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  1. Not for me. It says "sorry, we could not locate what you are looking for" Weird
  2. So glad to hear these final steps went smoothly for you! Also glad you rebooked so that your poker chip, dbl drink, Grand Turk, and twerking @ Margaritaville dreams come true 🤣 I also think you should consider doing a Live Review in Nov, you definately have the writing style and humor for one! Just sayin'... 😉
  3. 😔 ugh!!!! I hope yall are able to book another one soon! Also, thank you for sharing your situation and outcome with us. Safe travels wherever your next cruise takes you 🙂
  4. Keep the hope alive i say! You never know what can happen 🙂
  5. Your right, i read that as well. In 2 separate threads. One answered "yes" to the question about recent travel to another country (a cruise). The other one was a family that showed up with neg results, was tested at the pier (IIRC it was in Seattle, NCL) and the daughter (and i believe a SIL?) tested positive! Other 2 family members were questioned by medical and were allowed to board.
  6. I really hope some kind of exception can be made for your situation, esp with 2 negative tests over a weeks time. Best of luck to you 🤞
  7. It is a more detailed one, has Covid related questions (exposure, positive tests, symptoms, etc),
  8. Ours became available to fill out under the "things to do" part of check-in on the website just fyi so you dont miss it. Cruise info seems to come at us in a few different ways these days, it can be confusing sometimes 🥴
  9. Ugh i would be SO pissed off too! I feel so bad for yall 😔
  10. Theres a health questionairre that you will have to complete online before your sail date. I believe its 72 hrs prior to sail date. There is a question on that regarding testing positive/being around someone that tested positive in the last 14 days.
  11. Nope you arent the only one. We have left our son on the ship many many times for excursions that i KNOW he would not have enjoyed.
  12. Thank you for taking us along on your cruise! Have an awesome time, cheers! 🍹
  13. Im sad this review is over, but happy that you had the best time! Thank you for such a great review!
  14. Just wanted to say Thank You for taking us along on your post cruise trip! Sounds like you two are having a nice relaxing time. The pictures are awesome, and that breakfast WOW very nice!
  15. Yes, he could just be a no-show and nobody else would be affected
  16. I KNEW this was gonna be an awesome review! I am loving this 🤣 so hilarious!
  17. Wow thats an insane deal! SO hard to pass up too! They have a 14 nt out of Galveston this Nov, OV for 2 $880 😱 im sooo tempted to cancel my RC Liberty for that same week and jump on this 14 nt one!
  18. For Coco Cay, just google "coco cay port schedule" and it will show you what ship(s) will be there on which dates.
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