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  1. travel world...just took out the vowels...trvlwrld
  2. Having trouble signing in today-anyone else? Could they be working on my FCC?
  3. It’s a love it or hate it relationship. Most love them...we were so excited when we got an upgrade to the center aft cabin. turned out we loved sail aways and the aft wake view, but didn’t like not being able to see where we were going. You definitely have to try it and make up your own mind if it is for you...I’m glad we did so I know for future bookings.
  4. that might be good for those of us itching to get back on board...if I was making that much money, I wouldn’t want my meal ticket to declare bankrupcy🥴
  5. yes! happened to us also—-price increase was $1600...we are now seriously rethinking cruising with Princess ( even though we are elite—looking at other cruise lines)...very disappointed with their ethics!
  6. asked for a deposit refund on a Jan 2022 cruise last week, received my credit card refund in 3 days-thx Princess!
  7. just refared-they are out of chocolates, so had to settle for a $1200 cabin price drop😂
  8. I had always used my PVP until a cruise last March. I used a TA 😡. When all the cancellations started I found out that I was on my own. I waited for 3 months with absolutely no help, no FCD, no FCC, no refund. I called my former PVP and she said she would help even though it wasn’t her booking. She did get all of it sorted out, and I am back to booking with her exclusively...a couple of hundred dollars isn’t worth all the problems and headaches I had with booking through a TA!!!
  9. ME TV channel on cable carries an episode every Sunday afternoon
  10. Here’s a thought...2 ships for each itinerary- one ship with masks and then one without masks. There are alot of non-vocal, non-confrontational, non-maskers who have valid opinions also.
  11. nope-won’t wear a mask, had it, had vaccine, no need!
  12. older demographic than early 50’s, but ships are certainly not dead like the HAL ships which roll up the carpets at 8 pm after dinner. there are alot of activities and shows going on after late seating dinner.
  13. Welcome to the airline pricing schedule!
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