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  1. You may not be a stoner, but why do you think Bermuda would not have a right to enforce their laws? And why shouldn't the cruise lines respect the laws of a country who's attractions provide passengers the incentive to cruise?


    Sounds like the attitude of someone more sensitive to his "rights" than to his obligations.

    Who said anything about Bermuda not having the right to in force there laws. If you have proof that someone is doing something wrong deal with the problem.


    But doing random room searches is different in my mind. If I didn't do anything wrong I don't want to be bothered or harassed. And to top it off I keep a lot of valuables and cash in my safe and do not want it opened if I am not in the room.


    Oh and by the way. Was it necessary to put your little 2 cents dig at the end of your statement. Real class

  2. So just for the sole purpose of generating funds they regularly come onto the boats to do random searches of cabins.


    I see so many things wrong with this its not even funny.....let alone that you think the cruise lines would stand up to Bermuda and say we don't want our customers hassled while at your docks and our dollars we pay every week say so to.



    And before everyone says I must be a stoner that is something I have not done in 25 years. I just have a big problem with my cabin being searched because I drew the unlucky straw.

  3. Its been 2 or 3 years since I have been on a carnival ship. Not that I didn't have a great time on them just give the other lines a try also...


    So I wanted to book a family cruise for September and try to make it affordable so I figure going back to carnival. When looking up prices they are not as cheap as I remember. The last time I booked a 7 day about 2 years ago it was like 1200$. Now we are looking at around 1800 for the same cruise.


    So when did the rates jump and will they still drop as the day gets closer to the cruise.

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