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  1. Thank you. Hopefully everyone on board very busy enjoying themselves to reply. Really looking forward to this cruise, I’m everything will go brilliantly. Bon voyage and safe travelling to Lima. See you there.
  2. Yes, Pies4U, we start off from Edinburgh 5.50am Thursday, then Lima via Amsterdam. Think we’ll need the two nights in Lima before boarding to make sure we are bright eyed and bushy tailed and more than ready for the adventure to come. someone mentioned the snow word for Scotland, so happy to be leaving for a while.
  3. Five days to embarking Mariner, can’t wait South America here we come. Hopefully better weather than U.K. at the moment.
  4. Anyone know what RSSC is doing about visit/tours in Chile due to Civil unrest. Especially on Mariner cruise, that began 1st November from Miami. Anyone on board now hearing anything about any concerns RSSC have.
  5. What are the SSS parties, are they only for gold/platinum etc. Cruisers?
  6. It probably shouldn’t be, but my favourite is the Prime rib, in Prime 7 too. Rather have that, than a starter and dessert, so maybe not too naughty. Can’t wait to have my first of November voyage, booked for embarkation day. Think that will be a great start to SA cruise. Yummy
  7. About to join Mariner for South America cruise. Enjoyed your posts from your cruise. This will be our longest cruise yet, so hoping it goes smoothly. There are some troubles in Chile, hope that doesn’t impact on us visiting. Don’t want to many sea days especially when it may not be pool weather outside. we have been on Mariner before (last November) so know we like the ship. Hope everything else is the same. From your posts it seems to be, so we shall see. Your cruise critic review was great and I’m sure would help anyone thinking of taking a cruise. An open mind and sense of adventure always helps, especially when things happen that are totally out of your control.
  8. Didn’t make block party, last November but I am certainly going to join the fun this November. i think it’s a lovely way to say hi, and gives you faces to remember for rest of cruise. its nice all cruises aren’t the same, life would be very boring if they were. you may go on the same ship, but there will always be new people to meet.
  9. The documentary was about the “Worlds most expensive ship” to have just been shown around the ship with no idea of costs of furnishings etc would have been boring. As it would have been ridiculous to not have input from cruisers on board said ship. IMO it gave an insight into modern cruising and what to expect now. Some cruise companies still have a them and us elitist mentality and restaurants designated by your cabin. I personally wouldn’t pick to go on these. RSSC is all inclusive, and wether in the most expensive suite or cheapest everyone is treated in the same respectful manner, having experienced this when on Mariner, yes it was not Explorer, but the ethos should be the same throughout the various ships, I hope. Also many of us save up to splash out on a special anniversary, birthday etc. Isn’t it nice to know you can do it in style, if we wish too, even if it’s only the once, whilst enjoying meeting people from all over the world in one place. lifes too short, let’s just go with the flow, or the wake of the ship. Whichever floats your cruise ship.
  10. Well only eight days until we start our epic Journey to join the Mariner. Scotland UK to London. Then London to LA, then LA to Papette. Day to recover in Papeete then We will certainly be ready to board, and enjoy the voyage. Can’t wait. We won’t see you Wes, as I think you depart in Papette, but thanks for your blogs, hope we have as much fun as you’ve had. Lynda
  11. Enjoying all the posts. Time can’t go quick enough until we join the Mariner in Tahiti. looking forward to exciting days and luscious nights, and few cocktails along the way too.
  12. Enjoying these posts, nice to know there’s loads to do on sea days. This is our first Regent cruise, Silverseas previously. Celebrating our 4oth wedding anniversary on this cruise, looks like there will be plenty of good food, Wine and Champagne my favourite, please don’t Empty the cellar before we board in Papeete. Lynda
  13. Hi Wes, I am not expecting you to spend your holiday time, finding out how many Brits on board. I was only wondering. Thanks for rep,y anyway. Lynda
  14. Hi, Lynda here, Joining Mariner at Papeete, husband and I celebrating 40th wedding Anniversary. Just wondering are we going to be the only Brit’s, (from Scotland) on board. Not that that’s a problem, on other cruises, have always had great from with our friends across the pond. Really looking forward to our voyage, and new adventures and hopefully new friends. Countdown started, making Christmas Cake with Grandchildren today. So it will have time to mature. Then it’s starting the packing process yehhhhhhhh. Maybe see you aboard. Lynda and Hubby Mike Bon voyage to all.
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