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  1. Can anyone tell me which dining room is open for seated breakfast on port days on the Crown? Thanks!
  2. We actually were in Berlin for 2 weeks prior to our cruise and just arranged for a Princess transfer to the ship from the airport ( it is a one hour + drive to the pier)...do it on-line yourself and enter it under the independent air arrangements...order a taxi from your hotel front desk to the airport...the Princess transfer people meet in the center section by all the shops and restaurants...its easy and straight-forward
  3. If you are so upset about people playing games on tables, maybe asking Princess to reinstate game rooms on their ships would be more beneficial than just whining about others...jusr saying ...
  4. book the rib boat- very expensive but worth every penny!!!
  5. We cancelled our Princess excursion for the Crown in September 2 days ago on line and received a full refund back to our credit card yesterday....easy...just like they stated in the cancellation policy....24 hours....thx Princess!
  6. It’s great that you found a cruise line that you like! Everyone has different tastes and that is why we tried HAL last summer - unfortunately that will be our last with them. I think they have great itineraries, but found their entertainment and ship activities to be very lacking. I, too, am a foodie, but after sending back 2 meals in 4 days (I have never done that before) we tried the buffet for dinner and found the quality to be the same. I would also agree that the quality of food on Princess has declined, but for us it was better than HAL. Food is so subjective, but the chef on the ship has more influence on taste and quality than the cruise line itself. If cruise lines gave as much attention to improving the quality (not quantity) of their food as they give to badgering their customers into upsells once they are on the ship, their passengers would be grateful!
  7. that’s my point exactly...you only get credit for number of days....guess that would discourage any other spending
  8. Has anybody ever gotten credit toward Princess status levels for days spent on Princess cruise tours? We’ve done several and it seems to me that Princess should give us credit for those days since they cost so much more than just cruising. Other lines have adopted policies based on $$$ spent.
  9. check with the visacentral website....they make it really easy...one stop shopping!
  10. we took diamox for altitude sickness (do NOT chew or drink coca leaves or tea if you are taking AS pills). you can leave your big suitcases at the hotel and just take a carry-on for the machu pichu section...much more managable. weather in january was light jacket/ pants...it rains alot. the hotels have free oxygen which will help with the altitude headaches if you are prone to migraines. our group was small...about 30 people and ages 30-75. the guides are great and dont push those who are unable to do steep inclines, but at the same time challenge those who want to do more....ironically the whiners in our group were the young couples and the older ones were up for anything. it was an amazing trip....try the pisco sour- it goes down so easy, but you’ll regret the second one the next morning!
  11. you might want to have princess book your additional night as they sometimes change the hotel last minute....this was a wonderful tour with great hotels!
  12. We received a cabin change to an aft balcony C562...is this a good move from a regular balcony...couldn’t find any cabin reviews.
  13. If you buy wine while the ship is in port, are you still allowed to bring it on board and keep it in your room?
  14. Just booked a cruise on the Crown and am worried that she may look tired and worn...anyone been on her recently who can give an honest opinion? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for all of your help in logistics. We’re seasoned international travelers, but I have heard that it is quite some distance between the airport, port, and Tokyo so your information helps us to plan all the little pieces to make things go smoother since life moves at a much faster pace in Tokyo.
  16. We are new to Celebrity, so we have some questions about booking a hotel on the front side through Celebrity and their transfers from airport to hotel to ship...is it a seamless operation and do they also have staff on hand at the hotel to assist you with daytours? We’ve been very happy with previous Princess arrangements and hoping that Celebrity offers something similar.
  17. we were in 8020 for 58 days....quiet, great views and location...would book it again in a heartbeat!!!!
  18. Does anyone have an idea when the fall 2021 cruises will be available for booking?
  19. Last summer we did Alaska on our first HAL cruise (Princess is usually our go to but we have been disappointed with all of the cut backs in quality on Princess so wanted to branch out)....after 14 days with HAL (food was not good—activities were very bland) we have decided to book 2 cruises on Celebrity (transpacific / Japan) in hopes of finding something better....fingers crossed!
  20. Wondering what shape the Diamond is in after dry dock....staterooms, public areas???
  21. Has anyone been on her since dry dock...??? Anyone been to Japan late June/early July?
  22. also wondering about the Japan being hot and humid and rainy in July
  23. We have booked a summer 2020 cruise around Japan on the Diamond, but are getting a little worried about comments that she is looking a little rough around the edges (especially the staterooms)....can anyone who has sailed on her recently give me some feedback please?
  24. Thanks so much for your information...just one more question—-is there any self-service laundry available?
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