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  1. Bought on Wednesday morning for a Thursday night show. There were people at the check-in buying tix on the night, and lots of empty seats around the edges of the theater, but only one ship in port that day. Our Blexie guide and driver took us there arriving about 9:00 and there was a line of taxis waiting afterwards to go back to the ship. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. We were assigned Romilio but at the last minute he got switched to another couple who wanted a convertible.... which was fine as we wanted a/c! He did introduce himself as he was waiting with our new guide. He seemed nice! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Havana Club glasses just like the ones the bars use for your mojitos are 3.50 CUC or six for 21 CUC at the Museo de Ron (Rum Museum) which is about two blocks to the left of the port exit, going towards the San Jose market. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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    Our guide quite honestly said he’d rather we save the money for a nice tip! The paladar had an air conditioned room he sat in while we were outside under the trees. The waitress brought him some snacks and a drink. He was fine. ;) Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Her face painting was looking mighty chic this morning and smudged down the side of her face. [/color][/font][/size][/color] Yayyyy I’ve looked for us in every pic but here we are! That’s my husband eating lunch behind Sakari! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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