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  1. We are loyal longtime Princess cruisers but have been convinced that we should move over to Celebrity! With that being said we have booked 2 cruises on Millennium and really need some help. We know absolutely nothing about the ship and choosing a cabin so we picked 8032 and are hoping that it has a good balcony with views down to the sea and not having a huge overhang above. I looked at cabin reviews and couldn't find any info so unfortunately had to just wing it. Also, we like tables in traditional. dining with 6-8 tablemates...how do we insure that we are not just seated with another couple? Is room service complimentary like on Princess? Are there areas that are off limits to us lowly veranda passengers? Is the buffet open 24 hours? What are the free beverages and are they available all the time? Finally, can you disembark with your own luggage in tow? If there is anything else that a newbie Celebrity cruiser needs to know, we would be very appreciative of any info you could give us...we are looking forward to this new experience with Celebrity!
  2. Can anyone tell me what and when the next promotion will be?
  3. call the dine line and then go talk to the maitre’d in person and mention that you have been very unlucky in the past and specifically ask if you should be doing something differently to be chosen...(be sure to be polite and not accusitory) that happened to us also and our invitation almost beat us back to our stateroom!
  4. thanks for your input—we are leaning toward celebrity at the moment...not too thrilled about a perceived “class system” though
  5. We are loyal Princess cruisers, but are looking at a 2020 transpacific B2B with Japan on Celebrity Millenium. Could anyone tell us how their food, staterooms, excursions, and on board activities compare with Princess. Trying to decide if we would be better to fly over and do a longer cruise on Princess....we have only been to Nagasaki, but have toured extensively in a variety of other Asian countries so we are newbies only to Japan...thx!!
  6. Just booked a Japan cruise for late June 2020...haven't sailed on the Diamond for 4 years and am wondering if the interior still looks a little “used”?
  7. We have done 3 b2b and each one was different...laundry was closed on all 3 cruises ... twice we had to go to evac drill and once they specifically told us not to go...just follow their written instructions that they deliver to your cabin...it’s B2B for dummies...;p
  8. We tried HAL to Alaska this summer...itinerary was great, but that was all-worst food ever! I sent back food twice in 14 days ( have never done that before)...activites and entertainment were very poor compared to princess...won’t be wasting my money on a HAL cruise again!
  9. just off HAL Zaandam last month...entertainment was really lacking-speakers need some updating, but the food was really the low point-almost everyone we talked to was very disappointed in the quality of the food! the service was great and also liked the smaller size of the ship as well as a great itinerary in Alaska, but we will definitely not try HAL again—-back to Princess!
  10. yes-do it...the guides are very good about finding you a spot to sit and wait if you dont want to climb...my husband decided he had enough and the bus driver said he would gladly take him back to the hotel and come back to get the rest of us...several were in their late 70’s -some did everything and others chose to just sit on the bus...expensive through princess but everything was 4+ star...definitely don’t hesitate!
  11. this thread is not about how to disinfect your cabin, but information from people who are on board currently....those of us sailing on monday would like to hear from current passengers on the ship situation...not a lecture on sanitation...thx! :D
  12. Have they determined that it is definitely noro or is it something else?
  13. definitely at night...many sit-down great restaurants...dont bother with the rides-better ones in any amysement park in US...beautiful park!
  14. we did 3 of the world segments in 2015...hated to get off...loved EVERY second...wish we could do it again...everyone gets to know everyone—-crew and passengers alike...the ships starts to feel like home—-plenty to do but you get so familiar that just sitting in the lounge areas or going to breakfast ends up being a few hours of conversation with others
  15. we will be on the july 2 cruise—-really appreciate all the great info! new to HAL so what us the cheapest internet package ?
  16. any guesses when the next sale might be-waiting to book because i’m not liking the current sale offerings?
  17. we’re not so much interested in the pool, but more about the comparison of rooms on each ship and the overall condition —-which is fresher or tired looking—-thx!
  18. We cant decide between the 2 ships. Whether it sails out of LA or SF isn't a big deal, but also can’t decide on balcony or interior....would appreciate input from others on condition of the ships and room sizes—-thanks!
  19. we are new to HAL....packing for alaska and want to keep it to a minimum...we love fixed seating, but DH only has room for a black turtleneck and dress pants for formal nights...will we be turned away from the main dining room and sent to the buffet?
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