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  1. If they want to make a vaccine requirement easy and consistent, they should provide it as a service included with ticket purchase. I foresee future travel where Customs would require to see a "shot card" to ensure you have been vaccinated. I carry mine with my passport. For some reason, the WHO doesn't sell the booklet online anymore. But you can download it and have your physician check off your vaccines: https://www.who.int/ihr/IVC200_06_26.pdf?ua=1
  2. RCCL should offer a vaccine with every cruise ticket. I'm sure they could get a discount deal. Require the vaccine within x# of weeks before cruising. Available at any cruise port, or at clinics and labs in most major cities.
  3. fyi - My 26 Sep thru 01 Oct Bermuda cruise was cancelled without notification to me around mid-June. I just received the full refund to my CC on 11 July.
  4. I was on Deck 6 on Anthem with Obstructed Balcony. It was OK. You can see the ocean when standing in the balcony. Sitting down, you see the top of the lifeboat and the sky.
  5. Some are still floating on the ship. Been watching their VLOGS on Youtube. RCCL gave them the option to stay on the ship without pay. They do get free meals and move to a guest cabin. Everyone has their own motives, but I would have just left the ship and gone home. At least I can then find a job and get laid off and collect some kind of unemployment. For now it's three square meals and a place to sleep and hang out on a boat.
  6. Over the last few months, I think I95 has had the least traffic I'd ever seen. I 81 would probably have even less traffic. Recently, traffic has picked up. All restaurants are open for takeout, or outdoor dining until this Saturday. I think AirBnBs will welcome any business as things had been slow over the last few months. If you're hungry, remember to get your meals before 9PM. Most places shut down by 9 except maybe McDonalds or 7/11.
  7. To maximize the pretend cruise experience, don't forget to throw towels or old books on the deck chairs and dare NOT to sit in them for fear of some chairhog coming and exclaiming "EXCUSE ME!! i WAS SITTING THERE!"
  8. I'm in Virginia. TdB is re-opening this Saturday, but my wife is having surgery and does not want to risk eating inflamattory foods during recovery process. Will have to wait til later July for that. Of course, I don't want to sneak out to a steak house without her!
  9. To get over my cruise fix, I had been going to Brazillian steakhouses like Texas de Brazil and buffets like Golden Corral. But alas, even those are closed also now.
  10. No vaccine, but ways to cope, manage, and live with it. Like SARS and seasonal Influenza. I think people in general will accept a fatality rate of 60,000 - 90,000 per year in the US. We already accept 60K for the annual flu. To get it below 100K, we'll probably have: - Continue Masks and hygiene - Better masks and more PPE supply - Easing on social distancing - Preventative shots or supplements. Not cures, but maybe a pill or shot that protects you for a month or two at a time. - Treatments for when you get it to keep you out of the hospital.
  11. Did you have a booking? I've been leaving messags with Baltimore Chamber of commerce and the cruise terminals to se if they have opened for crusing. No word yet.
  12. I agree. Though I have not been on Grandeur, I was hoping to sail on her before she goes off where old cruise ships go.... the discounted European cruise lines.
  13. Now that's an idea! Non-sailing vacation. Treat the boat like a nice luxury hotel. Is that actually one of the options on the table?
  14. My wife and I are scheduled to cruise in late September 2020. For the most part, We're still planning to go. RCCL so far is planning to resume operations 01 Aug. However, I cannot find any info as to whether the Port of Baltimore plans to re-open to cruising. Their website has nothing and their phone numbers just send me in a big circle. Factors I have to consider: - Will RCCL push back the dates again? - Will RCCL move to a lower capacity threshold, and will I get bumped? ...and will I be more likely to get bumped with an Inside cabin vs a Bal
  15. I went to the one in NYC (Automat) before they closed it up, I think around 1999 or 2000. Did not see anything I wanted to eat. Other than that, it was depicted in a few Bugs Bunny cartoons
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