venture. Thank you all for your input in advance, Glenn ♠️
  6. Thank you so much, these picture tell it all.
  7. Hey thank you so much for your insights and suggestions. Yea, I have a Uke, so my intention is to bring it along. I'm not great at it, but I can get by.
  8. On a crowded ship sounds like a treat retreat.
  9. Thank you so much for you input. You and your family may have been one of the last cruises to Hawaii before the pandemic hit. I'm sure you're itching to get out there again. Sounds like you and your family had a great time without having to plan any holiday preparations. We are not familiar with Elua, could you please elaborate on this team and what type of enrichment activities they provided? Thank you, Glenn ♠️
  10. Thank you so much for you input. I have taken Princess before and have briefly walked by the Sanctuary. Can you tell me a little bit more about that experience. Also, were there certain activities on board you enjoyed or would recommend? Glenn ♠️
  11. Looking for some feedback, from those of you who have taken the 15 day Holiday Hawaiian cruise departing from California. Our group will be of 8 people ranging from 21 to 60 +. We are looking to do this in 2022. We have a wide arrange of interest and physical abilities, so lay it on us thick. Any suggestions and highlights and views would be deeply appreciated. Thank you, Glenn ♠️
  12. Does Carnival have a World Cruise? I was unable to find it on their site. My wife will be retiring at the end of 2022 and a World Cruise is a conversation we had and thought it would be a fabulous way to celebrate her retirement. Glenn ♠️
  13. Thanks that helps. Not sure why Carnival wouldn't want crew heading back to their ships. I can see Panorama is docked close to proximity of Los Angeles and their Pandemic Maiden Voyage is to begin in March. I think the one ship at a time for Disney is a smart idea. Instead of plunging in a bunch at one time, which could lead to a disastrous plunge. Appreciate the input, Glenn ♠️
  14. Looking at the listed ships on the CDC site. It's Interesting how all of MSC and Norwegian Cruise Lines ships listed all have the green light. Also most of Royal Caribbean's have the green lights too, but not one ship listed on Carnival, Princess, Holland America, and Seabourn, all under the Carnival Corp umbrella have a green light. Many of their ships listed do display provisional green. Makes me wonder how long does it take to go from provisional green to go-ahead green? If anyone has a clue on the clarification of provisional green to go-ahead green, it would be
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