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  1. Got my refund from 3/21 cruise yesterday. It was cancelled by X and I immediately filled out the form requesting refund not FCC.
  2. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a32324626/isolation-trapped-celebrity-cruise-ship-coronavirus-julia-whitcomb/ I feel terrible for them. I also saw on social media that they have boxed up the entire spa and put everything in storage. Looks like they’re getting ready for dry dock. When was Infinity’s revolution scheduled?
  3. You could also catch COVID19 and be fully recovered by May. Too soon to be altering Nov plans IMO. Why did you cancel so early?
  4. Very sad. I have heard reports from Infinity crew that they are quarantined in passenger cabins.
  5. At 4:59 PM today my travel agent sent me and email about Cruise With Confidence and how I could cancel up to 48h before 😑 This had already been announced and our cruise is cancelled
  6. If I were healthy, retired, 70, and sailing with my spouse I would definitely go. The reasons I am considering cancelling are because I work, limited PTO so if quarantined would lose significant wages, and sailing with a friend (risk of being quarantined away from spouse). Fear of quarantine > fear of virus.
  7. If you can’t get your airfare back and the cruise doesn’t happen, I would still go and stay in old San Juan, or rent a car and drive to Rincón and spend the week on the beach watching the surfers and exploring the west coast
  8. In my experience... I have had drinks with Carpano at WC and Infusion bar. If you just walk up and order a Manhattan, they will probably tell you they only make craft cocktails from their menu and suggest you go to Martini Bar. If you engage a bit, discuss different vermouths/whiskeys, and they realize you want the “mixology” version you can get a great drink. They will make sazeracs, aviations, other great classic cocktails that are “off menu” if you’re nice about it. They won’t make a vodka tonic.
  9. WOW!!! I would be so mad to pay penthouse prices to sleep on a cot! We mostly want the suite to be whisked quickly though embarkation, as it’s a very short cruise! Get us on the ship ASAP. I guess also with it being a short sailing, we won’t get sick of each other if the tables near us in Luminae don’t want to chat 🙂
  10. I’m 30, no kids, about to get married, have funds to cruise, and Virgin doesn’t appeal to me at all. Not sure who they are trying to market to? Tables meant for dancing on sounds gross. Did that when I was 20-21 and definitely don’t want to see it while cruising 😂 I have tattoos and definitely would never get one on a cruise ship, especially one that is moving! New tattoos should be kept out of sun and water and I never drink alcohol the days surrounding a tattoo.
  11. Would you sail in a suite with a friend, or is the experience meant more for a couple? I am in a veranda with one of my best friends on an upcoming sailing, and the sky suite upgrade is quite reasonable. I heard in some suites the beds cannot be separated? In Luminae, do people chat with the tables next to them or is it mostly couples chatting quietly to each other? We are on Infinity pre-revolution.
  12. I have several similar dresses! I wear them to dinner with heels/belts/statement jewelry, and the next day wear it unbelted and casual/swimsuit cover up for excursions. Great for Caribbean cruises.
  13. Love the Vitamin Water Zeros. Once, on Silhouette, they ran out towards the end of the cruise. Now, I spend the first day or two getting a few extras to hoard in the room 🙂
  14. You can often find space away from others on the forward top sundeck, or the promenade deck has chairs often in smaller groupings sat apart from other groups. I think they would be a nice spot to play and look at the ocean and not bother anyone.
  15. I’m 30 and since I was 25, I prefer Celebrity. Will probably go back to Royal when I have my own kids. Myself and the people I cruise with are not afraid to start/have our own dance party and I really appreciate no hairy leg contest by the pool.
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