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  1. 2 hours ago, jerseyjjs said:

    I'm booked for Oasis in September and after the last round of cancellations pushing all the way up to Aug 29, I'm skeptical they'll bring the Oasis up the entire east coast for just 2 months worth of sailings.  It's also a bad omen that they cancelled the entirety of the Freedom of the Seas cruises out of Bayonne already too.

    They are bringing Ovation across the Pacific for less than 2 months of Alaska sailings.  Bringing Oasis up the east coast is trivial in comparison.  If New Jersey and the CDC let them sail, they will sail.

  2. The best past guest deal they've offered is 20% off plus the extra point.  Unlike their ongoing 30% off sale, they didn't raise their prices in accordance with the deal, so you actually got 20% off the fare.  I have a Panama Canal cruise booked for next year under that deal and while I don't think I'll be taking it because of other cruises I've booked around it, I don't want to give it up because it's $1000 less than the same cruise would be a year later.

  3. 1 minute ago, Uniqeni said:

    What about the port in Tampa? I'm scheduled on Brilliance Mid- September. No word on Tampa or Brilliance.  Do the tests in the 3 ports scheduled now open up sailing in others without do the tests from each port individually?

    No.  Every ship that sails under the CSO needs to do its own test cruises or meet the 95% pax/98% crew vaccination standard.

  4. 33 minutes ago, coastcat said:

    Okay, let me see if I understand this...


    1. A cruise between Seattle and Los Angeles which stops at a Mexican port like Ensenada or Cabo is not compliant because the ship is transporting passengers from one U.S. port to another, and the Mexican ports do not count as distant foreign ports.

    2. A roundtrip cruise out of Los Angeles which stops in Ensenada is compliant because it is returning passengers back to the same U.S. port in which they boarded, and thus did not transport them between ports.


    Is that correct per the PVSA? If so, then it sounds like NCL will not be able to use a revenue sailing to move Bliss from Seattle to LA.


    Yes, that is how the law works.  The only way to legally sail from Seattle to a different U.S. port would be by stopping in South America, which would typically involve a Panama Canal transit ending on the east coast.  Without Canada, Pacific Coastals aren't possible.

  5. This sale looks exactly like the last one.  I doubt we'll see the 40% off sale like they were offering last winter again.


    Some of the prices (specifically drink packages) have already been adjusted to the sale prices even though the sale hasn't officially begun yet, and the banners still show the "normal" discount.  The banners will update tomorrow, but don't expect any further drop in prices.

  6. 9 hours ago, Steff79 said:

    seems that Escape is going into dry dock in May ( ship movements thread ),


    let us pray that NCL don´t touch the H2O, no race track no bigger vibe.


    informations and pics are welcome


    Given the current state of the industry, they will likely spend the minimum amount possible on required maintenance only.

  7. Another factor is how much FCC you have to use.  In my case, a Veranda stateroom didn't use up all my credit but a Concierge stateroom would have required a couple hundred dollars extra, so instead I took the Elevate package for only about $40 over my credit (which the benefits more than make up for).

  8. 1 hour ago, greatestvalue said:

    Hi everyone, 

    Hope youre doing awesome. 


    Wondering when RC would typically open bookings for 2023 Alaska cruises ?


    Thank you 


    Typically those would be released in the fall, but the release schedules have been a bit less predictable in the past year.

  9. If the answer was as simple as cruise lines requiring the vaccine and being allowed to sail, they would have done it already.  The problem is they are at the mercy of the CDC and the conditional sail order.  People say the CDC cannot require the vaccine, so instead they require a bunch of other rules and regulations that the cruise lines feel is too burdensome.  Not only that, but the CDC has been dragging their feet issuing guidance and allowing even test cruises to get going.  All the CDC rules are based on the assumption that no one is vaccinated, and even if the cruise lines did mandate the vaccine that wouldn't change the CDCs rules.  This is 100% a CDC issue, and not cruise lines trying to resist mandating vaccines.

  10. Global Entry is great for air travel.  It usually takes less than 60 seconds to get through immigration.  They don't even use the fingerprints anymore - you just take a photo of yourself and it gives you a receipt with your personal information to hand to the officer.  A quick check of your passport and you're on your way.

  11. 6 hours ago, Steff79 said:

    Cayman Port has Leonardo starting December,19th,2022 until March, 22nd, 2023, seems like every 7-8 days

    for example at 4 jan 2023 one day after St Maarten.

    St Maarten and Grand Cayman are at least 2 sea days apart and rarely appear on the same itinerary, so port calls on back-to-back dates indicates at least one of them is just a placeholder.

  12. 2 hours ago, goofysmom99 said:

    I did it and got an immediate text which required a reply of Y.  I'll wait for the 3 points and then text STOP.  They have to abide by STOP.

    The terms and conditions state you must remain registered through August 6, 2021 or they will take the points back.

  13. Lift & Shift is still offered when Celebrity cancels or redeploys a ship, but only for 2 weeks.  They've added more flexibility to the length of the sailing and will prorate the fare at the same daily rate if the new cruise is longer or shorter.  A few rules still apply:


    1. You can only Lift & Shift to the same class of ship.  Going from S-Class to E-Class is not allowed.

    2. The sailings are limited by region, but not specific port.  For instance, I was offered Iceland or Baltics as a replacement for Norway, but not Spain & France.

    3.  The sailing must depart within 4 weeks + 1 year of your original sailing.


    Unfortunately in my case Lift & Shift doesn't help because a 12 Night sailing is too long and the only sailings to Norway are on Apex.  However, you would likely have benefitted from waiting for Celebrity to cancel as you could have easily moved to a 12 day sailing and received a 1/7 fare credit.

  14. I haven't seen much speculation on the potential itinerary for Leo 1's first winter, so I compared existing ship deployments in Winter 2021-22 and Winter 2022-23.  The one thing that stands out is for 2021-22 Escape alternates east and west itineraries from Port Canaveral, but in 2022-23 it goes east exclusively.  This leads me to believe Leo 1 will be placed on Western Caribbean (GSC, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel) from Port Canaveral for its inaugural season.  All the other standard 7 day itineraries are accounted for, and NCL has consistently put new ships on 7 day Caribbean itineraries for their first winter.

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