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  1. IDK...... I've taken one cruise before,and had one booked for fall. My husband no longer wants to cruise at all (he was uncertain before) and I'll probably cancel. (even if we lose money on it) I have no desire to get on one of these ships anymore. I feel sad about this,and didn't know where to go for a discussion about it to tell the truth,since usually these threads are about when things get going again.
  2. Hi.... never booked an excursion before (noob) so I'm just getting this straight.... to do this, I would need to actually book a ship excursion first (and pay for it,correct?) and then try to price match it,using the form. If I decide not to take the excursion, I have till a week before cruise to cancel,with no penalty? Thanks...
  3. ahhh sorry! this thread got long fast and I got mixed up....
  4. ??? Not sure why this is even a question for you? In my case, I had teen/YA kids who pretty much set their own schedule for the day while DH and I would do things at our own pace.... we all liked to meet up at various times throughout the day onboard...we quickly realized with no texting this was a comedy of errors challenge,and hard to meet us all up same time/place....this will simplify things a lot. I don't see the problem with this ,in fact I think it's a wonderful thing to have and use! Yes, we had to make do with notes in the cabin,and hopefully meeting at the right time before, but this is much easier,and we all have a phone in our pockets so why not?
  5. So are these not allowed to be brought home on the ship?
  6. ok.... I was discussing this in another thread (somewhere) and I want to verify that I can do this without issue... I want to pay our gratuities once we get onboard,using a few gift cards that I have....this is ok,correct? what do I need to do?-thanks
  7. This is AWESOME. The one thing I disliked on my (one) cruise was the inability to split up and then find each other easily throughout the day!
  8. Ok I think this is what I did wrong (sorry I'm a noob here) I booked thru a TA,so I only get a screen with option of paypal or cc to prepay gratuities. I guess I'll just use the gc's I got as cruise cash,and that will cover the gratuities once onboard. Thanks
  9. Ok I'm curious how to do this- How do you turn a gift card into cruise cash? And that can be used for gratuities also? When I try to checkout to prepay gratuities I only get a choice of a credit card or paypal also. What am I doing wrong?
  10. When I prepay gratuities in this way, do I have the option to prepay only the entire amount? Carnival site doesn't work on chrome browser,only thru firefox on my computer.
  11. Can I use carnival gift cards to pay my onboard gratuities? thanks
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