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  1. All Carnival revenue cruises currently sailing are in Yellow CDC status which means enough Covid cases onboard to warrant a CDC investigation. This applies to some other lines as well, i.e. Princess, Holland America, Celebrity, RCI. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  2. Yes we did Oasis of the Seas and their comedy room was, I think, smaller than either of the Punchliners I've been in (Carnival Triumph and then Carnival Sensation) and then there was a night when a couple of comedians (not the same ones as in the club) were also the headliners in the main giant theatre, the one where they stage Cats and other big shows. It was nearly full as well that night (though never for Cats LOL). I understand some comics like playing to a small, packed, club like atmosphere.
  3. Thanks Don. I have never been a fit pitcher. "You git what you git and you don't throw a fit." I eat what I am served in main dining rooms on cruises, even if the fish is overcooked or the carrots are crunchy and flavorless. I literally do not remember that I have ever sent back food in a restaurant in 55 years of my life. Okay I won't be 55 until next week. 54 years and 357 days. If a restaurant experience is truly horrid I will stiff a server which I have done perhaps 3 or 4 times EVER. Somebody has to be bullying someone for me to get involved and start fit pitching. And I do understand handing people like bartenders extra dollar bills often causes pleasant and magical things to happen. Now that we have bottomless bubbles, I guess I should be able to get all the diet Sprite I want anyway, amirite? Grats are included on those but I am not opposed to a dolla here or a dolla there and will of course have a wallet full available.
  4. So here's a question, why would I post something and as soon as I submit, it goes red and says a moderator has to approve it? Like there is no way someone even read it yet to report it. And it wasn't bad or nothing. It did quote someone who used a word that starts with s and rhymes with a rather worse word that starts with f.
  5. To be fair, a lot of people are angry drunks so again, pissed.
  6. Let's focus on the positive. We're not cancelling. We're still cruising, and Brass Magnolia is an awesome and underutilized bar. Keep picking up those tips from the vloggers on this week. We all wore masks for a year and didn't get to go nowhere on no kind of vacation or nothin'! Get on board a ship, help bring the world back in to the new normal. It's still a cruise!
  7. Actually I was thinking Odyssey. Ovation is like 6 years old. Stay on Mardi Gras, just go ahead and cruise anyway. It is a brand. new. ship. It will be fine. We all wore masks for a year and didn't get to go anywhere on vacation. Go on vacation!
  8. Whew, Parodeejay said Cucina was still very good for dinner. 🙂 One hour, good service at 5:30.
  9. So just as an FYI, all Carnival ships currently sailing revenue cruises are yellow status on CDC. Same with Princess and Holland America (one ship each). Same with Celebrity (3 ships). Same with most ships, really. Not all. A couple are green. Several are orange with only crew onboard. So keeping the ships Covid free is not going great, even with all the vaxxing. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  10. Oh yeah. People are asking him if they can cancel without penalty. He says no, but others are reporting different after getting through via phone.
  11. Online cancel is telling you the standard spiel, which includes penalties. They are apparently slammed right now with calls.
  12. I, one Kmom, did not complain about nickel and diming. I prefer being able to pay a la carte for extra stuff - if we want it - but not pay for it via the base fare - if we don't. I am aware of AI resorts as well as more upscale cruises that include a bunch more stuff, and I mindfully do not choose those because that is not what I want. But I'm a real weirdo and always have been. I usually have no interest in upcharge food, but I think it's fine that it's offered. For this trip I decided to go hog wild. I budgeted to do the upcharges, thought I won the jackpot with the "free" announcement, and now don't plan to do any paid dinners except steakhouse which I already prebooked and paid. Because we are not going to spend that many hours per night just sitting around in noisy dining rooms waiting an hour between courses. And honestly I don't fault the line for trying. I get it. I know they meant well. And I know they are all new crew on an all new boat with all new equipment, etc. etc. I'm just simply not going to participate in anything that is overcrowded and logjammed if I don't have to. I will keep an eye on lunches and perhaps try them out that way. Still excited. It looks like the comedians are repeating the same shows several times over so perhaps I don't try to see everything on the first 2 nights and wait for the hoopla to die down a bit. Also with today's exciting mask announcement, we may have MASS cancellations, leading to even less crowding in the first place! Sometimes life is a big experiment and I am okay with that, to a point.
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