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  1. I'm hoping this is just another glitch. It only seems to affect the fares that include offers. The base Sail Away fares appear to be unchanged.
  2. The release dates are supposed to be for the whole ship, not specific sailings. This phase was all the ships that primarily do 7+ day sailings. They may also do some shorter sailings, but they are the exception not the rule. The Short Caribbean release is for ships that primarily do 3-5 day sailings. I know that still doesn't explain why there are certain sailings that haven't opened for sale yet, but it's not because they are specifically waiting for the Short Caribbean release date.
  3. The physical changes related to the Spa cabins are minor and can likely be carried out while the ships are in service in the weeks leading up to the May 2021 launch. I doubt they are currently in place, or will be at any point during 2020.
  4. Last year nothing changed from the ongoing sale other than the name. The best deals come at unexpected times, not Black Friday. You just need to track prices and decide for yourself when is a good time to book.
  5. I would wait for it to drop again. Cruising in March, you are either just past final payment or coming up to it soon. Prices start to drop after final payment and will continue to drop until the cruise sells out. The sweet spot is around 60 days prior to sailing. Keep an eye on availability though, and if you see categories selling out or going into Guarantee status you may want to act sooner.
  6. Vision does not appear to be doing Panama Canal cruises in 2021. Instead, it is doing 10/11 day Caribbean itineraries throughout the winter. You'll likely have to seek out a different cruise line if you wish to do Panama Canal in 2021. Celebrity should have some once their schedules open.
  7. Even though advertised as queen size beds, the ship beds do feel wider than the queen size bed I have at home. Not sure what the exact dimensions are.
  8. Nope, they only carry Diet Pepsi. I've never understood why Pepsi markets Zero Sugar as much as they do, yet no Pepsi-exclusive locations seem to carry it.
  9. Note also that airlines only finalize their schedules 3-6 months ahead of time, so any flights you do book 330 days out are essentially placeholders and the times are subject to change. They should still allow you to change for free in the event your flight time moves up to a time that no longer works for you.
  10. If you want to watch sports on a cruise, I would suggest trying a Royal Caribbean ship with Playmakers because they just signed a huge new content deal for sports programming.
  11. There is notably no Ovation itinerary to Hawaii at the end of the season. Makes me wonder what else may be planned - a return to Asia, or maybe some west coast itineraries.
  12. In all Cruise Planner sales, there is a specific range of sailing dates they apply to. The earliest sailing is typically 7-14 days out, while the latest is 6-7 months out. Black Friday often applies to a longer range out, but still nothing within a week of sailing.
  13. The promo had been running since last November, although they made adjustments to it throughout the year. At times the number of sailings it applied to was more limited, and near the end they added the alternative shore excursion credit.
  14. The free airfare promo started about this time last year. As with any promo that gets continuously extended, eventually they do end and you never know for sure when that will be. Hopefully a new promo starts soon to take its place, as there hasn't been any reduction in prices, just an elimination of benefits.
  15. The hurricane barely touched Nassau. The worst of it went to the north.
  16. Freedom was the song they used back in 2016-17. Lately, they have been using a variation of Andy Grammer's Good To Be Alive as their main anthem.
  17. China is China, not Singapore. Those probably won't come out until spring since they aren't on the current list.
  18. China Phase 1 is probably Spectrum and Quantum, with Wonder to come in Phase 2.
  19. The ice bar is really just a walk-in freezer with a few ice sculptures. Maybe do it once to experience it, but I wouldn't waste my money on it again.
  20. Terminal C is the old B/C building. The new terminal is just Terminal B. I highly doubt B will open by February, so Terminal C makes sense.
  21. How big of a discount did you get off of the typical sale prices?
  22. I wouldn't count on a cheaper deluxe drink package on Black Friday. Historically, it's only the dining package that has the best price of the year for Black Friday.
  23. The next window will probably be March-April.
  24. The itineraries have actually been out since spring. Encore takes over the current Bliss itinerary with Glacier Bay, and Bliss moves onto the Endicott Arm/ISP route. Joy moves to NY for Bermuda runs, so that wouldn't be an option anyway.
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