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    poker games ?

    Could someone tell me which poker games are played in the casino aboard the Silver Wind? More specifically, is Caribbean Stud Poker played?
  2. kwzoom

    No disembarking early when island hopping in Hawaii

    You can do it on some lines , Silverseas for example. Its a hassle with extra paper work so some lines just choose to say no !!
  3. kwzoom

    Early disembarking question ?

    Our TA has received a fax from Silversea and we can disembark in Key West !! It's a big hassle lots of paper work and probably a wait at customs ,and that's OK.. We heard It's all up to the individual cruise line , most of them won't do it...... but kudos to Silversea !!
  4. Can you leave the boat one stop before the end of the cruise ...in the US. We live in Key West and are looking at the Wind cruise that starts in Barbados and ends in Ft Lauderdale...last stop is Key West. We would love to just get off then and not have that long drive home. Has any one done that ??