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  1. If you go to the actual recommendations and scroll down a bit, there is a chart. There are two columns on the far right. There are Xs in one or the other columns. The first column is for recommendations that can be modified or eliminated. The second is for those recommendations that should be permanent. They are primarily for crew and vendor protocols and do not impact passengers
  2. LESS LIKELY. Some of the recommendations are permanent but most of the disagreeable ones (to me) can be modified or eliminated, like masks, cruise sponsored shore excursions etc. If those are ended or modified, I would go back. Until then, no.
  3. I do not need to cruise that badly that I would become a medical experiment. It will be a while but I will save a bunch of money. I guess there is that.
  4. I can’t believe I just saw this! I am booked on Empress for April 2021 for the Western Caribbean. I have had no communication from Royal. I have a refundable deposit and drink package for two invested. Suggestions?
  5. I would cancel. The vaccine is being rushed and it will be some time before safety and efficacy can be assessed.
  6. Thanks! Just trying to pay you all back for all the funny I have received.
  7. Very new to cruising by board standards having only it done twice. I find the information here very valuable. We choose a mid level balcony room but always fly first class and stay a night before and after in a very nice hotel. We might do a suite next (are actually booked in a junior suite for our next one if it goes). Everyone has a right to decide what is important to them in a vacation. I just don’t open a thread about the Diamond lounge or all that. If I can’t eat at Coastal Kitchen, I know I can pay a bunch of money to do so and do not see the value. My new to cruising brother? He does the suite thing always.
  8. I'll have to watch this. We are booked on Empress April 25th with Key West being one of the reasons we booked this itinerary.
  9. I wear a cocktail dress and Hubby wears a travel sports coat with dark pants and a short without a tie. Well, he wore a tie once.
  10. While I do wipe down a few things and carry packaged individual wipes in my purse with me, I find my focus is sanitizing my seating area on the plane. Flight turnover is half an hour. No way your area is sanitized. We fly first class to have our own row as well. On the ship, frequent hand washing and some targeted sanitizing works...remote, door handles, switches etc.
  11. While we seldom eat at the windjammer except when we have to for breakfast, it is convenient and readily available. The hot dogs were better than the specialty hot dog place on Oasis. The reason we did not eat there is because it was a buffet and all it entails. As hard as the staff works on keeping it refilled and appealing, the volume of passengers using it doesn’t lend itself to a sanitary, appealing, fully stocked option. The photo upthread of the “make your own caesar salad”. station kind of says it all.
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