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  1. Using balcony cabins only would be because cruisers would be more comfortable if they need to be quarantined in their cabin and the outside air will help with decreasing viral load in the ventilation system. The concentration of virus in the air is the primary contributor/determination of transmission and although cruise companies claim they have upgraded to HEPA filters, using outside air will dilute the concentration quicker. Not using the same room back to back is so they don’t have try to clean/sanitize during the short timeline available on a typical embarkation/debarkation d
  2. Heard on another forum that they plan to only use outside cabins to start...and may only use every other cabin so they they have time to terminal clean between guests.
  3. I think Florida will work to meet the new CDC guidelines and develop user agreements with several cruise lines to allow cruising out of a couple of ports. Many cruise lines will opt in and send cruise ships to their private islands where they can control who passengers interact with...both the ships and the beaches are assets not generating any income right now...
  4. It also says you don’t need to be tested or quarantine....you do need to wear a mask and socially distance.
  5. For those that advocate/support a “COVID PASSPORT” can you explain why? If YOU have the vaccine aren’t YOU protected? We don’t demand that those around us have a pneumonia vaccine (which we only give to those over 50 in the US) or a current flu vaccine...is it because you don’t trust that the COVID vaccine will protect you....then why get it at all? And before you quote the stats related to effectiveness...the mumps vaccine is less than 80% effective, the original shingles vaccine was 50% effective (the newer one is around 90%)...no vaccine is 100% effective. Cruise lines have a unique
  6. I agree that vaccines are not the answer for COVID since it is rapidly mutating and annual vaccines will probably be needed. However, I do think that vaccines paired with therapeutics may allow cruising to resume. We probably can’t stop or eradicate the virus worldwide, but if we can reduce the need for hospitalization, then cruise ships would have an acceptable level of risk. The much maligned Hydroxychloquine may be part of the solution as it is part of an early treatment protocol that in a recent study reduced hospitalizations by 82%
  7. We are not having that issue in our state...about a week ago the age was lowered to 65 and older and folks are getting same day appointments. All nursing home residents and staff have received their first dose are currently getting their second dose.
  8. Hoping I am not being labeled as a “gloom & doomer” for posing a question. I’m trying to “ follow the science”...the referenced article clearly states there is no data available regarding any protection beyond 90 days. With additional data regarding long term protection (or reduction in severity of illness), I can understand why the CDC might not want to open up cruising. Personally, we saw our 90 day cruise of a lifetime cancelled last year, and with advancing age and health issues, we would like nothing better than to be able to board tomorrow and see the world.
  9. The difference is that Yellow Fever typically doesn’t have human to human transfer ( unless there is blood to open wound contact), so even if someone unvaccinated was infected via a mosquito bite, it is highly unlikely they would or could infect someone else on board. This is very different than with an air borne pathogen such as SARS-CO2. The major challenge, even with a large percentage of the population being “vaccinated” is the lack of long term antibody formation as shown by confirmed reinfections. The “ vaccine” only reduces the severity of COVID, it does keep one from having and s
  10. I am interested in understanding how the “vaccine” makes cruising safe. There is no proof that it keeps you from contracting and/or spreading COVID...only that it reduces the severity of illness due to an increase in circulating antibodies. Pre-market studies determined that the level of antibodies begins to decrease around day 90 with no understanding of the level of antibodies needed to reduce the severity of disease. There are confirmed cases of folks being infected twice, which indicates that they did not create adequate protective antibodies from the first infection, or that the antibod
  11. SusieQft...thanks so much for the thread and maintaining the spreadsheet...it kept me sane as we waited out a very significant refund for 90+day cruise
  12. We received our refund, 8 different credits on two different cards on June 24th and June 25th. It appears the amount includes our shore excursions also.
  13. Maybe a Jackdaw https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_jackdaw
  14. They tested positive for the antibodies meanings they were previously exposed. They are awaiting the results of the PCR test which tests for active virus.
  15. That would start the 90 day refund window....they can hold on to the cash another 30 days if they wait to cancel...which they will.
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