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  1. This was my concern actually. I do NOT want to stay on the ship 14 days. The only reason we are considering the B2B is because it is going to 3 ports we’ve never been to. If there’s a chance we can’t get off without an excursion we won’t book it. Thank you for your responses. It looks like we can explore on our own which is great! Let’s hope things continue to improve
  2. I read a comment that someone was concerned that they weren’t going to be allowed to get off the ship in St Thomas unless they were on an authorized excursion. We are scheduled to go on a B2B this spring in Allure and will be going to some ports we’ve never been to. We just enjoy making our way to beaches and shopping. We don’t do excursions. I’m very concerned because we don’t want to be on the ship 14 days! Thank you
  3. I appreciate all of the suggestions and now have much more to consider. Originally, we wanted to fly to California and tour Napa, San Francisco and some other areas. A cruise came up as an add on. We would only do a week or longer…not interested in a 3 or 4 night cruise. We have mostly cruised Princess and will look into their offerings. We like the idea of getting on the ship in San Francisco. We thought we’d try to go RCI because we could book a future cruise with them on our next Allure cruise, plus we like RCI more. Thank you for all of your answers!
  4. Hi fellow RC cruisers. We’ve done all of our cruises to the Caribbean. We are scheduled to go next spring on the Allure. We were thinking ahead to 2023 and thought we’d take a trip to the west coast, (Napa, San Francisco)where we’ve never been. I thought maybe we should take a cruise to Mexico ports from LA since we love cruising. I’d appreciate any opinions on visiting these ports, the ship (Navigator of Seas) etc. Are waters rougher than I’m used to? Are the ports nice to visit? Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I’ll do that. I was surprised when I signed in recently that it wasn’t listed
  6. This is our second cruise with RCI. So we’re not Loyalty members yet. Maybe one day 😀
  7. Does Allure have a happy hour? Or BOGO? Thank you
  8. Thank you for responding. I should have clarified that I’m on the east coast so Galveston is out. The one this year has the itinerary we want and we were surprised we couldn’t get it for next year. Tampa goes to KW for half the time and then onto Cozumel which we didn’t want. Thank you again
  9. Getting a bit frustrated so maybe someone can give an answer. We would like to go to Key West on a cruise that does not stop in Mexico. For 2019 there is one particular one that is 5 nights. Departs Ft Lauderdale and goes to KW and also to Bahamas. 2 sailing days. But nothing for same time (fall) for 2020. Am I missing something??
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