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  1. Buffet with an action station....wraps,waffles,etc. Pizza also served here each day. I actually did not take any pics of the stateroom....I really disconnected and put my phone away...so very few pics. We were in 9141 - sideways interior. Great room - lots of space and quiet. I set the dailies aside, and then ended up leaving them. Plenty to do...and plenty not to do - whatever you prefer. We attended many of the game shows in the Bliss nightclub - they were very entertaining. I thought the Steel Drum band was also excellent.
  2. Well said....simple, but nice. Service was great, food was good overall. Had a great time - my only complaint (and I hate to even say complaint) was that the sports bar could not keep its satellite reception. Games would freeze and remain like that for a couple hours. Still a great ship overall!
  3. We actually did not dine in any specialty....but it appeared there was plenty of room at all times in all of them. I never saw more than a few tables at any one time
  4. Yes...they are still serving that smaller menu. Took us a couple days to realize it. It was a nice place to eat.
  5. Just got off the Sun this morning from a refreshing 5 day cruise. I will be happy to answer any questions I am able to.
  6. I cruise in 12 days and today I went on to check the bid strength and it no longer shows. It shows the bid, but not the strength. Any ideas if this means anything?
  7. I was offered an upgrade from my TA from an inside stateroom to an Oceanview , or a $25 onboard credit because of a price drop. It states that there will be no further upgrades if accepted. I also have a bid in for a balcony cabin. If I accept either offer does the no further upgrade include the one I bid on? thanks
  8. C Cruise - I am in 9141 in a few weeks...is it really a larger cabin, or just a different layout?
  9. I was thinking exactly that. I bet the vast majority of people would do so.
  10. If we skip a Port for whatever reason, will our port charges change? Do they ever refund port charges?
  11. Thanks for the info - much appreciated
  12. While I appreciate you taking the time to respond - that was not what I asked. I have cruised on full Oasis class ships on RC and had a great time - I was simply just asking a question as I have never cruised "off season" before.
  13. Is there any way I can tell how full our cruise will be? We are about 30 days out - so I know it could change. We usually cruise during busy vacation times but now are empty nesters and looking forward to an off season cruise.
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