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  1. I have no problem with the water on the ship! I drink it at meals and fill up my reusable cup before heading out to port.
  2. While I haven't sailed in a studio, I have spoken to fellow passengers that were in them and the demographic was definitely varied. Actually most of the solo travelers I chatted with were older than me (I'm 41). I'm sure you will have a great time no matter what, Happy Sailing!
  3. I always find it interesting that people ask about things being appropriate for their children. Everyone has a different opinion and it's really up to the parents themselves. My kids saw Jersey Boys in Las Vegas with their grandparents when they were all under 18, they absolutely loved it and my daughter still talks about it to this day. No one is right or wrong, we are all trying to do what's best for our kids, but only the parent can answer that question. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! I hope to sail on the Bliss in the future, looks like an amazing ship!
  4. When I originally did my online check-in the option to choose check-in time was not available, which I found strange. Closer to sailing (maybe a month?), I went in and chose to Edit my check-in and the option to choose a time WAS there. I don't know the rhyme or reason but that was my experience. So maybe just log in occasionally and go in to "Edit" you check-in and see if the option appears? Currently NCL doesn't enforce the times anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal if you don't have one. Happy Sailing!
  5. I have sailed on the Epic and while it wasn't my favorite ship, I would sail again given the right itinerary. For me it was just the design of the ship, it felt a bit dark, I prefer more windows. I also felt it was missing outdoor space, my husband and I like to roam around the decks in the evening and gaze out at the sea. I didn't hate the Epic, and I actually preferred the odd bathroom layout that many complain about. I also enjoyed the hot tubs in Spice H2O. While the Epic is not my first choice, I certainly wouldn't "not" cruise on this ship. A cruise is a cruise, being on a cruise ship is better than being at work any day! Happy Sailing!
  6. I have and I am also in the Facebook group! See you soon!
  7. Thanks for the review, I'm 2 weeks from my voyage on the Pearl!
  8. This is reminiscent of my first cruise! Being new to cruising I booked an inside cabin with my husband and TWO TEENAGERS because I got such an amazing deal, lol. It was challenging (the poor room steward), but we still share stories and laugh about it. Certainly wasn't the end of the world, we managed and had an AMAZING time, but I don't think I would do it again!
  9. Enjoying your review! My first cruise was on the Dawn and I still love her!
  10. On my last cruise I used cash, a total of $200 for 7 days for 2 people and we got most of that back (I went down the night before and got the remaining back in cash) I always prepay gratuities and I spend very little while on the ship. NCL does suggest a certain cash amount but it is not required. You can check you balance daily on the TV in your cabin.
  11. Yes you can! I would also suggest you find Abaco Taco! I loved the fish tacos there, well, all the tacos there....lol! (The food is also included, just like on the ship)
  12. I love looking out at the water while eating breakfast and I also love watching the sunset every evening! My favorite cruise activities are napping on deck, drinking Mojitos, and eating as many desserts as possible!
  13. I have so many wonderful memories from my cruise earlier this year! Sitting by the water in Nassau with my husband shoving Conch Fritters in our face, holding a baby turtle in Grand Cayman, and making a "fish friend" at Great Stirrup Cay that wouldn't stop swimming around my friend and I. Looking forward to making more memories in 2019!
  14. Yes, $15 is the maximum drink cost covered by the package, and you will have seemingly endless choices! But if by chance you decide you would like to try a drink that is over $15, you will only be charged the difference (Example: a $17 drink will cost you $2). That being said, I HIGHLY recommend trying a chocolate martini, the price difference is around $3 and totally worth it, lol!
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