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  1. Mamashamiller, I use an app called Ground Link. Driver can usually text you and let you know arrive time and location.
  2. We usually take Amtrak and stay at the Fairfield Inn on 33rd...walking distance from Penn Station. Breakfast included...hotel can arrange cab or car service to pier. We book car service back to Penn Station post cruise as cab line is across the street and very long (No luggage assistance available...if needed)
  3. I’ve never seen the price reduced by length or price (just my experience), but I have been on cruises where they sell out on the first day and are no longer available. We now buy ours pre-cruise.
  4. I observed the same thing this morning (we are also booked on this cruise.) I also noticed that yesterday afternoon ALL cabins were listed as sold out, however that changed last evening. Secondary Cruise sites still show the cruise with the same pricing/availability I have noted for the week or so? Maybe working on upgrades?
  5. Thanks for the response....let me clarify...we are looking for an economical way to access to post while in port...not from the ship. We can create our files on board, then while ashore, let them upload, maybe while enjoying a local beverage. We will be visiting a lot of the major ports: Dublin, Belfast, London, LeHarve, St Petersburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, along will some lesser know ports in Norway, Russia, Iceland, and Greenland.
  6. We will be taking an extended cruise next year spanning almost 100 days with 50-60 ports of call in Europe. We like to blog and post photos to Flickr and wonder if getting a WiFi hot spot might work better than trying to use the ships WiFi (we will have unlimited internet....but it...is....so...slow). Welcome any info/feedback especially is someone has experience with this.
  7. We have usually been able to get a glass or two during a tasting seminar, but sometimes only at the outside bar area. BTW...we really enjoy the outside bar in the late afternoon and during sailaways.
  8. We loved the wine bar on the Escape (although we are not a fan of ships this big). You can get wines by the glass. Many are included in the package, but they have other wines by the glass that are more expensive...you only pay the amount over $15...plus tip. The bar also has an outside seating area. Several times throughout the cruise they offered wine tasting event (additional charge). Missed by many is they frequently offer live music (usually a singer/guitarist). Also not well known, is you can order tapas from the Pincho Tapas Bar (al la carte pricing) in the Wine Cellar. We ordered a few, asked the server to create a wine pairing and enjoyed a few hours of live music...one of our favorite nights onboard!
  9. I have been watching the pricing on our cruise since we originally booked earlier this year. I have also seen checking on the cruise prior to ourS to see if there is a pattern to the price drops. My conclusion if that pricing is based on available inventory by specific cabin type. The cruise prior to mine has seen very little reduction in pricing and room availability appears to be tight. However, my cruise has seen steady drops in pricing. Our final payment date was 7/1/19 and the first price drop happened on 7/11/19. After watching pricing for a few weeks, we decided to upgrade and not wait for the bidding process. The cabin type we moved to has only seen an additional price reduction for $50 per person and has very limited availability, sometimes showing as sold out. Other cabin types have seen significant price reductions with higher priced cabins (Haven) having the greatest reductions (both in actual price and as a percentage). Pricing on at least one cabin type changed on 8/14/19, 8/17/19, 8/28/19, 9/5/19, 9/11/19, 10/1/19, 10/3/19, 10/6/19, 10/7/19, and 10/14/19. Most changes involved a grouping of room types (Balconies, Oceanview, Suites, Haven). Price changes appear to happen at almost any time of day, but most frequently changed in the early afternoon. Today pricing dropped below the minimum bid amount for one cabin type we bid on. Called and upgraded, paying the price difference and cancelled all bids. The current promos are the same as those when we originally booked so no other changes.
  10. We really enjoyed the show.... so much that we went again the following year!
  11. Thanks for the heads up... just rebooked our August 2020 Med Cruise with the extra $50 per port promo.
  12. Not really on topic, but can’t resist....will plant based breakfast items include baked beans?
  13. Wife and I just booked that cruise for next year. Really excited to see the Amazon. I don't want to hijack this thread so wondering if you've written a review somewhere in another thread maybe. We did the Amazon cruise in May 2107 and posted a blog of our trip. Here is the website: amazonmay2017.blogspot.com
  14. Of interest, there were 8 Aft Balcony open this morning, now there are 10. All other balconies, and all inside and ocean view cabins now only show as GYT or Sailawys.
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