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  1. I cannot find any itineraries online sailing after Nov 2019. Anyone know where the ship will be? Are they selling it? Do they release these itineraries later than the rest of the ships? I think she just got done with a major dry dock so wouldn’t be that... We are hoping to go Jan 2020 with a big group.
  2. I remember the first time I had Baked Alaska as a teen in 2005 on RCCL I thought it was amazing...kind of a meringue with ice cream inside? Did not order it again until 2017 on Silhouette and it was like a nasty dense dry cake. Is this the difference you refer to?
  3. I would get a note from the hand surgeon when you see him. It will take 30 seconds for him to write on a script pad "fractured hand, cast (or splint) applied on X date, ok for air travel and cruise" Better safe than sorry!
  4. If it is a bartender you wish to give extra tip to, you can ask for a slip and they will print you the receipt where you can include a tip amount, even if the drink is $0 from beverage package.
  5. If you are going to drink at least two or more of of: vitamin water zero, Red Bull, Perrier, aqua spa cafe smoothies or cafe al baccio alcoholic coffee drinks per day plus have at least 2 wines or bar drinks priced in the $14-15 range, you are better off to use your OBC to upgrade to premium as soon as you get on. Or if you have one of those fancier non alcohol drinks and 3 expensive alcohol drinks per day. Then you also won’t have to sign a slip for each drink upcharge. If you won’t manage to drink the above you will probably spend less by paying the upcharge per drink.
  6. If you get the upgrade for $13.22 and you like to drink the martinis or wine priced at $15 it would be a $6 upcharge each drink, so only 3 drinks per day to make out better with the upgrade. Premium also includes vitamin water zero and aqua spa cafe smoothies that can help make it “worth it” to me even if I only had 2 drinks in the evening, assuming classic package was a perk.
  7. Thanks! I called them and the nice person explained that the city view rooms have the balcony door from one of the bedrooms. The water view rooms have the balcony off the main living room area, which makes the whole main room feel bigger, so we are going for that.
  8. We are debating between the city view or intracoastal view...both rooms have 2 queen beds and 1 king. The difference is 50 USD per night and we are staying three nights. Has anyone been in these rooms? Is the water view worth the upcharge? Thanks!
  9. Does that make it taste odd? Do you drink it from the plastic or pour back into a glass?
  10. I think round clustered objects are a problem. I've been stopped by TSA for a big bag of cocoa puffs cereal, bag of almonds, and a bag of macadamia nuts on different occasions. My "snacks" are a running family joke but I refuse to pay the marked up terminal prices!
  11. We have also sailed the week before several times and found great prices that week. We like to return and fly home on the 24th if possible, airfare always seems to be reasonable on Xmas Eve. Last year was on Silhouette the week before and San Juan, St Thomas, and St Kitts were great. The ship had a nice tree (maybe a few trees??), garland throughout, and crew singing Xmas carols in the atrium one night. They sounded great and it was very memorable. Ensure the son's girlfriend's family doesn't mind! Even if they are not Christian many people do special family things. Thinking of my friend's Jewish mom who would be mad if her kids weren't home for Chinese food and going to the movies on Christmas! :')
  12. Wake up. Get dressed in gym clothes and get a latte and small pastry from Cafe al Bacio. Consume. Work out in the gym. Rinse off and change into swimsuit and sundress. Go to Oceanview for brunch...or MDR if had slept in and it's already open for lunch. Read poolside and have a drink or two to get loosened up for the poolside modern line dance/Zumba thing! Eat and drink and read more in the sun. Probably go to Trivia around 4. Get changed into evening clothing and meet up for pre-dinner drinks/music. Eat. Find post-dinner drinks/music/entertainment. Maybe head to the disco! (But often times we stay up late dancing the night before a sea day and are pooped at the end of the sea day)
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