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  1. The conversation has focused on the 125% FCC. However, I imagine similar compensation options that exist today for cruises cancelled by Azamara will be offered for future cruises cancelled by Azamara: 125% FCC, Lift and Shift to same cruise one year out (plus or minus 4 weeks), or 100% refund. If you don't think the cruise will happen as scheduled, you just need to decide who you want to hold your money - you or Azamara.
  2. Found this thread when re-booking South America that changed from Silhouette to Infinity. So I thought I'd add comments from an Alaska trip on Millennium last year. SHIP NAME (Infinity, Summit, Constellation, or Millennium) Millennium CABIN # 9097 DECK # (2-11) 9 CABIN CLASS & CATEGORY (if available): Inside, Oceanview, Veranda, Concierge, Aqua Class, Suite Aqua A2 LOCATION ON SHIP: Por
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