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  1. I just spoke with Alaskan Leopard and they don't do the $19.00 transfer from Whittier in the mornings. They only do the $52.00 tour/transfer from Whittier in the mornings.


    The best deal I've found so far for an early morning transfer Whittier to Anchorage is with Alaska Transportation, leaving Whittier between 8:45-9:15 a.m. for $39 per person.


    Makes sense - why lower their price when the demand is high?! :eek:.


    They don't post their prices online but one other options is limousine of Alaska. I guess their web link is banned from CC so just run the words together and add dot com at the end.



  2. Usually the ship docks early in Whittier so if you are a walk off with your own luggage, you can get off say at 7am, to Anchorage with the 8am tunnel with some transfer service, into Anchorage by 9am, probably can't get the tunnel until 10.30am so back in Whittier by 11am. If the ones staying on the ship can handle all the luggage, the one taking the early shuttle to Anchorage could just walk off with little or no luggage.


    But then you would not get back through the tunnel until 12 noon (only open on the hour from Whittier to Anchorage).


    So really you are losing quite a bit of time this way - you might save some money but if you all just took the $19 transfer to Anchorage at say 8am or 9am, you are in Anchorage within an hour, get the car then head to Seward - still faster than monkeying with one person to Anchorage and back to Whittier.


    Depending on how much time you have, you could go for a one-way Avis car rental in Whittier, drive to Seward then drive to Anchorage and drop the car in Anchorage.


    Or you can take a taxi from Whittier to Seward, probably $200-$250 for a car load.



  3. Sailing RC -- leaving Sunday, June 22nd 7pm and returning Friday, July 4th at 5am. We are stopping in London for 2 days. Sunday morning flight options 7:10 am arriving 10:15 am or 11:30 am arriving 2:25 pm; we would prefer to take the 11:30 am flight. Is this advisable? Also, can we catch a 11:35 am return flight on the 4th? Thank you in advance.


    What time does the ship leave Barcelona? What time does the ship arrive back into Barcelona? Those are key parts of the puzzle that we need to know in order to give intelligent replies :)



  4. The concerns are these:
    1. Are there any restrictions about us taking our luggage off of the first inbound flight ourselves and putting them on the the second flight (paris to barcelona) since these will be booked completely seperate and on airlines that have nothing to do with each other (don't have any alliance relationship) and would not be a 'continuation' of the original (first) flight?
    2. If we do the luggage self-transfer thing (with it not being a continuation of the original flight) do we face stricter luggage requirements (smaller bags, weight limits, number of checked or carry ons, types of items you can pack, etc)? This is a 12 day cruise!


    You don't mention the second airline and that would be really helpful in answering your questions. But suffice it to say that 99% sure the Paris to Barcelona flight will have a luggage allowance of 20 kilos (44 pounds) per person. The AA flight will have a luggage allowance of 50 pounds per piece and two pieces per person. You can expect to pay about 1% of the first class fare for each kilo of luggage that it weighs over the 20 kilos.


    So there is a real benefit if you can check your luggage in Dallas all the way through to Barcelona. That way, when you show up in Paris, you have a greater chance of the connecting airline not charging you for excess baggage. Of course they still might charge you but first they would have to figure out how heavy your luggage is (AA may or may not record it where you can find it). Also, you would need probably 2-3 hour layover in Paris in order to claim and recheck your luggage. Even without having to claim your luggage, it can be a mess in Paris.


    Note that airlines do not need to be alliance partners in order for them to check luggage from one to the other. They just need to have "interline" agreements, which most of the major airlines have.



  5. It's been a while since we've done this and I don't remember how it works. We are scheduled to fly to LAX on United and then transfer to Air Tahiti Nui. Do we need to collect our luggage from United and take it to the international terminal in LA or will we be able to check the luggage all the way through to Tahiti in Chicago?


    Even with two separate tickets, you should be able to get United to check your luggage to Air Tahiti Nui. Be sure to have your itinerary and ticket/e-ticket for the Air Tahiti Nui flight when checking in with United. If they balk, be firm but polite and ask for a supervisor. My experience is that some check in agents don't like to "interline" the luggage, especially in the days of check in kiosks, etc since it takes a bit more time and a few more keystrokes. In any case, don't check in curbside - go inside.


    It will make your life much easier once you get to LA, where you will have to change terminals and go through security again.



  6. Sorry, I've read and re-read this post many times and can't see where it says that conweb is travelling outside the US. Am I missing something? :confused:


    No, I think I am. I was reading too many posts and confusing them. Sorry.


    I think the only hope the poster has is to say they have a layover longer than 4 hours and therefore don't want their bags checked (some airlines won't check them through with such a long layover but if the same airline, most will).

  7. Well, I do plan to spend a night in Talkeetna, so the 7pm is an option...


    I know this is a matter of personal opinion and personal budgets, but would you say that it's worth spending the extra money (not use the coupon) and take an earlier tour?


    The only reason might be if the weather is good earlier that day but poor weather is forecast for later and you could rebook to the earlier one (i.e. book the later one and try to change it the day of arrival). I see no reason to book the earlier flight if you can pay half by going later and the later one is convenient for you. I was planning on taking the 7pm flightseeing then driving to Anchorage afterward but our flight got canceled due to weather.



  8. Hi Mike. I have a ? We purchased the flight with our cruise and we live in the middle of two airports. Hour and half from Balt and 45 minutes from Philly. My problem is that they have us leaving from Balt RT. But coming back we arive in Philly at 715pm with a 4hour 45 minute layover before leaving for Balt and arrive there and have to drive hour and half home. MY ? IS Will the airport let us tag our luggage to be taken off at Philly so we can come on home????? I have called US Air and they said I had to ask when we check our luggage coming home. ????? I need to know because it makes the difference between my driving and long term parking or ending my trip in Philly and getting a ride to the airport in Balt leaving and a ride in Philly coming home/Just thougt maybe someone out there has done this or not. The darn Airlines was not very helpful other than telling me to contact the cruise line and the pvp TELLING ME TO CALL THE AIRLINES....???? Thanks. I cruise in 4 days.....



    Though I respect those who have posted their views, this is actually a very easy case. Since your first point of entry into the US is Philadelphia, even though your luggage might be tagged to Baltimore, you are REQUIRED to pick up your luggage in Philadelphia and go through customs.


    So after customs, just go through the door to "exit" and not "connecting flights." No need to bribe anyone at check in. Just have your luggage checked to your final destination, pick up your luggage upon arrival in PHL, and leave the airport. Simple. No one ever questioned me when I did that. This only works when your want to ditch your flights after your first arrival into the US. If you were continuing say Philly to Atlanta to Orlando and wanted to get off in Atlanta, then it would be a problem.



  9. hiya guys,

    I have been trying for 3 separate reservations feb 14-16, feb 28-mar1 and mar 8-10 on priceline resorts. I know i could drop to a 3-star but i DO NOT want the sheraton downtown therefore this star range is OUT.

    so far all 4 daily tries per rez have been a NO-GO..bidding max so far has been $165..i will not exceed this until the dates get closer.


    hotwire did offer the intercontinental for $264 but i will wait abit longer.


    If anyone has success PLEASE POST Thank you



    My biggest piece of advice - BE PATIENT! Book a cancellable backup hotel that you can live with. Bid every 7-10 days but not more often. You will only get frustrated. The hotels might not be releasing space to PL and hotwire this early.



  10. When using priceline, is there a place where you can specify a room type? I have 2 young children and would like a room with 2 double beds. Or do you just call the hotel after your bid has been won and ask for a room with 2 double beds? Has anyone done this and have you had any problems?


    As was posted, PL doesn't guarantee for more than two adults in the room. That is why we are not using PL for our one night in November. If it were me, I would look more closely at using hotwire since they allow you to enter the number of adults and children. It will probably cost more than PL but still less than the normal rates and you are guaranteed enough room for all four.

  11. this is getting frustrating : I have been trying now for 2 weeks just about everyday for a Hotel in San Juan for beginning of Feb 2008 for a single night - two rooms. bidding has gone upto 115$ for either Resort / 3 Star. any other suggestions?




    This far in advance only bid once a week. You will frustrate yourself bidding more often. My biggest recommendation? Book a cancellable backup hotel while you keep bidding on priceline. In other words, find a hotel and a price you can live with in case priceline never accepts your bid.

  12. With airline status matches, most airlines give you a status match once in your lifetime. So if you are at a certain elite level with say Northwest, and you try to get a status match from United, they might do it. But you can never ask United for a status match again.

  13. Flightseeing is a real highlight and if they still have room, two companies offer 2-for-1 in the Toursaver coupon book.


    I think I heard of others doing rafting or canoeing or some water activity as well. The town itself easily deserves several hours just to walk around in and enjoy. Also, probably cheaper, better and more authentic local food in Talkeetna than at the McKinley lodge. Roadhouse and Latitudes seem to be mentioned a lot on this board. I liked the Roadhouse last year (breakfast and lunch, though a limited menu was very good). I am planning on trying Latitudes this summer.

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