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  1. While I do wipe down a few things and carry packaged individual wipes in my purse with me, I find my focus is sanitizing my seating area on the plane. Flight turnover is half an hour. No way your area is sanitized. We fly first class to have our own row as well. On the ship, frequent hand washing and some targeted sanitizing works...remote, door handles, switches etc.
  2. While we seldom eat at the windjammer except when we have to for breakfast, it is convenient and readily available. The hot dogs were better than the specialty hot dog place on Oasis. The reason we did not eat there is because it was a buffet and all it entails. As hard as the staff works on keeping it refilled and appealing, the volume of passengers using it doesn’t lend itself to a sanitary, appealing, fully stocked option. The photo upthread of the “make your own caesar salad”. station kind of says it all.
  3. The Tavern League guidelines require tables of no more than 6 persons, 6 feet from eachother. Staff must wear masks and gloves. Capacity should be reduced by half, removing tables and bar stools and blocking off every other booth. No condiments, napkins or salt and pepper shakers on the table. They will be provided by staff and sanitized between patrons. The focus will be on serving food with beverages to small groups. Well, at least that is the transitional hope....
  4. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has declared Governor Evers acting HHS Secretary's extension of the original "Safer at Home order unconstitutional, invalid and unenforceable. The administration did not have authority to extend the order beyond the 60 day state of emergency which ended Monday. The legislature needed to convene to propose actual legislation for anything to be binding on the state. The Tavern League already has had a plan in place for months to comply with CDC guidelines and is notifying their member they can open immediately with the plans in place. Release The Cheese Curds, Brats and Beer!
  5. It's $77 for our April Western Caribbean. For a six day cruise, that would be $1090 with gratuity for two people on a 6 day trip. Umm...No.
  6. https://playback.fm/birthday-song Using this site, mine is "I'll Be There" by The Jackson 5.
  7. Not me but DH USMC 1988-1992. Machine gunner and Mar-Det on the New Jersey, also serving on the Denver and Pelelieu. Served in Desert Storm, Desert Saber, and Desert Shield. Got him to cruise by suggesting a ship can also be “fun”. What are these veteran get togethers of which you speak?
  8. I am in rural NW WI in a county with a single case of the virus and no deaths. Our governor has extended the stay at home order and joined a coalition of other Midwest states to establish re-opening guidelines. He has had over 30 days to come up with something and did not. The state is closed because of 3 southern counties. My hubby had surgery scheduled for 4/15. He cannot work until his arm and shoulder problems are repaired. It was postponed indefinitely. His Doctor just called in a refill for his pain medication because of the stay at home order until May 26. It is scary he has to keep taking that stuff. Each day I become more and more pessimistic. Siblings have lost jobs, closed their businesses and are living off of savings, unemployment and whatever they can scrape together. We live in areas almost completely unaffected by the virus.
  9. I am booked for April 2021. Not before then.
  10. Oh great. Now I have the song stuck in my head.
  11. My first trip into the Belize interior, I took the Malaria pills and the side effects were not worth it. Appropriate mosquito protection was better. I also moved to Panama when I was 8 days old and had an accelerated vaccination schedule as well as an additional "Yellow Fever" shot. None of the stuff I got is required now. It wouldn't hurt to be current on your DPT (diptheria, pertussis, tetinus) and a Flu vaccine. The Flu vaccine is for the ship. The rest, for un-vaccinated passengers and accidents.
  12. I am also looking for a TransPacific between Australia/New Zealand to either US or Canada in the Pacific Northwest. I looked at RCI and found an itinerary going from Sydney to Vancouver in two legs with maybe Hawaii in the middle. I will look at the Oceania but am leaning RCI.
  13. I drank Kraken with Diet Coke and in coladas on Oasis on the deluxe beverage plan. Sometimes I got Kraken when asking for dark rum and Diet Coke. They would just reach for the Kraken. This was about 9 months ago.
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