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  1. Sorry but what is the need to supposedly contact her directly - almost any email address anyone has for a person at the top of the corporate ladder will send the message through a series of correspondence clerks and Executive Assistants. I don’t wish to sound negative but if the EAs think it is worthy of LLP’s attention, she will see it.
  2. They certainly did in November when we boarded. It was a nice start to the cruise.
  3. Yes most certainly. They are effectively “sharing” their agency commission between themselves and the customer.
  4. The sailings from Venice now appear to be back (on the UK website at least).
  5. I do not carry any jacket/blazer when I am flying to a cruise ..... I might if cruising from a home port. However, I enjoy wearing some formal trousers and shoes and a nice dress shirt which makes me feel that I am more than complying.
  6. On a recent cruise there was one port where the excursion set off before sunrise! The Oceanview buffet was open for light breakfast from 6.00 and full breakfast from 6.30.
  7. We very rarely take excursions but it does depend on the itinerary and ports of call. We prefer to explore on our own either on foot if the town/city is easily accessible or maybe a cab. We like to be our own bosses and not have to run to a timetable and doing as much as possible independently, allows us that freedom. There is so much information online such as self-guided walking tours and a wealth of data about local transport opportunities so it is easy to do plenty of pre-planning and devise your own personal excursion.
  8. We were on Reflection a couple of weeks ago and it was all provided in individual bottles. Clearly some people prefer the products that they, their hair and their body are used to but we were quite happy. A lot of people comment on these boards that the shampoo does not lather very much – let me assure you that shampoo does not need to lather to be efficient. The only gripe I have is with the high volume of single use plastics - surely Celebrity should be looking to use refillable dispensers. A sailing on another cruise line had White Company toiletries in large pump bottles and dispensers.
  9. To the best of my knowledge (and the corporate RCCL newsfeed), Celebrity ships on-sale dates are: November 19 for Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, South America. November 26 for Alaska, Pacific, Bermuda, Canada, Panama Canal, Transatlantic, Europe. December 11 for all Caribbean.
  10. To the best of my knowledge (and the corporate RCCL newsfeed), Celebrity ships on-sale dates are: November 19th for Asia, Australia/NZ, Hawaii, South America November 26th for Alaska, Pacific Coastals, Bermuda, Canada, Panama Canal, Transatlantics, Europe December 11th for all Caribbean
  11. We have done both eastbound and westbound T/Atl crossings and never experienced anything like this. In the mornings our cabin was done while we went to breakfast and in the evenings it was always done while we were at dinner.
  12. There are “FOC” saunas (separate male/female) in the changing rooms in Canyon Ranch spa area on deck 12. They have showers alongside with shampoo, shower gel etc. Additionally there is a sauna in the (chargeable) Persian Garden area. Our cabins have always had a copy of the Bible.
  13. I don’t know if there is a right way or wrong way, but I have registered my wife and I for our forthcoming cruise together on my phone. Both express passes are visible.
  14. captainsclub.uk@celebritycruises.com I have only dealt with them once recently and they handled my query very efficiently.
  15. You will be charged the “tip” amount applicable to your overspend from your Classic package, so using your example, with an overspend of $4, you will also be charged 18% on the $4 (about 75 cents).
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