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  1. I would always choose Oasis class if it was an option on my desired itinerary. Save NCL for when you want to go to ports that Oasis class can't fit into. Both ships are nice, but Harmony spreads people out better and offers more to do.
  2. I've heard a few businesses pull this "Biggest Sale of the Decade" crap, which essentially means nothing more than "First Sale of the Decade". Each subsequent sale NCL has now seems to be worse than the last, yet is hyped like it's the best sale ever.
  3. Royal does not release entertainment schedules a set number of days before a sailing, but rather they release groups of sailings all at once. In this case, March 29 was the last sailing they released in the previous group, and they have not released the group that includes April 5 yet. Sometimes the schedules come out as little as 30 days before the sailing if you happen to be in the early part of the group, so I wouldn't worry and just keep checking.
  4. I wouldn't rule it out entirely. The NCL sports channel does air some golf, and I know has carried some of the golf majors before. It may not be the CBS broadcast you're used to seeing in the US, but it would still be coverage. Make sure to have a Plan B though if it really matters to you.
  5. In my experience, the Christmas decorations go up on the first turnaround day in December.
  6. I wouldn't take a 7 day cruise out of Florida during President's Week because there would probably be a lot of kids on board. However, Corona Virus would never factor into the equation.
  7. I have a hard time seeing a Quantum class ship home porting in Vancouver. The clearance on the Lion's Gate Bridge requires extreme low tide to get in and out, and while this is manageable for a couple repositioning sailings each year, it would be a challenge to have to work around on a weekly basis.
  8. I would ignore what is shown more than 120 days out, as the messages are unreliable. They will update to correctly allow reservations once you are within the booking window.
  9. I'm assuming this is more or less the same video that they show on RCI. Do they modify it to make it feel more like a Celebrity ship or does it still look like it was primarily done for Royal Caribbean?
  10. There's an opening in the Port Everglades schedule in Winter 2021-22 for Sunday departures.
  11. I noticed the NCL app update today includes: "Now you can receive and respond to stateroom upgrades!" I wonder what this entails and if it's any different than the existing bid system.
  12. All of the prices I'm seeing are at least $20 higher than the last sale during Cyber Week.
  13. Rumor is they are also adding Quantum on Mondays starting in 2021. There is a new terminal proposed for Pier 46 that could open in 2023, but it's too soon to tell who would get the additional Saturday and Sunday departure slots.
  14. The roll call forum is here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2459-virgin-voyages-roll-calls/ Your roll call is here:
  15. I see blue in the future. No one ever claimed Voyager was a trial, so I expect it to set a precedent.
  16. I think the odds are better of getting a higher category balcony (i.e. BA rather than BF), since the lower categories typically fill up and go to Guarantee status first. However, you could end up in the cabin of someone else who was upgraded, so it really could be anywhere.
  17. Summer 2022 won't be known until at least this November.
  18. Spectrum has more pandas from the same artist as Ovation.
  19. So far, no ships with Jamie's have had it removed. The only change has been they are no longer adding it to new ships, and instead are going with the updated Giovanni's concept. I have no reason to believe it will be removed from Anthem.
  20. I was skiing in Aspen in December and noticed many Virgin Voyages ads on the chairlifts. I've also seen the TV ads several times.
  21. That's essentially what they are doing with the Spirit, although it's almost 10 years older than the Jewel class ships. I don't see any significant dry dock changes being made until after the Leonardo class ships start arriving.
  22. I assume the late boarding window simply refers to the ship not leaving until later than most. This gives sailors the option of spending more time in Miami rather than boarding immediately. The ship itself will likely be available for boarding as soon as the previous passengers are clear, just like any other ship.
  23. Norwegian's excursions are virtually guaranteed to be more expensive than booking direct with a tour operator. They need room to pay for the $50 shore excursion credits and 10-20% Latitudes discounts while still making money on the excursion. Do yourself a favor and book direct.
  24. I'm still holding out hope for a mini New York season starting in August 2021. The Scarlet Lady itineraries for Summer 2021 were added recently but they conspicuously end on August 1, whereas Valiant Lady extends all the way through October. The Bermuda port schedule has several openings starting in August which would allow Scarlet Lady to fit in there.
  25. Joy is scheduled to be at Terminal E, with Encore at the usual B/C.
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