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  1. Does anyone have any more information on the original topic please? The likely restrictions when cruising restarts - can't wait to get back, but for us it's going to be critical on what basis.
  2. I certainly wasn't referring to any of the posters here!!! Far too sensible. The comments I heard (and the whooping) about being free to do more or less as they please came from people at one of the vaccination centres. 💀
  3. Exactly right. Nothing at all against pensioners, or any other age group. It's just that I've heard quite a few comments (amid all the whooping) from some of the jabbees on the lines that they're now free to do more or less as they please because they're now invincible. Just like young people. There are still risks, particularly perhaps with the AstroZenica vaccine until more evidence emerges, but some now regard themselves as 100% free of any Covid risks.
  4. Having just read this headline in the FT, I'm now seriously worried: "Johnson confident in AstraZeneca vaccine after S Africa move" We've learned not to trust anything he says, and if he says he's confident, I'm worried - especially as our borders are wide open (still!) and the South African variant will be coming in daily across the country. It's already all over the country, and it spreads fast. Looks like an updated AstraZenica vaccine will be available in the autumn - but given that the current version is only 10% effective against the South African vari
  5. Ugh! And even worse - she'll be in the supermarket salad bar next! These are the people I fear most in the buffet!
  6. Just light snow here today - we must have got odd lightly! @Graham - hope all goes well on Wednesday. I'm sure it will, and it will be great to get it dealt with.
  7. I suspect you're going to have a very busy time down your way this spring and summer should restrictions be lifted. A very good year for British tourism.
  8. Morning all - 5 degrees outside today. Positively balmy! It's March in less than 5 weeks - SPRING!!! 🌻🌞😎
  9. You didn't notice the TV news or all those jubilant headlines when the first vaccine success was announced? Any big news sells papers, but there's been precious little good news in this long saga of mistakes and late decisions since last February.
  10. And why we record stuff. Saturday night is Film Night - David Lean's 1946 Great Expectations last night. Great film!
  11. Totally agree. But since the UK currently has the worst death rate per 100,000 in the entire world now - worse even than Trump's America - I'm not sure that there's any due.
  12. It was one of the scientists who linked the two and made the comment about eating out to help the virus. His view was that all the additional indoor socialisation during that period just spread the virus, which started to emerge a week or two later and led to the huge spread that later took off. The figures bear that out. Their view was that had we not loosened up too soon, we wouldn't be needing the current lockdown because infections wouldn't have rocketed out of all control.
  13. You obviously didn't see the programme referred to. I did. It referred to having the worst death rate in the world, talked about the reasons, and mentioned specifically the indecision, the fact that the UK was the very last country in Europe to lock down, and eat out to help out really meaning helping out the virus. Would you care to defend our poor record? The usual complaint is BBC bias but this wasn't even the BBC. Difficult to defend the indefensible.
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