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  1. I'll find out the prices in a few hours. As previously mentioned, I don't trust anything on MSC website. We shall see.
  2. On the MSC website without signing in it says you can save 15% or 20% if you prepurchase. I don't really trust anything on MSC's website but that's what is says.
  3. I think I found the answer. The website is saying "Save 20%" so I'm "assuming" the cost will be 120% of the pre cruise price? Thanks
  4. I'll be outside most of the time on deck and I'll wear a mask when inside, no problem. I'm not going to wear a mask outside, thank you. I'll be outside most of the time on deck and I'll wear a mask when inside, no problem. I'm not going to wear a mask outside, thank you. Name calling? Grow up.
  5. Damn, I was going to walk around Cozumel but if the chin diaper police are out forget it.
  6. Did you have to notify them you were b2b or did they eventually figure it out? I also have two separate bookings b2b.
  7. There have been so many changes over the past 3 months I can't remember.
  8. Im on Mera the 25th so if can post before you end your cruise it would be great.
  9. This is interesting because I just posted a similar question. Someone on Youtube just recently complained because the only way they could use two devices with one plan was to go to the connection center and have them switch every time he wanted to go from his phone to pc and back. MSC allowed this but it's not something I would want to do every time I switched. I would say two people, two devices, two plans. If only switching on occasion you may be able to ask services but seems like a pain to me.
  10. I was able to set my phone up as a wifi router if needed. My cart is still showing the wifi package after I signed in and out. I'll see if the price doesn't change and I'm able to use OBC when I board the ship. I may as well add a few more excursions also just in case it does work so I can get the cheaper prices.
  11. Well, I'm going to keep my internet package loaded on my cart in my profile. Maybe they'll give me that price when I board on the 25th. I'll also bring both devices but supposedly you can use your phone as a wifi router. I haven't been able to get it to work yet, going to work on it a bit more to see if can be done using wifi and not data.
  12. I was watching a YouTube video of someone who just cruised Meraviglia. He said the only way to switch wifi to his second device was to go to the connection center and have them manually change it over. He said he had to do this every time he wanted to switch devices. Does this sound right? When I sailed Seaside I was able to switch devices easily. He then went on to say that he asked guest services if he could just buy a second wifi package and was told that it was too late, that the sailing already started. This doesn't make sense because MSC website states "Discover all MSC Cruises’ Internet Packages and book online to save up to 15% vs. onboard prices." Has anyone recently purchased wifi after boarding? When I sailed with MSC the wifi was included. Maybe he waited to far along into cruise and no longer had the option to purchase? Lastly I was already told by a member here on this forum that I am unable to use my OBC to pre purchase a wifi plan. I wonder though, if I place the internet package in my cart now, would it still be in my cart for that same price after I boarded the ship? (I guess I'm still unclear of the process using OBC). BTW, the video is titled "WORST CRUISE SO FAR… Post-Cruise LIVESTREAM (Bahamas Paradise & MSC Meraviglia)" ....I didn't include the link because i wasn't sure if was against the rules here. Thanks for and clarification with the above questions.
  13. I have an appt with CVS in Western MA scheduled in 2 weeks 1st Option CVS Location is within minutes from where I live Able to schedule 2 weeks in advance Assume they are using the BinaxNOW because results are "within hours" 2nd Option Walgreens I plan to schedule an appt at Walgreens in case CVS falls through Hour drive for me I can only schedule 2 days in advance but there seems to be plenty of openings ID NOW - Results are within 24 hours instead of 1 hour 3rd Option Quest I have an appt for even later that day with Quest but this is a PCR test. Quest is stating processing times are within 2 days. "If" the first two option fall through I'll go try Quest. 4th Option FLL Fort Lauderdale Airport If Quest results are not back within 36 hours then I will test at Lauderdale Airport 7:00 AM day of sailing 5th Option Miami International Airport MIA but I will be cutting it close Can you tell I'm a little OCD over this 😄
  14. When I sailed on Seaside between b2b in Miami I got off the ship 30 mins to embarkation to take some pictures of the ship. I ran down the stairs and gangway and off the ship. After 20 mins I ran back up in no time because everyone was already on the ship. It was like I was in any other port. The crew probably thought it was strange but I wanted to do it so I did. FYI, this was after I did the "off the ship and back on" turn around thing they make you do.
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