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  1. Good to see that the Letterkenny Shamrocks have a good feeder system.
  2. Of course it isn't weather... but it could be. Unfortunately if they were to cancel Coco Cay the day of due to weather I would rather not be floating around at sea. A stop is better than nothing.
  3. He is off on February 10. Then on Anthem from February 15 to July 4, with some break weeks.
  4. Gotta go check out Matt Yee's show in the Schooner Bar tonight. Fun sing-along. Enjoy!
  5. Enjoy your trip. Awesome deal on all those upgrades. Brother and I booked this trip shortly after itineraries for Symphony released but changed to sail Anthem a few weeks ago. Wouldn't have been able to make this one but ended up sailing anyways. Will be following along.
  6. The first time I went to Jamie’s Italian our waiter absolutely buried us in food. We would order something and he would bring out another dish that he felt complemented what we had ordered. It was an awesome experience (3 years ago) that we still joke about. A few months later sailed with family and managed to get the same server and the experience was just as good. Impossible to eat it all but worth it. Growing up in an Italian household I feel it wouldn’t be authentic if the amount of food didn’t outweigh the possible intake of those at the table.
  7. I’m with you on the fries. Some days that would be all I would eat (damn you schooner bar) for lunch. The perfect cure. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Technically it is supposed to be used the first two nights. I had one hostess offer to check to see if they could move one of my reservations to day 3 to accommodate Wonderland as it was sold out... didn't bother going through the hassle.
  9. Thanks for the great review so far. I've done this itinerary twice and have done just about everything I could have without paying for an excursion. Hoping you made it to the awesome mini golf course on your second day there? We shall see. I can eat at Wonderland every night as it is an experience that I can't get nearby on land.
  10. It is due to the high winds in the area due to the storm. Have a friend on board. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I prefer the liquid lunch options at the Schooner Bar. I'm never late for lunch there. I have never seen a hot dog sitting in liquid on any of my trips, and I have eaten my fair share of perfectly crisp fries on a daily basis. I guess we all can't be spoiled by cruise lines of the likes of Carnival. Maybe next time I'll have to try out one of those rust buckets just so I can have a Guy Fieri burger.
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