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  1. They are available now for May-October 2021. Unfortunately no new Scarlet Lady itineraries yet, which is what I'm more interested in seeing.
  2. As Bronze, the only way to guarantee a low boarding group number is to check in early. You do get access to a separate check-in line which may or may not be shorter than the general access line. The boarding group numbers are handed out on a first come, first served basis and not based on loyalty status.
  3. Yes, it is airline dependent. I made reservations on Delta and was able to select my seats immediately, even though I have not yet paid for my flights nor have tickets issued.
  4. Bliss is actually a year newer and does the Glacier Bay itineraries. Joy tends to be priced a little lower, but I'd highly recommend Bliss over Joy if it's your first time in Alaska and you want to do one of the newer mega ships.
  5. The main issue is that NCL does not contract with ESPN, but rather Sport24 which has limited U.S. programming and absolutely no college sports. It's possible that they have access to ESPN on Harvest Caye and you might have a chance of seeing the Rose Bowl, but on the ship it's not going to happen.
  6. Sales are typically one week on and one week off. The amount of the discount can vary from sale to sale, but the beverage packages tend to go back and forth between the same sale an non-sale prices.
  7. Legally Blonde had an unusually short run. I'm not sure why exactly, but Getaway was already showing Million Dollar Quartet by the time I was on in 2016, only 2 years after the ship launched.
  8. Probably delayed until spring. Caribbean Phase 2 will likely include Allure from Galveston and Odyssey.
  9. In my experience, the machines do not display the QR code required to link with the app.
  10. NCL is reclassifying many staterooms across the fleet this fall. August 30 is the date this takes effect on Encore. Nothing physical is changing.
  11. Last weekend, I priced out flights in Premium Economy and the fare was running about $35 more per person than booking directly from the airline. Since it was risk-free, I went ahead and made a reservation despite it being more expensive. I've been checking throughout the week to see if the price would ever go down to the same price as booking direct, but instead every time I've checked the fare has been more that before. First $100 more, and then $500 more. Today, I'm seeing an entirely different booking interface that shows all the different classes of service on a single page, and Premiu
  12. The deck plan shows it completely closed off from the casino, with access only from the Grand Plaza. I would expect it to match the above description and not have any sort of gambling.
  13. Liberty of the Seas is there on the same day as you. If it was an Oasis class ship you would be tendering for sure, but in this case it's a toss-up. Liberty is the bigger ship, while Getaway holds more people. I'd be prepared to tender, but hope for the dock.
  14. I booked all my excursions on Monday when the sale prices first appeared, and they remained the same on Wednesday when the sale marketing began. I was hoping for a discount on dining as well, but those prices appear unchanged. Drinks and internet are on sale but I already have all 4 perks.
  15. Keep in mind that it is 30% off inflated prices, not what you originally paid. Only look at the bottom line number between what you paid and what the total cost currently is. Also, if you originally took a promotion such as Free & Reduced Air, that would go away when you reprice potentially costing you much more. The easiest way to take the discount after final payment is to upgrade to a higher category stateroom, as they are unlikely to give you much if any credit otherwise.
  16. We had excellent weather in late May this year. No rain and temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. It's going to be a crap shoot no matter when you go though.
  17. Reviewing my email history, the last two cruise planner sales were 9/19-9/24 and 10/26-10/30. If this pattern holds, there's a good chance of a cruise planner sale for Cyber Monday.
  18. They were offering Free & Discounted Air from November 2018 until October 2019. There are no current plans to bring it back, but you can still book flights through NCL for the normal price. This may or may not be less than you can buy it directly from the airlines for.
  19. Your TA seems to think someone already cancelled the H1, but in all likelihood it's still booked and they are taking bids just in case someone cancels at the last minute. NCL always takes bids on all categories, regardless of how many cabins are truly available.
  20. Also, don't be fooled by "Black Friday Sale". The free offers you are asking about are available throughout the year and not just a limited time sale.
  21. What you see now is the Black Friday sale, with $50 deposits.
  22. It wouldn't surprise me if the inflated prices with 30% off stick around past Black Friday. Last year, the Free Air started out as a Black Friday deal and ended up being around for almost a year.
  23. Norwegian Sun, which is doing the longer sailings in 2020, has not yet been scheduled for 2021. It's possible they could place it on similar sailings in 2021, or go to a completely different region. They may be waiting to see how 2020 bookings do before deciding whether or not to repeat them.
  24. The norovirus cruise was the full transit back to LA. The cruise with the cancelled excursions was the partial transit before it. Full transits don't offer separate Panama Canal excursions, since you are already on the ship for the full length of the canal.
  25. Deck 10 (and 9) has the future Spa cabins, so perhaps they have already implemented the design changes there. I wouldn't expect them on 14 though.
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