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  1. You can get $150 credit for 10,000 points for any Carnival purchase over $1500. Don't have to wait for 100000 points. I redeemed 33,333 points for $500 statement credit. Login to your credit card account and you should see your options.
  2. Hi. I submitted an early saver price drop and it was denied today. I normally just call my PVP, but she is out until Monday. Do I just call the main number and speak with someone else or resubmit the form or what do I do? Price says it is only good through Sunday and as far as I can see it is for the same category room.
  3. If you have a $1500 or more carnival charge you can redeem 10,000 points (or multiples of that amount) for $150 statement credit ( or multiple 100,000 points = $1500)
  4. Thanks. I did contact the aquarium and they said they would hold our luggage. We may do that or look into the tour. Thanks!
  5. Is there someplace to store luggage near the Long Beach cruise port? We will probably explore for a while after our cruise before catching a 5 pm flight out of LAX. Or a few years ago we used luggage express to send our bags to the airport. I looked but it doesn't seem like luggage express is offered anymore?
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