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  1. SusieQft...thanks so much for the thread and maintaining the spreadsheet...it kept me sane as we waited out a very significant refund for 90+day cruise
  2. We received our refund, 8 different credits on two different cards on June 24th and June 25th. It appears the amount includes our shore excursions also.
  3. Maybe a Jackdaw https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_jackdaw
  4. They tested positive for the antibodies meanings they were previously exposed. They are awaiting the results of the PCR test which tests for active virus.
  5. That would start the 90 day refund window....they can hold on to the cash another 30 days if they wait to cancel...which they will.
  6. July cruises are now showing as “waitlisted” on US Regent site. Expect they will be cancelled shortly.
  7. Sail date 6/15/2020 Final Payment made 1/17/202 (grand tour so due 150 days out) Regent cancelled and our refund request made 4/24/2020 As of May 12, 2020 no refund Misc info: Booked 10/22/2018; Refund due is an amount that would be difficult to spend on future cruises given the potential restrictions on future cruises and health of travelers. Also of note...we had a additional significant amount of travel related items pre-paid for this year (including two additional cruises that were back to back with this cruise, different cruise lines) and the only item yet t
  8. We notified our Travel Agent on March 10, 2020 to cancel our Sept 2020 transatlantic cruise. Credit hit the credit card on April 29th
  9. Thanks to all for the input. Just to clarify, we booked through a travel agent and purchased our travel insurance from a well known carrier (not through the cruise line or travel agent). This may be a moot point, as it appears the cruise line was able to secure enough capital to sustain another 18 months of operation without any sailings, so will hang out waiting for that refund. Again, thanks for your responses.
  10. Due to the NCL SEC submission dated May 5, 2020 where they state that they may not be able to fulfill their financial obligations, I am wondering how a travel policy with Default/Bankruptcy coverage might come into play. We were booked on a 74 day cruise scheduled to depart on June 14, 2020 out of NYC. The cruise has been cancelled and we have requested a refund rather than accept FCC. Given that we were told that the refund would take 90 days, we do not expect to see our money any time soon if at all. We purchased our policy within 15 days of deposit and have increas
  11. I’m not sure I understand how universal testing will help. Can you explain?
  12. Although I agree that excess mortality will be interesting to study, it will only provide part of the story and as current mortality is being influenced by a reduction in trauma related deaths (folks not engaged in high risk activities right now) and deaths associated with people not seeking treatment for a preventable death event (heart attacks, etc) due to fear of contracting COVID-19 during an interaction with medical staff/facility.
  13. Not if you look at deaths per million of population. US is at 192/1,000,000 while UK is 394, Italy at 463 and Spain is at 525.
  14. I agree that all countries numbers are circumspect... include US. Many who die out side of hospital or who were not tested, may not be counted. But since states/hospitals receive additional federal dollars for each case, every death is being coded as COVID-19. And reimbursement is especially high if the patient was vented.
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