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  1. And there is no rule that you need to continue to read the thread. I claim to be one of those "not nice people".
  2. I'm done with him. He has an agenda and thats to make NCL look bad.
  3. In your eyes, I'm sure it's factual. But you have no idea of the employment contract they signed. As others have said, I would have been fired for something similar. But you can have your selective outrage. I guess it works for you.
  4. Wow. Spare us the lecture from your soapbox. We get it, you don't like NCL.
  5. Take a look at the activity of this poster. There is obviously some hard feelings towards NCL. So what do they do, come to their board and hang out. Sounds like they need a hobby.
  6. We hated to do it but we just pulled back our December cruise. We have decided to book in cabin the Smokey Mountains with the family. We wanted a vacation on the books and we had to get something booked in the mountains before we missed the place we wanted. We are constantly looking at future cruises and will be booking more as soon as we can. We love cruising. As someone mention, it's my happy place where I can stick my phone in the safe and not be bothered with work. We never get WiFi and it's just total peace.
  7. Very jealous. My wife was looking at one in August before my daughter is slated to go back to college. I hope you are able to go and enjoy it. We were talking on the way to the store today. We were wondering what cruising will be like when it returns. I cannot see deck chairs being stationed 6 feet apart but who knows. I know Disney has a task force to get them back opened safely.
  8. No company is going to do everything perfect. I travel for work and carry status with American, Marriott and National. All have disappointed me in the past but for me, they are still the best option. I will stick with NCL and continue to book (as long as they are in business). This whole situation with this Virus is unlike any other and companies are doing there best to navigate these waters (see what I did there).
  9. Can I go with you? You can stuff me in a checked bag. Don't worry if you have the drink package, we'll share (I can hear heads exploding on the board as people read that).
  10. I wish this was true. If the leaders were looking at numbers and listening to the Scientists, we would have more things open by now.
  11. Amen. I really hope we can go on our cruise in December. We would actually take one sooner if they open up.
  12. Yes, I am comparing it. It's amazing how this virus has "'cured" much of the other deaths. Cancer death numbers are wayyyy down as well as the flu. I'm sure the empty hospitals are being totally honest with the numbers they are reporting.
  13. We have one planned in December and we hope to be on it. My wife was looking in August with hopes we can go. I don't get the vaccine talk. They have yet to find a "vaccine" that stops the flu and people are hoping they can control this virus with one.
  14. Yes, my son hit it so much they named one after him.
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