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  1. Here is the exact wording from the email HAL sent when they cancelled my April 19 cruise: Please note that due to the unprecedented volume of bookings impacted by cancellations, processing your election of Option 1 or 2 may take up to 60 days as our team works through each booking. HAL chose the 60 day timeline, has not honored it and only responds with vague, canned, "just be patient" platitudes when I inquire about the refund. At this point, I don't think that filing a dispute is being impatient - it's just forcing them to do what they said they would do using the onl
  2. I agree 100%. Three Star Mariner here and up until this fiasco I had a very good impression of HAL. They cancelled my April 19 cruise on March 30 and the following day I requested a refund on the web site they provided. Their email stated that it might take up to 60 days to process refunds, but it has now been 63 days and still no refund. I have tried reaching out to them by emailing my personal cruise consultant, using the chat feature on HollandAmerica.com and by calling. In every case all I get is a vague, canned "copy and paste" response to be patient and absolutely no info as to when to e
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