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  1. We just rebooked (for the second time) our April 2021 cruise on Breeze out of Galveston...It added $114 to our total, but that added the Cheers package for both of us and an upgrade to a spa room..Our $300 OBC can now go for something other than the bar bill!.. We rebooked to Jan 31, 2022....fingers crossed..
  2. well, we just rebooked our cancelled September 2020 Rhine Cruise(Avalon) to the end of October 2021...with the insurance we have been reassured that even if we make the choice to cancel, it can be rebooked again with no penalty...we are booking based on airfare specials as that is a big savings for us..this will be our first Europe trip and possibly the only one we can afford in our lifetime ...we are really hoping for all our sakes that this will be somewhat back to normal by this time...anyone else booking the end of 2021?
  3. Our 4/2019 cruise was cancelled (Covid) and with the $300 OBC, we rescheduled to 4/2020...now it appears that will be cancelled as well...does anyone know what will happen to the OBC? does it carry over to another reschedule ? anything additional offered to anyone who has had a second cruise cancelled by Carnival?
  4. we rebooked a canceled 4/2020 cruise to 4/2021...I can see everthing on cruise manager is rebooked and we were given the OBC per our cancellation letter but I don't see the OBC listed anywhere...is there a specific place I should be looking to see if it is there?
  5. aww, sorry your trip isnt working out..luckily we can rebook next year but airfare isnt free..other perks make it about even though.
  6. Just received notice that our Rhine trip October 2020 is cancelled..we will be moving to 2021...probably fall again..
  7. terrific😕...well , I noticed that even though our airfare was "free" the cruise price was prob higher than the ones that did not include "free" airfare...hopefully it all comes out about the same as the one we have in October 2020...at this point, I hope they do cancel because I don't want to spend this kind of money on a trip that is not as good due to Covid restrictions.
  8. since our October 2020 Rhine Cruise with Avalon will likely be cancelled, I have a question..Our booking included the "free airfare" which was all arranged by Avalon...we also had the trip insurance through Avalon..does anyone know what will happen with this "free airfare" offer?...Do you think Avalon will just rebook all of the trip including the airfare at the same price to us? I know that those who set up their own flights will need to handle that part separate but since ours was included in the booking , any thoughts on how that will go?
  9. I just rescheduled our cancelled April/2020 cruise to April/2021....I picked out what trip to book next year, made one call to Carnival to rebook...the agent handled the cancellation and rebooking during that call...Today, less than 24 hours later, I have an email from Carnival which shows the new booking including the FCC being applied as well as the OBC waiting for our room….I was told to be patient by the rep yesterday for the email so was totally surprised how quickly this was handled...Just wanted to post a great experience with Carnival in getting this taken care of so fast!!!
  10. I actually had a voicemail from Carnival today offering to help me with my 4/18/20 cruise which was canceled.. They left a number to return the call.. We are planning to rebook for next year. We'll see how this return call goes.. I was just surprised to receive that call after so many not being able to get through such a short time ago.
  11. We are booked on Dream out of Galveston on 4/18/20...one week post the current cancellations..We have never received any of the emails with the offer to cancel and rebook with OBC by 3/31/20 but I have seen them posted here....we do,however, continue to get emails about excursions and how many days left to cruise...Obviously, we feel this will be cancelled as well, that being said, if Carnival cancels, they are offering double the OBC than if we cancel first.. so it is a waiting game at this point to choose the best offer...The above cancellation memo from Carnival states that the offer is als
  12. we are booked 4/18/20...does original email stating cx by end of march and rebook offers still apply? almost wish ours fell in the dates cancelled so we could just rebook with the OBC and move on . hopefully if they are going to extend the "postponed" dates they do it before we reach the end of March deadline assuming it still applies.
  13. just realized this is only for 3 days and our cruise is in mid April so I guess we wait? not sure how these 3 days are gonna be any different than a week, month..etc from now
  14. I'm confused if this means ANYONE with diabetes regardless of age(under 70)... or age of 70 with diabetes...we are supposed to be cruising on 4/18 so need to make some decisions...also, we have not received any of the emails as well so only getting info through this forum...thanks so much!
  15. supposed to sail 4/18/20 out of Galveston...no email about the OBC yet...unsure we can go as my husbands work has now issued an automatic 2 week quarantine upon return if we go on the cruise. (UGH!!). Since it looks like we will have until 3/31 to make a decision, I will wait until the last minute in hopes things get better! By then, the cruise ship may be the safest place with all the pre-board screening and disinfecting being done.
  16. so we leave on the Liberty next trip out (Sunday)..any way to find out about the "maintenance" issue?..I was watching the cruise cam and saw it was still there way past the 4pm scheduled departure.
  17. I understand you receive a special cup for the unlimited sodas with the nonalcohol beverage package and it activates the freestyle soda machines, but how are the coffees/frapps, etc served? do you have to take the same soda cup to the coffee shop for those?..I don't want to carry that around with me everywhere and I don't really want my coffee in the same one either...I guess this same question applies to the mocktails as well..I don't even really care about sodas, but I'm not gonna argue about punches on the coffee cards as it seems to be an issue and makes the coffee card not worth purchasin
  18. The premium beverage package which does not include alcohol lists premium coffee except anything from Starbucks...so is there another option for lattes, etc. that is available on the ship? I don't need starbucks, but regular coffee is free so what are the premium coffees available and where do you get them? also, are they unlimited like the sodas?
  19. Thank you so much!...exactly the info I was looking for...We live in Tyler, Tx and will be driving to Galveston Saturday, leaving Sunday, 8/11/19 . We will be staying at Inn at the Waterpark as they allow us to park there free during the cruise and will shuttle us to and from the port..We've done this in the past but have only cruised on Carnival...sounds like the same routine as far as boarding day lunch goes...same scenario with the crowded buffet..glad to know there are a couple options as you have to drag your carryons around.
  20. First trip on RCCL and we are wanting to know what options are available for lunch when you board the ship around noon and don't leave until 4p...not interested in the specialty upgrade options, just the "free" stuff
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