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  1. I think what's happening is the Windjammer is being moved from 16 to 14. This allows both 16 and 17 to be a separate suite area, similar to what Spectrum has.
  2. They are likely changing many of the sailings to 7 days, but are only keeping reservations where the new sailing completely includes the original sailing dates. It did seem like there were a lack of late summer/fall 7 day Bermuda sailings in 2021 (and 2022) compared to past years.
  3. I doubt they ever intended to have split pools on Odyssey, but rather used some stock footage of an amped Voyager/Freedom class ship to show the general theme of the pool area. All of the Quantum class ships have their pools in the same place, so there's no reason to expect Odyssey to be different. It's easy to change decor, but not so much major structural components. The entire layout of Deck 13 would have to change to allow depth for split pools.
  4. The cruise I've been watching went up by the cost of 1 person's gratuities. I guess BOGO gratuities is better than nothing.
  5. They can plan to resume on September 16, just like they previously planned to resume August 1. The plan is only good until the next suspension. Once we're within 2 weeks of the startup day without it being changed, I might believe it's not going to be pushed back again.
  6. I think the bottom image (230K) is newer. It's showing 2019-2024, while the top image is 2017-2022.
  7. It looks like Virgin Voyages is taking a play from other cruise lines and announced a fake sale today. The email claimed up to 30% off cruises, yet I checked the one I've been considering and the price had gone up $250. The price had been holding steady since they reduced the suite rates until today. There goes the incentive to use my larger than expected credit.
  8. All junior suites are the same configuration. The rooms are wider therefore there is no need to alternate bed and sofa locations, which is only done to squeeze more cabins into the same amount of space.
  9. Oh right, if YOU cancelled there's no getting your money back, but if THEY cancelled twice you can change your mind and get a refund.
  10. These cruises are essentially all repositioning cruises to get from Alaska to Australia. Perhaps they are planning a full redeployment in anticipation of Australia not opening this year, assuming there's anywhere they can operate from.
  11. The letter above states: If you were already impacted by a sailing that was previously cancelled due to a global suspension and paid additional monies on a new booking within this extended suspension period, you are still able to opt in to refund one or both cancelled bookings via the process below. This sure sounds like you can opt to take a refund on a previously cancelled booking, even if you had used that booking's FCC towards the newly cancelled booking. Otherwise, why would it say you can opt in to a refund on both bookings?
  12. Distant foreign port is only for sailing between two different U.S. ports. All you need is any foreign port for a round-trip, and yes it counts.
  13. I've seen numerous articles posted like this for various cruise lines, and their only source of information seems to be what cruises are currently listed for sale. The only thing that is an indication of is that they have not been canceled yet. When cruising actually does resume, I'm sure there will be some sort of official announcement of what cruises will be operating with several weeks notice, rather than just not canceling them.
  14. Virgin has been more proactive than other cruise lines when it comes to announcing cancelations and now mapping a path for return. I feel that logistically they will have an easier time starting up than the bigger lines. It will be telling if they push their start-up date into 2021, because that would be a troubling sign that no one is sailing in 2020.
  15. I don't see anywhere where the poster said they already cancelled, just that it looks like their sailing will be cancelled because Royal pulled it from sale (plus the industry is shut down until September). They should get offered 125% as soon as Royal officially cancels it.
  16. I received my FCC today and it was about 25% more than what I was expecting (250% instead of 200%). I had only paid my deposit and not the final payment. Did anyone else experience this, notably people who made pre-deposits in 2018 or were originally scheduled to Cuba?
  17. It sounds like it will essentially be a Harvest Caye for the other cruise lines aside from NCL. I do wonder what would be preventing them from supporting Oasis class ships if that truly is the case.
  18. The number of cases is inconsequential for when cruising can resume. The key questions that need to be answered are how do you reliably prevent infected people from boarding the ship, and what do you do when cases inevitably pop up during a sailing? The easy answer is only allow immune people onboard, whether via a vaccine or antibodies. However, like the rest of the economy, the cruise industry cannot be expected to survive if they remain shutdown indefinitely. An action plan will be developed and cruises will gradually resume even before cases drop to zero. Many people won't
  19. Until cruises set sail again, I would treat any current reservation as an uncertainty and have a plan B in mind. For a corporate retreat, you would be much safer off planning something at a land-based resort this year. I do believe that when cruises do resume, Florida will start up first simply because that is the bread and butter of the American cruise industry. So, your chances of sailing are slightly better than they would be leaving from a different state or country.
  20. I am optimistic that Caribbean sailings will begin by Thanksgiving. If they haven't figured out how to safely sail before the peak holiday season, the entire winter season will probably be shot and the cruise lines will be even deeper trouble than the are now. I am eager to book a cruise for the end of this year and feel perfectly safe traveling, but am waiting for a little more certainty that they have an operational plan.
  21. It sounds like they wised up to people who were booking cheap rates for this year just to L&S to next year. Plus, assuming capacity is limited to less than 100%, there's no incentive to offer cut rates for last minute bookings. Anyone eager enough to cruise this year will have to do so at full price.
  22. I'm just glad to finally have a way to move up from "Preview" status. I was hoping to get points for the canceled cruise but this is better than nothing.
  23. The first cruise scheduled on Bliss after 10/15 would be Mexico out of LA on 10/18, so the Canada closure isn't an issue. However, it would still need to transit the Panama Canal to get in position so it's possible 10/15 would be a Miami to LA sailing. Otherwise, it could stay in the Caribbean and cover other itineraries until the 11/29 scheduled canal itinerary.
  24. I think you have your Americas mixed up. North America is green and is fairly stable if not on the slight decline. It's South America in light blue that's seeing the surge. Other continents are Asia in red, Europe in dark blue, and Africa in yellow.
  25. I have been contemplating using the 200% credit, but I didn't want to forfeit my refund ability yet so I emailed Virgin asking about the policies. The response echoes what they told you - once you apply the 200% credit to a reservation, you can no longer choose to get a refund.
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