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  1. Its all in a semi-organized panic mode. Elevator buttons light erratic like a Christmas tree lighting with the Griswold's although nobody pushed them. They stop where they should not, doors do not close.... Crew is tired and finished- all hands in deck, musicians serve WJ food, concierges serve cutlery, . WJ is a mad house. All b2b get a free turn around water tour in Venice as the ship will be broken up and completely rebuild with the latest anti-N virus technology.....but---- after tomorrow' s boarding all back to normal-sigh
  2. Thanks Mr Bob No no, better pack your walking shoes. Almost every elevator is broken or erratic. Why? Some smart employees desinfected the buttoms with tank sprayers and that is what the electronic certainly does not like..... The RH electricians gear up for the highest RCCL medal of honor......
  3. I am on the Rh and can tell you that we have a severe outbreak of N. No self-serve of food , drinks etc anymore, desinfection all over and at turn- around day massive desinfection. That is why the boarding will be delayed. RCCL tries everything to contain the Virus. Employees are working hard, very hard.
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