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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Hoping they make use of the screens and mix up the shows a bit.
  2. Hello again, bought the quench package for upcoming Nieuw Statendam Cruise. Does anyone know if there's a time limit between when you can buy drinks and if you can only get 1 at a time? Just wondering if I wanted a coffee and a bottled water or a virgin pina colada and water at the same time if I would have to wait to get them. Or is it just a matter of ordering one, getting it, then ordering the other from someone else immediately? Also read in the details that it includes Explorations Cafe drinks. Does that mean specialty coffee from anywhere else on the ship is not included, like the Dutch Cafe or dining room? Thanks in advance. T-minus 8 days.....
  3. Thanks for the input. Looking forward to the new style theater. Was hoping for more dance and singing "Broadway style" shows. My daughter would like those more than comedians. Maybe the show schedule will change once it transitions to a 7 day Caribbean schedule. Hoping to get at least a couple Dance Company shows.
  4. Thanks for the info Dulci. That seems on par with what most of the other cruise lines do as well. I am spoiled after being on MSC, where they pretty much have the kids club open all day every day till 10 pm.. Don't get me wrong, I don't like abandoning my son all day. He just usually prefers to be there all the time and to play with all the new friends he meets. Also, I see you are from Huntsville. I am trying to get up there sometime soon to visit a buddy that owns "Big Eds pizza". Maybe you've tried it?
  5. Leaving on the 24th on the NS. It has been quite a few years since my last HAL cruise and was wondering if anyone was recently off the ship and can advise what the current shows are like? Do they still do 1 a night in the main theater? I have read about the different music venues on the ship but was hoping those don't take the place of the main shows. Also, will be sending kids to club HAL at times and was wondering if anyone knew the times they usually remain open? Also, do they allow you to leave kids and debark for excursions on port days? Any info is appreciated and thank you in advance.
  6. Can you post a link or give a hint as to where to grab the deal???
  7. Definitely book and pre-purchase everything you can before Daisy. As Sidari, said you save the added 15% gratuity charge that way. I was told by my TA, from MSC, that it would be $180 per adult to upgrade from the easy to the premium package. I wouldn't need the premium plus so didn't ask the cost of that. It does sound like gelato is not included in the drink package like it use to be with the "Classic" package. Can anyone confirm this? However, the kids non-alcoholic package does include it if I'm reading correctly.
  8. Sounds good Slei. We did the Seaside the previous 2 spring breaks and the kids loved it both times. Hoping the Meraviglia will give us the same results. The kids clubs on MSC are definitely better than some of the other lines we have been on. I have 1 kid that wants to spend the entire cruise in the kids club and 1 that never wants to go (she is 12 though so she is in that weird age ). The staff in the kids clubs are awesome though. We went to check my son in last cruise and the girls remembered him, by name, from the previous year and gave him a big hug.
  9. Does anyone have links to mock ups of the Cabanas, or actual pictures yet? I haven't been able to find any in my searching. Just wondering what you get for your $250. Not Yacht club specific....just regular steerage class. Thanks
  10. We our doing the Western route leaving on Mar. 15th. Looking forward to Ocean Cay, fingers crossed. 🀞🀞🀞 Spring break for allot of Florida kids that week. Fair warning for anyone trying to avoid allot of kids...Ha Ha.
  11. Thanks Beam. We will probably do the upgrades because I LOVED those guava mojitos on our last Seaside cruise. Our cruise consultant said it would be 180 pp, for the upgrade. That isnt bad for the ease of ordering practically anything we would want. Plus my mother in law only drinks pinot grigio, which on our last cruise we needed to have the classic package to get.
  12. Thanks Skier. You are always on the ball. I figured most of those would probably be the case. I guess I'll have to wait till the cruises actually starts in the Caribbean and then try to solicit a little more information. Glad to hear that $18 does get you the drink and the show. I thought 18 sounded pretty inexpensive. Was scared that was just for the signature cocktail.🍹🍸🍷
  13. Booked the Meraviglia for out Spring break cruise in March of 2020. Have a few questions. 1. Does anyone have a list of the current shows playing, and will these be the same shows once she get to the Caribbean or will they be changing? 2. Looking at the Cirque shows in addons and there is an option to just get a signature cocktail and show for $18. This does include the show right? Other than this there is no way to see the Cirque shows free? I'm also guessing a lot of things will change once it actually does come to the Caribbean. Does anyone have any inside info about what some of these may be? 3. Also trying to decide whether we should upgrade from the easy to premium package? I'm guessing the drinks and menus will be one of the things changing once it hits the Caribbean. We upgraded from the drinks on us to the classic drink package on our last cruise, on the Seaside, which was awesome. Thanks in advance for any and all info, and or musings.....
  14. Just printed up our E-tickets for Mar 16 sailing. Ours still say that the 12 vouchers are included as well. If you go to the US MSC site it states that the vouchers will end after Mar 2019. I'm assuming that means the end of March but it doesn't say.
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