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  1. No gold tags just called and was told to come up to Haven and was escorted down with haven guests we weren't the only ones to take advantage of this
  2. In addition he will make your dinner reservations theater etc and when you leave ship you can go with haven guests a conceriage is a great perk
  3. You can use the concerge in the haven just call him on the phone and he will honor your requests. I do it all the time this perk is for platinum plus and haven cruises ask in casino or desk for his number and name not hard to get at guest services
  4. If you don't drink is it It's 29$ pp worth it will they give you a deal?
  5. Same chef at ocean blue and la cuchina ocean blue dissapointing
  6. I agree food republic was better especially the calamari and lamb chops among others a lot to eat and all good also tuna pizza (raw fish)
  7. Just got off the bliss had a color and cut and blow dry 180 worth every penny
  8. Just got off the bliss did not enjoy six same costumes and no substance to the story jersey boys much better One of the wives got chicken pox And one show was canceled many seats available for all shows
  9. Vibe is great no need to fight for chairs and pure luxerybetween thermal spa and vibe it's like the haven without dinning and butler
  10. Hi we are pplus on 14 days usually do laundry 2 or 3 times last one few days before we return husband has own suitcase and packs clean close from laundry so he is ready for next cruise
  11. Did you check out the vibe usually on 19 with padded chaise
  12. Can anyone know the name of the conceriage on the bliss have a happy holliday
  13. Do you remember the airboat ride you enjoyed did you take it with the ship or private any help will be appreciated
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