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  1. I haven't cruised yet, but I know they always have a sugar free dessert. Protein and veggies are easy to find and fruit is good for dessert too. I'm not public about surgery so if you'd like to talk outside of here, let me know!
  2. We saw the Constellation sailing but it's too early on Nov for us, we have to go around Thanksgiving to have enough vacation time. We also hesitate to book anything beginning or ending in Istanbul because if they change the itinerary after we book airfare, there's a good chance we'll have to eat the change fee and I don't want that hassle or expense. Sad to say, but as much as I love cruising, their at whim policies are forcing us to land only. Airlines are bad, but at least they get you to where you are going eventually!
  3. I know. I saw the press release in August about how exciting it was to be offering Turkey as an embarkation/debarkation city and that they hadn't done it in years. It truly was the perfect itinerary for us.. and now they've lost our business. I am sad to see the UDP and SDP that we had booked go bye bye... but it's not worth the money they want for a much less exciting itinerary. We would have considered staying if they had just returned to Venice and left the rest in place. Oh well, we've started looking at other things and I think we're doing a land vacation instead to Israel/Jordan/Turkey.
  4. NCL just cancelled Istanbul on our cruise and that was where the cruise was supposed to end. The cruise had probably the best itinerary we've seen in a long time and now they've butchered it so I have a feeling we'll be cancelling and looking for something else.
  5. I've read that the menus on the Mariner for the Asian cruises have more of an Oriental flare. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of them (and any of the dailies, while I'm asking ;) ). Thanks!
  6. Yeah, I finally figured it out. They're giving you 50% off inside/oceanview gtys... however, the price of an inside GTY with the 50% off sale is $600 MORE than booking it without the sale! Some sale :/ I hope no one falls for their deceptiveness!!
  7. Yeah, that's what I'm going to have to do I guess. Sooo frustrating, I love booking online so I can see everything, dang!
  8. Yes, that's what I'm looking at. It lists the cruise I'm interested in, but when you go to book it, it doesn't give the 50% off... and the GTY (which is what I typically book, the only time I gamble) is ridiculously higher. I did finally find one cruise that was 50% off, but it was 50% off the GTY categories (which really makes me wonder now).
  9. Hi, Does anyone know more about the BOGO 50% Australia sale RCL is holding? It says it's select sailings, but I can't find any that say BOGO (like it states it will). I'm looking at RCL Radiance Nov 29, 2014 and I noticed that the GTY staterooms are way more expensive than a regular booking (reg inside is $1469-1599 vs GTY at $2351/pp). I'm thinking maybe their website is messed up, but wondering if anyone has seen anything on the actual sale.
  10. Ron, One more question on the rental cars (I say that now...). In Funchal, you mentioned that they (Rodavante) don't normally pick up/drop off at the pier. How did you arrange it with them and was there an extra cost? Thank you!!
  11. Thanks Keystone! I was just shocked by the price difference, considering the other 2 "exclusive" tours in Casablanca are $179... and the private full day tour for 2 people is less than the "exclusive" tour at $499. Not sure what the difference between a tourist and a traveler is, considering we're all tourists. We are DIY travelers and prefer to do our own thing, but Morocco is stumping us.
  12. I know this thread is a little old, but I was wondering about a few things. For the rental cars - did you take out extra insurance? Did you feel unsafe at any point (we love to rent cars, but worry about accidents and theft)? Also, in Galaxy of the Stars.. is that a working pool table??? Post #17, in the background. Just curious! Thanks.. we're excited for this trip, even if it's over a year away!!
  13. Hi, Can anyone tell me how small the "exclusive" tours are through NCL? We're looking at the one in Casablanca and it's $139 for the regular tour and $279 for the exclusive, which is a huge price increase. I'm wondering if it's really worth that much more! Thanks!
  14. Hi all - I'm looking at European cruises for fall of next year. I saw a Northern Europe one that leaves on my b-day and was checking out the itinerary when I saw this message next to it - Please Note: Disembarkation usually begins 2 hours after docking. Due to security reasons, all guests must be on board 2 hours before sailing. Seriously? So does that mean when it says Tallinn, Estonia 9:00 - 5:30 that we'll only be able to be off the ship from 11:00 - 3:30? I know that sometimes they dock and it takes a little while to get off but the only time I've heard of a 2 hour wait period is when you're at your departure port. Anyone know if this is truly the case?
  15. Just purchased this for our upcoming Destiny Thanksgiving cruise. Normally I wouldn't care about stuff like this, but last time we went out of Miami it was a nightmare. I'm hoping to avoid waiting in line for over 3 hours (after security, that is). It will also be really nice to have the room ready and be able to drop off luggage. We're only doing carryons, so no express luggage for us! Anytime dining is waitlisted, so I'm hoping we can move to the top of that.. if not, we'll be fine with 6 p.m.
  16. Can anyone give me more info on the Priority Main Dining with FTTF? We usually do main seating but are considering ATD since we're in Coz so late. We'd really consider it if there was a faster wait time with FTTF! Please no controversy, I don't really care how much anyone paid for platinum cause I don't cruise for perks, I cruise to get away from everyday life :D
  17. Can anyone tell me more about the Priority Main Dining room perk? We normally do first seating but thinking about ATD since we're in Cozumel so late.
  18. We've been to Coz 3x now and the only reason we're going back is cause we needed a short cruise break. We love Coz, but we feel we've already done most of what it has to offer (that appeals anyway). We've been to Mr. Sanchos, we've rented a car and driven the whole island, and we've walked all through the main streets and shopped. DH wants to take the ferry to Playa, but we're docked from 1 p.m - 10 p.m. and I really don't want to get stuck there (especially since its our last port). Any ideas? We aren't looking for anything super active or super expensive (no scuba, snorkeling as we don't swim much and no all-inclusive as we don't feel we got our $$'s worth since we don't drink much). Thanks!
  19. We were trying to get the HI POM for 11/21-22 and 11/26-27 and ended up with the Intercontinental (on the other side of the park from Bayside) for $82/night precruise and $79/night post. The HI was going to be $176, so I'm more than happy staying a nicer hotel for a lot less!
  20. Wow! That would actually explain a lot.. too bad we'll be on the ship when that's all going on! I did contact one hotel who said to check back in 2-3 months, but I'm not counting that now! Thanks so much for the info!
  21. We are starting to look at hotels for our next cruise out of BCN. We've been here before and stayed at the Hotel Continental Palacete, which we enjoyed but DH wants to stay closer to the Gothic Quarter. I've been trying to price out hotels and they are all showing sold out in January (some the whole month!). Is this normal this far out? We are looking to stay Jan 1-4.
  22. Thanks euro cruiser! Do you know how long we should allow to see David? I don't think we're looking to spend 2 hours going through the museum, mostly just want to see him and breeze through the rest.
  23. Hi all - This will be our second time to the Med and its been so long, I feel like a newbie. Anyway, our ship overnights in Rome, is it possible to stay at a hotel that night so we're not wasting time going back and forth? We're planning on taking the train back and forth. Also, we hope to have people on our roll call to share tours with (but its dead right now)... but if we can't, we're thinking of doing the Florence On Your Own through the ship. We've seen everything there but David (made the mistake of picking a cruise that stopped there on a Monday). Is it feasible to walk from Santa Croce to Accademia and then maybe over to Ponte Vecchio (and back to Santa Croce) in 6 hours? And lastly, are we nuts for going in Jan? Will we have awful weather? Will the shorter lines make up for the cold? Thanks!
  24. I called and they said those showing are expired, new ones come out today. The C&A rep was able to look it up and the new ones had our cruise, so we still got the savings! She said they may not show up online today, but you can call and ask! Thanks for your help everyone!
  25. Yesterday I logged on to see the savings certificates and it said none were available (as they expired yesterday). I got on today and found one for the cruise I am going to book, but when I click on it, it says it expired yesterday. If it had shown up yesterday, I would have booked then! Any ideas on whether the ones showing are the expired ones and if so, when the new ones come out? I'm assuming they won't honor the expired one?
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