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  1. I have close to 200000 points, usually sail from New York, have anyone redeemed points for free cruise from NYC, say bermuda or Bahamas 7 day cruises? I see only Caribbean or Mexico cruises qualify. Do you get perks with free cruise that come with regular bookings, beverage package will cost extra? Thank you.
  2. 6 days before departure, cruise was not even listed anymore, assuming it was totally sold out, I was sure my bid will not be accepted. First time in Haven, surprise for my wife and kids. We originally booked B6 for under $2600 including all taxes and beverage package, 2 adults and 2 kids, which was a great deal to start off, took advantage of all promos and even got $100 OBC, had to adjust price 3 times as promos became available.
  3. March 4, Breakaway from NYC original booking balcony B6 3 days before cruise $1260/pp bid accepted for Haven 2 bedroom
  4. Thank you. I'm looking into 2019 and 2020 cruises now, see how space and prices fluctuate.
  5. Can double meta upgrade be done before final payment? I'm planing to make a booking for 10 day cruise inside cabin and use 60000 points for a balcony room. After booking inside cabin,I would like to wait and see if prices will drop a little, maybe new promos will come out, see if it is worth it.
  6. This just and option we keep open, will monitor price difference between inside and balcony, on 10+ day cruise it seems to make more sence, as difference can be over $400 per person.
  7. Double meta upgrade done with 60000 points trough NCL Mastercard from Bank of America.
  8. Thank you. I know it sounds complicated, we need to book inside room in order to do double meta jump to balcony but also need beverage package, since we booking inside we only get to choose only one promo, thats why kids initially have to be booked with grendma separately, that way one child will be free with one promo. Once we get our balcony room, kids will stay with us.
  9. We are trying to find out if it is possible to book our 5 year twins with grandma in separate room on the same cruise. My husband and I booking inside cabin for two of us and to taking advantage of beverage promo and later do a double meta upgrade to balcony using 60000 point from boa mastercard, while book two kids with grandma in another room and once on board we will have kids stay with us. Do we need to fill out any forms permitting kids be with grandma in separate room? We parents, will be on same cruise, it is just to make sure there will be no problemd during check in at the terminal.
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