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  1. I'm not researching it so I may have missed something, but Canada seems about as humanitarian as they come. Not that you'd want to cruise there in January.
  2. Hi, someone asked me to pick up a souvenir on the last cruise and mail it to them. I did so, but we can't message each other so I can get the address. It says we are allowed zero messages per day. Does this function work?
  3. They used to practically accept walk up customers at the last minute. It may be this was only confirmed “we can’t make it” situations where the passengers notified the cruise line of the cancellation, or the last few unsold rooms. Current security rules require earlier notice of the names on passenger manifests.
  4. This happens because the guarantee rooms get assigned and drop out of inventory. They have some kind of formula they use to determine the price/demand ratio at various points prior to sale date. If the ship has too much excess availability in the last few weeks prior to departure, prices stay low. If they have reached a certain capacity percentage by a certain point, they can raise prices on the remaining inventory.
  5. Except for the problem that the TV show that saved this then-dying industry called it a boat. And we Gen xers have like a 90 year estimated lifespan. The Love Ship just doesn’t have the ring to it.
  6. I checked the site I used to research Winter Garden. No mention of leg room one way or another but it looks like a decent view. Some mention that distance from stage means you don’t see facial expressions but you have better perspective on the special effects. Top of bulkhead blocks orchestra audience but not stage, unlike some areas of the side balconies. Commenters do say it’s a good value for the price. Enjoy and come back to let us know if you agree!!
  7. See my photo below showing our perspective. Overall, yes, the view was excellent. My teen and I are short and I am cheap. We often have tall heads in front of us at many shows so we prefer front rows. However I’m too frugal to pay for center seats. These were off to one side. Mezzanine Row A, seats 9, 11, and 13. We were not very far from the stage, right next to the old opera boxes, which are no longer used for guest seats and would have a bad view due to all the infrastructure like speakers and lighting in front of them now. 99% of the action took place upstage and we saw it all perfectly with no one to block us. We missed perhaps 3 downstage entrances that had people laughing but that was a small price to pay for the otherwise clear sight line. It was an excellent hack for us as these were sold as $59 partially obstructed tickets, the lowest price point in the Winter Garden. Seat 7 next to us was much higher, double the price I believe for nearly the same view. I had found a website that lets people post a preshow pic of the view from their seat and I read a review of these specific seats before choosing them. Of course if money were no object, center seats would be slightly better, but then we’d also be a bit further from the stage. This was was a summer Friday and I’m glad we just booked ahead rather than trying to get same day tix even cheaper as the show was almost sold out with only about 10 of the worst seats unsold. The scalloped front wall/rail in front of us really does provide incredible leg room. Stretching out my feet all the way, I couldn’t reach it and my husband was very comfortable. It was very easy for those in the front to get in and out if needed. As as for the show, it’s for people who like a lot of energy, don’t mind the occasional F bomb, want to laugh and keep things moving. Talent was incredible as you would expect on real Broadway-it’s kind of their thing after all. The full house was 💯 on our feet the moment the curtain fell. We loved it to a person. Production quality was excellent. We see lots of community theatre and are accustomed to poor to fair to passable sound system quality. This was absolutely crystal clear. Sets, dancers, costumes, lighting and light effects all what you would expect from world class professionals. It was not as chilly as I expected in the theatre. Has a sweater but didn’t need it.
  8. Okay we saw Beetlejuice at the Winter Garden tonight and it was perfect for us - keeping in mind we have an edgy teen who chose it. The talent is amazing. Great theatre too. Front row mezzanine has awesome leg room.
  9. If you’ve done the research and not sure it feels right, then it probably isn’t. Instead of a cruise that makes one stop near a rain forest you sound like you’d rather just spend the whole week at a rustic resort in the middle of one. We like cruising but land vacations are more in depth ways to visit a place. What alternatives are you comparing it to?
  10. Spring break is often cheaper than summer if you can work with that.
  11. Thanks, we will be using one next week and I will come back and post feedback.
  12. Your English is fine. Better than plenty of native speakers. Excellent education systems across the Scandinavian countries, in my experience. It's always possible to have port changes and even cancellations. The line will be working to get plenty of shore excursions available for your dates and you should see this updated in the planner fairly soon. You can always email them directly to ask as well. Honestly for various reasons ports can change on any cruise ship with any line. Weather is a common reason to change or skip ports and they sometimes don't make the call until an hour before you are supposed to arrive. Both Labadee and San Juan have also been cancelled occasionally due to local political unrest. This is rare, but just happened in San Juan this past week. And as Bobal noted there can be mechanical issues on your ship or even a different ship in the line which causes shuffling. If this happens they refund all excursions and substitute a sea day or, rarely, another port. Please do not worry. There is simply no point. Your safety is always the highest concern and ports cannot be guaranteed for this reason. The cruise contract is clear on this and again, this applies for all cruise lines. I've taken fewer than 10 cruises and had port changes on two, on different lines. We had a 4 night cruise on Carnival from Miami a couple years ago and seas were very rough. At the last minute Princess Cays was cancelled, we had a sea day, and we came into Nassau late that afternoon for an early arrival and overnight to what was supposed to be arrival the next day. On another I was on Disney for just 3 nights and due to some issue we had to miss Castaway Cay entirely. Since that was probably the best private island in the industry at the time, people were not very happy, but the ship is of course a floating pleasure palace designed to accommodate and entertain at full capacity so it is still a great experience.
  13. Why porthole rooms rather than outside cabins? They are only a bit more expensive - just a larger window but otherwise pretty much the same room. You could get midship outsides on Deck 4 which should be quieter, nearer to elevators, and have less movement.
  14. Every picture I have seen on the Sensation shows two portholes in each of those cabins. You can kind of see this by looking at the ship from the outside - the portholes are the far front cabins on several different decks and the portholes are in close pairs for each room. Deck 4, Riviera, is the lowest passenger/stateroom deck. The conventional wisdom is the lower, the less movement.
  15. First off, if you decide you want to do one of the ship excursions, you really should consider booking in advance. I have been on board a ship with husband looking for an excursion the night before visiting a port and NOTHING is available. They absolutely sell out the premium times and sometimes, all the times. John Bull is spot on. I fully agree that the "worst" thing about ship excursions is the large groups on big buses and the obvious logistics of keeping everyone rounded up. When you've had enough of some bland thing but you have to wait around for everyone, or if you want to linger and can't, it may be poor use of your time. You give up some freedom. Tips are often expected for excursions as well, which sometimes doesn't sit well if you already paid quite a bit. On the other hand, there are advantages - you know you are with an approved vendor and that the details have been worked out for you. Not many worries about decision fatigue or making a misstep in unknown territory. Once you've signed up, you just do as you're told. For Halifax we are going to get off the ship and walk over and up to the Citadel. We need exercise anyway, because Cruise Food. There are also several museums even closer to the dock and we will probably hit one or two as we like in the moment. No excursion. For Bar Harbour I'm planning to stay aboard ship with my mom as I don't want to mess with tendering, but my husband and daughter are likely to get a ship excursion. It will probably be the easiest option and they'll be happy. I've heard and read mixed on Peggy's Cove and decided to skip it. Lovely but not so much when all the crowds converge and start climbing around on the dangerous black rocks waiting for a big wave to sweep them away.
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