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  1. Hi Everyone. im about to book a Christmas cruise with Princess. Myself, hubby, and our 8 year old daughter. Leaning towards the Caribbean Princess east/west Caribbean over Christmas and new year. We have never cruised before on princess or ever over Christmas. Thank you 😊
  2. great info thank you. we were leaning towards the Hawaii itinerary as hubby has always wanted to go. However when we went to the Med from Southampton the Bay of Biscay was more than a bit choppy. My daughter was very sick and Hubby took an offered anti sickness tablet and slept the whole day. i was fine. Except feeling like I was in a pinball machine trying not to bounce off the cabin corridor sides 😂. Oddly to us it didn’t look all that bad looking at the sea but we are not experienced cruisers really and this was all new to us. Going to have to find anti sickness pills or patches t
  3. Thank you all so so much for your replies. its a great help to know we can share the Internet package AND get different drinks packages each if we want. ive been in touch with my TA. Not 100% sure on which cruise we are going on yet lol. But I have quotes for all. We have decided not to go with the package deal but there is no doubt that if we drank alcohol we would as it’s a great saver that way. We can add it on later if we want but I don’t think we will. my thoughts are that we’ll add 2 basic soda packages, one premium non alcoholic package and
  4. Thank you for the reply. ive seen the different packages and tbh would only be interested in the premium soft drink package and Hubby and daughter, the basic soft drink package. 20USD and 10USD respectively (without the 18% added obvs). can I purchase the premium soft drink and the others in the cabin purchase the basic soft drink package. Or would we all have to get the same? I can seem to find the answer to this on Princesses website. On RCCL all adults had to have the same package if I remember rightly. thanks again
  5. Hi all, im looking at Christmas cruises for 2021. I’ve never before sailed with princess but have with NCL and RC. Please can somone help me or point me in the right direction? my hubby and I don’t drink Alchohol. He’ll be happy with the basic soda package, same as my 8 year old daughter. where as I would like to have the option to drink items included in the premium soft drink package. So do we all have to get the same drinks package in the cabin or are we all able to choose which we have? Also, with the Internet, we’ve generally gone with one d
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