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    Mr. Watts -- While I appreciate your discomfort with the facts, I am afraid that they are irrefutable. 1. You contacted the Andersen's on the Sojourn during our cruise to underline the importance of our taking the very first tender off the cruise when we docked. At that time, the schedule specifically said we would be docking at 9am. You did not cancel the tour at that point; on the contrary, you asked Mr. Andersen to communicate with us onboard to ensure that we would be off as fast as possible. Clearly, you had the ability to communicate with him on board. 2. We followed your instructions, took the first tender to shore, arrived at 9:15am and were all -- all 9 of us -- shocked to find no sign of you. What follows I wrote below. I believe I owe it to future cruisers to hear about our experience. They are welcome to come to whatever conclusion they wish and to continue to hire you as they see fit. Susannah -----Original Message----- From: Patrick Watts "][mailto:pwatts@horizon.co.fk] Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:49 PM To: Susannah Bailin Subject: Re: Tour request Hello Mrs Bailin, I am disappointed that you are basically calling me a liar. I am telling you the total truth when I say that your e-mail address was in my computer in Holland and I did not have it here in the Falklands. Why should I lie to you? I have built up a good reputation throughout the tourism industry over the past 12 years by being honest with people and there is no reason for me to lie to you in this instance. Why do think that I bothered to contact the Andersons and others but would not have made an effort to contact you? I was desperate to inform everyone who was booked with me from the Seabourn that I could not make the tour so why should I not wish to contact you? The truthful and honest answer is because I did not have your e-mail address despite what you say about 'e-mail servers sit outside of a specific computer'. The only means I had to inform you was through the note. If I was not concerned about you why should I even bother to write a note and leave it in the Visitors Centre? I was most anxious to contact you but had no means of doing so because I did NOT have your e-mail address in my computer in the Falklands as we had made no contact since I returned to the Falklands in mid-September. If you wish not to believe me then so be it. That is your prerogative. regards, Patrick Watts. -------------------------------------------------- From: "Susannah Bailin" <sbailin@optonline.net> Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:17 PM To: "'Patrick Watts'" <pwatts@horizon.co.fk> Subject: RE: Tour request > Dear Mr. Watts -- > > Your response below is disturbing because we were with the two other > families -- including the Andersen's in room 714 who had received > communication with you during the cruise a few days before the Pt. > Stanley stop -- when we were frantically searching for you in port. > Also, your assertion that my email address would be associated with a > specific computer is difficult to understand. Documents may be > specific to a computer; email servers sit outside of a specific > computer. > > Nevertheless, your conduct was completely unprofessional and led us to > have the only negative experience on our entire cruise. Our anger with > your lack of professionalism has no bearing on whether or not we > visited Volunteer Point. The weather is always out of everyone's > control. However, your reputation as an ethical and responsible > provider of port trips did not match our experience. > > -----Original Message----- > From: Patrick Watts "][mailto:pwatts@horizon.co.fk] > Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 7:44 AM > To: Susannah Bailin > Subject: Re: Tour request > > Dear Susannah Bailin, > > Thank you for your e-mail and its contents. > > I am so sorry that I was unable to contact you prior to your arrival > in the Falkland's. I should explain that when we exchanged the > original e-mails I was in Holland, which is my wife's home country and > where I live for half of > > the year. So all our exchanges were made on my computer there. > Unfortunately > > I inadvertently did not note your e-mail address on my booking list > and consequently I was unable to e-mail you, once back in the > Falkland's, as I no longer had your e-mail address. It was in my > computer in Holland and not > > in the Falklands. > > Contrary to what someone has written on the cruise critic, or whatever > it is > > called, I was able to contact the other couples from the Seabourn who > had booked in hopes of going to Volunteer Point, and informed them > that I was unable to make the Volunteer Point tour because the grass > track terrain was a quagmire after 4 weeks of non-stop rain and given > the time constraints it would not be possible to attempt the tour as I > knew we had no hope of returning to the pier in time to catch the last > tender back to the ship. > > However I was unable to contact you and therefore the only way to > inform you > > was to leave an note in the Visitors Centre with my apologies but I am > not able to control the weather to the short duration in port of the > Seabourn Sojourn. It was not the ideal solution I know, but it was the > best i could do in the circumstances. > > Furthermore I was informed just a few days previously, that I was no > longer permitted to visit Port Harriet, which was the alternative, as > the landowner > > had entered into an agreement with the ships agents (big money) to > take cruise vessels passenger there only, and accordingly as a private > operator I > > was not allowed to go there again. This was most disappointing and > totally unexpected. > > Sadly because of the reasons stated above, I was unable to communicate > this information to you because I did not have your e-mail address. > > As it transpired I made it back to the pier with one minute to spare > with my > > passengers from the Star Princess as we took two hours longer than > normal to > > drive across to Volunteer Point and back again, owing to the dreadful > state of the terrain. As you may have heard the ships tour was TWO > hours late in returning and the ship was delayed until 9-00 p.m. in > leaving I'm reliably told that the captain as on the verge of leaving > even without his own passengers. > > If you had taken the Volunteer Point tour with me then you would > surely have > > missed the ships sailing as it was made clear that while a tender > would be available for the ships tour passengers it would NOT be > available for any privately booked passengers. I could not have made > it back to the pier by 4-00 p.m. which was the time of the last > tender, and you would all have been > > stranded in the Falklands. > > Incidentally the Seabourn cancelled its tour to Volunteer Point on > Tuesday because of the poor state of the route and the fact that the > captain had warned that he would sail even if the ships tour > passengers were not back in > > time and on board. Needless to say I too cancelled my tour to this > location. > > The short duration of the Seabourn in port is a real obstacle to make > lengthy tours and given the dreadful state of the terrain it was a > total impossibility to attempt the Volunteer Point tour for you on that day. > The > Star Princess had arrived at 7-15 a.m. and did not sail until 6-00 p.m. > but > even then it was a struggle to get back in time for the last tender. > > I regret not being able to contact you prior to the ships arrival and > am angry with myself for not having your e-mail address on my booking > list, and > > accordingly leaving a note in the Visitors Centre was the only way to > contact you on the day. > > I do apologize profusely to you all for the disappointment and for not > being > > able to contact you prior to the ships arrival. > > best regards, > > Patrick Watts. > > > > -------------------------------------------------- > From: "Susannah Bailin" <sbailin@optonline.net> > Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 11:23 AM > To: "'Patrick J Watts'" <pwatts@horizon.co.fk> > Cc: "'Bailin, David '" <david.bailin@citi.com> > Subject: RE: Tour request > >> Dear Patrick, >> We did arrive on the dock in Port Stanley at 9:10am. We searched and >> searched but could find no one with a placard -- as you mention in >> your email below -- with our names. Shadowed by our children who >> became increasingly worried by our concern, we entered the >> information building and still saw no one. After more frantic >> searching, my husband thought to ask the woman behind the desk. >> There, she presented him with a typed note from you saying that you >> had chosen not to wait for us to take us to Volunteer Point. Shocked >> -- since the tours from our ship were still being boarded and were >> indeed leaving at 9:30 for the excursion -- we were turned away from >> those SUVs because they were full. Since the note was typed, it was >> clear that you knew either the night before or that morning that you >> had no intention of including us in your tour. Had you emailed me >> that morning of your plans, we could have made other plans or at >> least avoided the shock and frustration and sadness with our children >> at our sides. Your lack of communication about your choice was quite >> unprofessional. >> I look forward to hearing your reply, Susannah Bailin >> >> -----Original Message----- >> From: Patrick J Watts "][mailto:pwatts@horizon.co.fk] >> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 3:20 AM >> To: Susannah Bailin >> Subject: Re: Tour request >> >> Dear Susannah Bailin, >> >> Thank you for sending me your family names as requested. >> No birthdates are required thank you, just the names for my records >> and for meeting purposes at the pier. >> >> Just look for a person holding a placard bearing your names, as you >> step ashore from the tender. We are always right upfront with our >> placards so there will be no chance of missing us at the Visitors >> Centre/Pier. I will be there supervising the tour and driving as >> well. >> >> Hopefully the Seabourn will arrive at 0800 and you can get off around >> 0900 or soon after and can take the excellent Volunteer Point tour. >> If not then we have the Port Harriet tour as a worthy substitute for >> you. >> >> I will make doubly sure that you are back in Stanley with ample time >> to spare before the last tender back to the ship. Unlike the ships >> tour which tends to scatter far and wide, we always travel in convoy >> which adds extra security and safety in the highly unlikely event of >> a breakdown. We then have other vehicles/drivers right there to >> assist if need be. >> >> I hope you have an enjoyable cruise and the weather is mild on 30 >> December and you get to visit the Falklands and take a tour with us. >> >> Best regards, >> >> Patrick.
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