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  1. Amazing!! A huge white American owned vessel with the U-Jack emblazoned across her bows glides though waters infested with criminal gangs and Brit/US-hating enemies with sophisticated firepower ....... and you are now worried. Wish I was on what you are. My daughter cancelled her cruise in this area when she saw the Foreign Office comments about safety - or lack of it.
  2. We use the unpacking service a great deal as neither my partner not I can bend very far - added to which I have better things to do than unpack on the first day on the ship. Problem with Britannia is too few butlers for too many suites. Do the maths and compare to Aurora.
  3. Have a word with the manager of the Glasshouse - Ralston, he is a very genuine delightful person and if you explain what is required, he will accommodate it. It is not a question of throwing the rule book away - just a matter of common sense and he will realise that.
  4. I actually saw one lady in a mobile scooter with a basket on the front end putting a dozen or so packets of sandwiches into the basket. I jokingly said to her that she must be hungry and she told me to eff-off.
  5. Just disembarked Ventura and Grab and Go has been stopped - reason given was too many fights over food and people stealing literally hoards of sandwiches etc.
  6. As I said earlier, the ships themselves say they will do everything necessary in the event of a terrorist attack but to my knowledge there are no cruise ships out there that can fend off torpedoes.
  7. Absolutely agree with you Bal - It is all very well the ships officers telling us they will take every conceivable action in case of a terrorist attack but a torpedo is a different thing. We love cruising but as far as we are concerned this area of the world is totally off-limits.
  8. Sorry to read about your experience but this is not a dry-dock fix. I was on the same cruise as you and the Captain did make several announcements as to what the problems were. He also went into detail about what was needed to fix the issue as it was a software problem and not a hardware problem. The shop sails perfectly now so don’t be put off in future.
  9. Mmmmm you are certainly correct that one can keep track of on onboard spend by asking for a statement from reception, however the problem is that the other 3,500 guests are all asking for the same thing. The end result is massive question at reception at all times of the day and evening that clog-up the desk. I also forgot to add in my opening thread that two of the four stern lifts were out of order for the entire 14 days ......
  10. Yes the clientele is always a challenge (oh dear all the PC brigade will have a go now), but that is one of the reasons why The Metroplolis Bar is so different as ‘they’ don’t usually discover it and it really is rather special when the the video wall is working etc. Ah well - another nice place ‘bites the dust’ eh.
  11. Just returned with the family from our 4th cruise on the Ventura in the past 18 months. Had a super time and interested to see the on-board launch of the Iona. One of the features we all love about the Ventura is the city scapes video-wall in the Metropolis Bar, it is a super bar; well run and very intimate in a lovely part of the ship given its size. My moan is that the 'wall' has been out of action now for 18 months, as has the lovely revolving art-part piece at the entrance to the bar, oh and also the onboard billing can no longer be seen on the interactive television. Every time we ask what is happening to all these electronic devices we are told it is 'in progress' mmmmm. In the meantime though they have seen fit to install a state-of-the-art games room in The Peninsular Room, that in 4 cruises we have only ever seen 2 people use. I can't help but feel that the ship is being run-down, despite its recent refit ..... and to be honest we couldn't see much evidence of that either. Hate to grumble but think we will move away from Ventura to a ship that P&O values better.
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