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  1. This is what MSC says they are doing regarding excursions During this initial phase of operations, as a further enhanced measure of protection and to avoid risks to the health of guests and their fellow cruisers, guests will only go ashore as part of an organized MSC Cruises’ excursion. This means that MSC Cruises can protect their health while ashore with excursions that will be delivered with the same high standards of health and safety as on board. We will ensure that transfers are properly sanitized and that there is adequate space. Tour guides and drivers will also undergo hea
  2. I am not saying anyone is entitled to the points. I simply posted the information as it had been a topic of discussion and offered no editorial comment on it when posting. Over the past many years, there have been many "mistake fares" in the airline industry. Some airlines fixed the problem and cancelled all reservations, others acknowledged their error and allowed the affected reservations to stand. That built a lot of goodwill. I think that what people have been saying so far in this thread is that it was an opportunity to build goodwill with their customers in this trying time a
  3. Didn't see this posted yet https://cruiseradio.net/norwegian-reclaiming-rewards-points-on-cancelled-cruises/ Although most Norwegian Cruise Line guests received Latitudes rewards points for sailings that were cancelled by the industry-wide shutdown, those points will soon be reclaimed by the company.
  4. The chair hogging threads that reappear will be much worse as there will likely be far fewer chairs to hog so the problem will be...... 😄
  5. If you still have the PDF confirmation you could use that for comparison.
  6. I did a comparison to my April 2021 cruise. As currently booked. $8075 in a Club Suite. With free gratuities on the current promo, $10,150. That math doesn't work for me 🙂
  7. I don't see any current promos for reduced/free air. Maybe this is for cruises originating in countries other than the US.
  8. Do you think that due to the potential new sanitary requirements they will begin boiling the clothes before actually cleaning them? 😄
  9. I have a cruise that is over 15 nights next April. On Thursday evening I emailed the brokerage statement along with the form. Today 1 $50 onboard credit and 2 $100 onboard credits were added to my booking.
  10. Same cruise, same experience. Clicking on the make a payment takes me to an error page.
  11. It comes back every November and in Germany it's available year round... go figure! 🙂
  12. Fully aware that there are no guarantees... on this, or anything for that matter. The price was low enough that it was worth the risk based on the long term upside. I would be surprised if they removed it as a benefit as they are going to be wanting as many people to book cruises as possible when this is finally over.
  13. Bought two blocks of 100 shares each in 2 different accounts, IRA and brokerage. One to hold long term and the other to..... keep at least for the OBC in the next 18 months if our cruises in Oct 20 and April 21 actually take place. Taking a flyer in the low $7 range is a small risk.
  14. One of my co-workers traveled to Seattle on Tuesday afternoon. The company found out and told him to turn around and go home immediately. In addition, they told him to not go into the office for 2 weeks. His wife works for a global financial company and had casually mentioned that her husband had gone to Seattle and was immediately told that upon his return she would not be allowed in the office for 2 weeks. Fortunately they can both work from home
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