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  1. As a side note, filing a credit card dispute is not as easy as some make it sound. Our company is not answering their phone lines for disputes and require you to send a certified letter with copies of documentation via snail mail. It is beyond frustrating to deal with them this manner, especially since they normally do everything online. When Princess tells them it is a valid charge then you have to start all over with the letter dispute process....I’m sure Princess hopes I will just give up and go away, but not going to do that!!! Will definitely be changing credit cards when this all gets settled out!
  2. I am one of those that had the money clawed back from a credit card dispute for an April 4 cruise. I have yet to receive my $1400 in EZAir credit. I only filed a credit card dispute because I got no response from Princess after several phone calls and emails. It has been over 8 months that they have used my money ( total of over $13K) , and almost 5 months since cancelling and I am still waiting for my money!
  3. while i am happy that so many (?) have received their refunds, what about those of us in Phase 1 that are still waiting... I filed a credit card dispute and Princess clawed it back and recharged us so now I have an even bigger mess to deal with. originally they owed us $12k and now it is $19k with their extra charges....not happy!
  4. i am in recharging hell....they just keep recharging my credit card....card company says i have to dispute all of these...it was bad enough when princess owed me $12k, but now it is $17k with the recharges...they are beyond screwed up!!!
  5. just checked my credit card and princess has sent through 2 new charges for excursions for our cruise that was cancelled in March...what the####. $2300 worth of charges for a cruise line that isn't operating and a cruise that never happened? The finance department needs to clean house and hire some teenagers who know how internet banking works!!!
  6. My account says I owe a deposit by Friday...Grand deposit has just disappeared...no cabin assignment just says guaranteed
  7. April 4 sail date on Ruby.....nothing!!! promises, promises....refunding in order of sail date - really??? Those of us that were paid in full and owed $10K or more have likely been moved to the back of the line
  8. I really don’t understand why refunds are being given to so many people from May-June-July-August,etc when those of us in Match and April have received nothing!!!
  9. yes-crown transatlantic
  10. Fort Lauderdale walk off last fall was caught up in a crew immigration check which backed things up for 3 hours because Princess disembarked their crew before passengers...caused ALOT of very disgruntled passengers who missed their morning AND early afternoon flights (any flights before 2 pm)...
  11. hold cruises can be changed until you actually put $$$down....if someone comes along and is willing to put their $$$ down as a definite committment, the iffy hold goes away😔
  12. We are elite and get free laundry........but definitely don’t use it for anything that you really like....it comes back (not necessarily to you) 2 sizes smaller, spots not removed, and sometimes you even get extra clothes🥴
  13. I think you may have to get in line behind those of us who just reached the 90 day mark with nothing done yet.
  14. Called Princess today—-got the normal run around—-told my refund would be $2300 total. I explained that I calculated almost double that amount when you added air fare. Her response was “sorry, didn’t see that on your booking—-oh, there it is”. Each time I asked about something else like taxes, insurance, transfers, she said the same thing. I have now figured out that they absolutely have NO idea what they are doing. If you have received your credit card refund, you should feel really really lucky!!! Transparency isn’t an issue because they have no clue what needs to be done. Makes me wonder if trusting them with my safety on a future cruise is a wise decision? Princess has some major problems that they need to address. Sweeping all this under the rug for a few FCC’s is not the answer!
  15. We have the exact same scenario as you...I’m going to just let it ride and see what plays out...eventually something will happen
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